Giantess Fan’s “Mudbrawl XL”

Good morning size-fetish fans,

Today, let’s take a look at “Mudbrawl XL” from Giantess Fan. This comic was released a few weeks ago on June 19th. It was written by DiDi Star and drawn by Wanted Waifus. This is DiDi’s first comic for Giantess Fan, but she has already produced many high-quality stories (available to read for free!) at Giantess World. Furthermore, last year she graciously consented to an interview which can be read here.

Wanted Waifus has drawn several comics for InterWeb Comics. These include, but are not limited to, “Assimilated” and “Portals” for Giantess Fan as well as “The More I Drink…” and “Tinier Treatment” for Shrink Fan.

Mudbrawl XL is based on a story of the same name first posted to Giantess World in late October 2019. It involves a laboratory assistant named José Alvarez who steals a growth formula, called the Compound, and intends to sell it. He chose a nightclub hosting a female mud-wrestling match for his illicit exchange. At the establishment his test tube of Compound was mistaken for alcohol and seized by bouncers for disposal. No outside food or drink was allowed; thus, BYOB was forbidden! Alas (or maybe not so alas) a mishap occurred during the disposal process and the Compound was spilled into mud used for a match between wrestlers Jennifer “The Harpy” Harper and Rosalyn Sterling, a.k.a. Lola Blaze. The affected ladies quickly grow huge and their combat devastates the area. All in all, an intriguing and rewarding story. (SIDE NOTE: Growth fans should check out the original work at Giantess World. Just be advised that it includes deadly violence and public urination on a heretofore never-achieved scale.)

The last review called out Giantess Club for erroneous tags. So, it’s only fair to do the same now for Giantess Fan and point out that there was no lesbian sex in this first issue Although, if lesbian sex appears in the follow-ups (there was one girl-girl kiss in the source material) then the tag would fit. Also, not sure why the “feet” tag was used. The ladies do indeed have the typical two-per-person number of feet, but there was no toe-licking or significant focus on their feet IMHO.

Regarding constructive inputs to improve this work, the aspect of this comic which would benefit the most from some minor changes would be the art. Now, to be clear, I only have small suggestions and overall the art was very good. Nonetheless, in the realm of potential improvements the artwork was where most gains could be had. For instance, the first time I saw the three panels shown below I thought that the man (a dishwasher I guess) charged with disposing of the formula had absentmindedly tossed it over his shoulder into the bin of mud. A strange choice of action to be sure, but it was clear that the bin hadn’t touched the dishwasher as a gap between him and the bin is clearly visible in the top panel. Additionally, if the bin had crashed into or even bumped the man he would have said something like “Ouch!” or “Watch where the fuck you’re going!” or “What the hell!?” etc. etc. But the dishwasher doesn’t say anything at all. (NOTE: I’m working on the assumption that people verbally react when struck hard enough to spill things.)

Upon reading the written version it became clear that the bin had indeed collided with the dishwasher. The workman and the dishwasher even exchanged unspecified obscenities, but that was absent from the comic. This is how it was described in the text:

“Fresh mud comin’ through, clear a hole!” A burly man said, wheeling a vat of mud through the kitchen, bumping into the backside of the dishwasher. They stumbled, causing the clear, somewhat syrupy contents of the vial to spill into the artificial mud. An accident which neither the burly man or the dishwasher seemed to notice, as they were too busy exchanging obscenities about who has the right-of-way in the kitchen. Cursing under their breath, the dishwasher turned to resume emptying the vial only to realize that the liquid contents were now gone. They thought for a moment then shrugged, discarding the silver vial, returning to their work.

This is admittedly a minor point and not a significant distraction. I only highlighted it as a means to improve the visual storytelling. Next time, show the bin actually strike the man holding the glass vial. Provide some motion lines indicating that the man had been hit and include dialogue of the two arguing over who was responsible for the collision.

Additionally, there are two panels presumably meant to show how the Compound would be a “medical miracle” and a “solution to the hunger crisis.” However, what those panels, seen below, depict are unremarkable plants and a person staring in amazement (or maybe in pain) at their very vascular right forearm. If the intent was to support the narration then the first image could have shown atypically large carrots (or any other edible fruits or vegetables) and the second image could have shown a person miraculously regrowing a severed limb to support the assertion that the Compound was going to save lives. Granted a severed limb is not necessarily fatal, but such a image would reinforce the Compound’s claimed life-saving efficacy better than an image of someone with pronounced veins.

That noted, the possibility certainly exists that I could be mistaken. Perhaps the panels were not meant to compliment the narration. It could be that they are just random bits that the artist really wanted to draw. “Screw supporting the plot. I’ve always wanted to draw plants of indeterminate scale and type and I’ll be damned if you can stop me!” 😉

Those are only quibbles and when it comes to the most important aspect, the busty and muscular ladies, the drawings are on point! The ladies are clearly toned and ripped, but not to such an extreme that their heads are pin-sized in relation to the rest of their bodies.

Ergo, they look like this:

Not like this:

This is from Muscle Fan’s “Overpowered.”

Overall, Mudbrawl XL is a strong recommend. Growth fans should check this out with the caution that there is deadly violence, but it’s not graphic.

That’s it for now folks, next week will kick off with a Giantess Zone video from a few years back featuring a trio of lovely growing giantesses. Until then, keep growing!

P.S. If I was King for a Day I’d ensure that the “Tag Team (ALTERNATE END)” was chosen as Mudbrawl XL’s canonical comic conclusion 🙂

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