EndlessRain0110’s “That Goth Girl,” Parts 1 through 4

Good morning everyone,

Today’s review will cover a growth-themed comic. Let’s examine “That Goth Girl.” That Goth Girl is an ongoing CGI comic, with four issues published so far, created by Finnish artist EndlessRain01010 (a.k.a. EndlessRain). (NOTE: Readers can read an interview with EndlessRain0110 here.)

The first issue was released on September 23rd, 2019, and the latest was released on October 22nd, 2020. Those issues range in length from 68 pages in chapter 4, the shortest installment, to 77 pages in chapter 3, the longest. Every page is in 1920×1080 resolution. Interestingly, Chapter 4 also comes with an animated GIF depicting a titty fuck 🙂 (SIDE NOTE: The first two installments were labeled as “Chapters,” ergo Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, while the later two were labeled as “Parts,” ergo Part 3 and Part 4. Therefore, I will use the terms chapters and parts interchangeably during this review.)

The story begins with the protagonist Dan (a.k.a. Danny) explaining how he met the titular goth girl, Valeria.

Lighting was sometimes subdued making it difficult to see details.

After a successful first date, the couple get together at Valeria’s house which she shares with her mother Veronica. Once there, Valeria tells Danny that she grows when she is excited. The two then share a night of passion during which Valeria demonstrates this amazing ability!

Veronica surprises Valeria and Danny the next morning and teases her daughter’s new boyfriend. Veronica appears to have at least a passing romantic interest in Danny.

The growing spreads to additional people in chapter 2. That chapter begins with Danny learning that his penis is bigger which leads to more sex and Valeria growing again. However, the plot becomes even more complex as Danny’s co-worker Ash also grows when she is close to him.

The low lighting does convey dimly lit nightclubs and the like, but I found myself struggling to make out faces.

In part 3, Dan and Valeria test his ability to make other women grow.

Dan makes Valeria’s friend Ella increase in size during this installment. He does so by hugging her tightly while being encouraged by his girlfriend 🙂 As one does? Or at least maybe some people do? I’ve never had the occasion to hug a woman and make her grow while my lover encouraged me, but maybe I will someday. Hope springs eternal!

The fourth chapter features a segment in which Valeria enlarges only her breasts while the rest of her body stays the same size. Additionally, Veronica teases Danny once more. One wonders if there will be a struggle between the daughter and mother to win Danny’s affections? Hmm…

The mother and daughter look alike and have similar names. It would have been preferable to further differentiate the two dark-haired giantesses and eliminate potential confusion.

Then the fourth chapter closes out with Valeria, Veronica, and Danny going to a spa.

Overall, this series was well done. Regarding the art, I already pointed out that some panels were too dark. Additionally, Valeria’s nose ring seemed to glow, for an unknown reason, on one page:

Is that nose ring coated in radium? 😉 (NOTE: The radioactive element radium was previously used in luminous paint on wrist watches and other instruments before its health risks were widely known.)

The settings look awesome, many sex scenes were portrayed, and the female models were attractively rendered. Some may consider the women’s features too exaggerated, but a quick look at the preview images on EndlessRain’s DeviantArt page should be enough for potential buyers to determine if they will enjoy the curvy ladies.

As for the story, it was perfectly understandable but would have benefited from more quality-control. As it was, a few errors slipped into the text as can be seen below:

The highlighted text probably should read “nothing to show.” This screenshot was taken from the first page of Chapter 1.
Highlighted text should be something like “for each of us”. Additionally, I am unsure why there is a blank line between the sentences. This was taken from page 10 of Chapter 1.
Sometimes letters were left in lower-case when they should have be capitalized. In the same fashion, most of the time quotation marks were not used. Although, on one occasion dialogue was properly encased by quotation marks. This was taken from page 15 of Chapter 1.
The highlighted lines were dialogue and should have been set apart with quotation marks. This was taken from page 18 of Chapter 1.

Regardless, the plot was understandable as those errors were minor. Hopefully, future chapters will include conflict to add tension and excitement to the narrative.

Overall, I recommend That Goth Girl to growth and gentle giantess fans. It features breast expansion, giantess growth, penis expansion (off panel), and sex between a man and his mini-giantess lover. Each issue can be purchased for $6 at EndlessRain’s E-junkie shop. (NOTE: Buying items from the shop is a bit more cumbersome than you might expect. For example, That Goth Girl parts 1 and 2 are on the first page, part 3 is on the second page, and part 4 is on the fourth page. There is no way to search or sort the comics. This is admittedly a quibble, but I’d prefer to select the entire series as one bundle.)

That’s it for today folks, Thursday’s review will cover a comic featuring shrinking themes. Until then, keep growing or shrinking, whichever you prefer! 😎

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