Butre3004’s “Supermodels Agency” Part 1 through 11

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I released a Top 10 Size-Fetish Creations of 2020 at the beginning of this year and placed “Supermodels Agency” on that list. At that time, I pledged to fully review the comic during the next few months. Well, a few months have passed and it’s finally time to examine Supermodels Agency. This CGI series is based on the artwork of Butre3004 (read his interview here) and an original story and translations by Alexisfirbank, with later corrections and text by Klopsi313 and Elrelator.

This long-running series began in May 2016 and the latest issue was put out in February 2021. The plot involves two models called Astrid and Lauren, and an older woman named Andrea who runs an agency called “Amazing Giantesses Models.” Andrea’s adult daughter Lucy also plays a key role as she was the first to demonstrate the effects of her mother’s growth formula. (NOTE: Folks maybe surprised that the comic was called “Supermodels Agency” when Andrea’s business was actually called “Amazing Giantesses Models.” The title does makes sense in so much as the goal of the three ladies is to be chosen as a super model.)

The bulk of the action details the staggered growth cycles of Astrid, Lauren, and Lucy as they vie for the attentions of a billionaire businessman named Mr. Taylor and a photographer called Alex. Tons of growing and size competition is accompanied by light girl-on-girl action and a m/F sex scene between the photographer and one of the models in Part 10-II.

Nobody winds up in the water until Part V. There were splashes when folks were tossed in, but afterward the surface was rather flat and devoid of waves.

Nearly every single chapter, except Parts 9-II and 10-II, included a scene around Andrea’s swimming pool. The pool is a good location, but it resembles a large conference hall with the roof taken off and a pool placed inside. That’s not a criticism, just an observation that I’m unused to pools surrounded by solid walls.

The target audience is clearly fans of female growth, as no men grew. There was rough play in the later parts and at least one threat of deadly violence, but there was no bloodshed and no one was actually hurt. So, I think gentle giantess fans will like this.

Lauren wasn’t very grateful to the woman who made her a giantess 😉
Mr. Taylor was rather forgiving of the rough manner in which the giantesses treated him.

Size increase abounded! Lucy was the tallest, then Astrid, then Lauren, then Astrid again, etc. etc. This back and forth continued throughout the entire series as the title holder of tallest girl constantly switched. As a growth fan, I enjoyed these competitive growth spurts as the ladies vied to win a modeling job from Mr. Taylor, the owner of a lingerie company. This did result in minor clothing destruction, but the resulting nudity consisted only of exposed breasts. (NOTE: Bikini bottoms apparently are manufactured to be much stronger than tops!) It wasn’t until Part 10-II that Lauren looses her bottom. Although in truth the garment was in place one moment and then (mysteriously) gone the next! That was to facilitate a sex scene between Lauren and the photographer.

What are the negatives to this comic? First and foremost is pseudo-incest. Models Lauren and Lucy are cousins. Cousins who fondle each other and at one point grind a comparatively small man against their crotches. They may be second or third cousins, or might be even more distantly related. After all, I don’t expect second or third cousins to constantly refer to each other as “second” or “third cousin.” Instead, they would just say “cousin.” Furthermore, many jurisdictions in the United States allow cousin marriages; so, apparently the government approves of such relationships. However, the fact that they were related did not add anything, but instead reminded me of the large number of adult content producers that peddle step-sibling stories to get right up to the line of producing incest content without crossing it. However, I don’t see the benefit and would have preferred if the two characters were unrelated.

Got to love the cosplay 🙂

Regarding other areas for improvement, I already mentioned the water effect which may not bother anyone else. I understand that it’s difficult to simulate fluid movement on a budget. Additionally, a case could be made that the people are staying very still and that’s why the surface is undisturbed.

What do readers think of CGI water?

Other quibbles concern asset reuse, such as an art piece appearing twice on a wall:

Maybe the owner really likes that print!

Additionally, clothing destruction was lackluster. For example, Lucy doubled in size during Chapter 11. However, her cat suit fit just as well at the beginning as it did after she greatly increased in size!

Wonder Woman got back! 😎 Note that Lucy is wearing a cat outfit and it fits snugly at this “small” size.
Lucy has been greatly enlarged; yet, her costume still fits.

To be clear, clothing destruction is hard to achieve via CGI. Although some series, such as Beetlebomb’s “A Bittersweet Blessing,” manage to depict outfits tearing to an impressive degree. As can be seen in the example below:

This screenshot was taken from “A Bittersweet Blessing” Chapter 3.

Overall, I loved the competitive female growth scenes and the sex scenes in the more recent parts. I highly recommend Supermodels Agency to growth fans. If you liked CaptainXero and Dinner-Kun’s “Project: Izanami,” EndlessRain0110’s “That Goth Girl,” or Redfired0g’s “Sugar Pills” then you should enjoy this.

That’s it for today. Next week’s reviews will begin with a look back at “The Nude in the Microscrope.” Until then, keep growing!

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