Jordana-Rama’s “I Want Them Bigger!”


Jordana-Rama’s “I Want Them Bigger!” is a 10-minute long video clip that was released on October 23, 2017. The sole performer in this clip, Anastasia Rose, also starred in another video made by Jordana-Rama in which Anastasia was put in an adult diaper to be disciplined and one in which she had a belly ache. (NOTE: All three videos were filmed in the same place. Specifically, the shooting location appears to be a hotel room, possibly outside the U.S. based on what looked like an electric wall outlet which didn’t resemble the typical 110-volt American version.)

Readers should note that at first she was wearing sandals. Also, they should remember her current size compared to the bed.

The plot involves Anastasia’s desire to see what a unidentified serum does. The bottle was labeled “Expansion,” but she doesn’t know what that means. (NOTE: The actress did not initially express the desire to become bigger or to make parts of her body, presumably her breasts, bigger. At first, she only wanted to see what the stuff would do. That didn’t sound like the best plan, maybe it was a lethal poison, but whatever.)

After saying that she feels “weird” a few too many times, efforts were made to simulate her growth. A stretching sound effect was used, and clothing was pulled up as if her body was lengthening.

The white top was raised to make it seem that she was growing taller.
The serum also makes sandals disappear and replaces them with mismatched socks. 😉
At this point Anastasia claims to be at least a foot taller. She also says that her boobs are huge, but everything looks the same.
However, credit where credit is due, it was a nice touch ripping her white top to make it appear that her breasts were swelling. Unfortunately, no other clothing items were torn or destroyed. She manually removes her socks for example. Also, when we see her completely naked it becomes clear that her body has not changed.

The last two and a half to three minutes feature Anastasia masturbating on the bed while saying that she was “huge,” a few too many times. I did like hearing that she wanted to be even bigger though. I also appreciated that the actress was willing to go completely nude and masturbate on camera. Sometimes, like in Media Impact clips, the use of pasties to cover nipples and the absence of sex can make growth videos seem unexpectedly prudish.

It was apparent that Anastasia had not actually changed size at the end of the video. That fact could be proven by visually comparing Anastasia’s “new” stature to the bed.

The camera was handheld and thus the video was a little shaky at times. The production would have benefited by using a tripod to hold the camera still. Anastasia’s performance was also a little flat and without feeling. It was unintentionally humorous when she talked about conquering the world, given that she was still a normal-sized woman. Nonetheless, I wish her well and concede that perhaps the serum endowed her with enough moxie to make world conquering a feasible pursuit. 🙂 Overall, the most significant issue was that at the conclusion Anastasia did not appear any larger than she did at the beginning.

Therefore, there was not enough here to warrant a recommendation. However, I’m glad that Jordana-Rama is creating size-fetish videos. More recent creations show performers outgrowing houses and walking through urban areas as giantesses. (Special effects similar to those seen in videos created by Ginary’s Giantess Adventures, Media Impact Productions, and Miss MissaX.) Furthermore, the studio also made shrinking clips. Accordingly, I plan to highlight more Jordana-Rama clips in the future.

Interested readers can purchase this video for $9.99 here:


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