Jyminish’s “My Shrinking Lover Part 2: A Sexy Decrease”

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Previously, Jyminish’s “My Shrinking Lover Part 1: A Smaller Destiny” earned a place on the “Top 10 Size-Fetish Creations of 2020” list! (NOTE: Check out the full review here.) Accordingly, it was only fitting to review its sequel “My Shrinking Lover Part 2: A Sexy Decrease.” This sequel was was released earlier this month on April 10th.

My Shrinking Lover Part 2 consists of 275 single-panel color pages of CGI art in the form of 1500 x 1125 pixel JPG files. Folks can see preview images on DeviantArt. Additionally, the full comic can be purchased at E-junkie and Gumroad for $12. (NOTE: The store at Gumroad features a Standard edition for $12, in American currency, and a Deluxe Edition for $13 which includes all of the original pages plus duplicate pages without text. E-junkie only sells the Deluxe Edition for 12 Euros, about $14.50 as of this writing. Lastly, all options include English and French language versions.)

So, what did I think about this sequel? First, let me start with the positives. I continue to love the original decision to set this story in the gorgeous location of Venice, Italy! This is the renowned city of canals, a place which the New York Times once called “the most beautiful city in the world.” Even better, this appears to be a Venice without the hordes of foreign tourists common in modern times. (NOTE: Although, perhaps overcrowding may be less of a problem these days due to the restrictions on international travel.)

This is a romantic setting!

Second, I appreciated the use of a day dreaming sequence. Some folks may dislike such fantasies because the events which occur inside the dreams do not directly affect the story. If someone dies in a dream they don’t (typically) die in the actual story. However, I look upon those dreams as a chance to explore what characters might do if they were unburden by morality or societal pressures. That’s to say, if able to act freely, would a jealous lover shrink another woman and crush the romantic rival in a cruel manner? Maybe she would if she was given the chance!

Third, I found this CGI art to be beautiful! The two ladies, Flore and Lucile, looked stunning. Lucile got her chance to shine during the lovemaking scene on the first several pages. Furthermore, the opulent residence that the three share is quite remarkable. One can only imagine how much such a spacious place would cost in a locale like Venice. These young people must be filthy rich 😎

In case it’s unclear what I meant by the opulent residence, I present the following:

A quick Google search of properties in Venice indicated that a place like this would cost well over $1 million dollars.

Now, what were the negatives? Well, these were some problems which were repeated from the first installment. For example, some pages (like the screenshot above) showed skyscrapers outside the window which felt out-of-place for Venice. My understanding is that Venice has no skyscrapers and given the small amount of real estate it’s difficult to conceive of skyscrapers ever being erected. (NOTE: Someone correct me if I am mistaken!) That’s not even taking into account how the tall buildings would alter the appearance of the city.

Also, dialogue numbering returned for some reason which can been seen in the next image. To be clear, that was by no means a deal breaker. Plus, an argument could be made that the numbering eliminated ambiguity. It was clear in what order the lines of dialogue were spoken. However, it felt like dumbing-down, as if readers were not smart enough and had to be spoon-fed.

The translation was unpolished, as can be seen in this panel when Lucile says “It sounds delicious.” That should be “It looks delicious.” This image also demonstrates the unnecessary use of numbered word balloons. Last, but not least, the inclusion of a watermark on the bottom right was unfortunate.
What kind of crazy person eats a cheeseburger and fries with a fork and knife? O_o

The biggest drawback was that there was too much “telling” or to express that sentiment another way there was a lot of text describing actions which were painfully obvious in the pictures. What do I mean? Well, for instance there were a few pages toward the end in which Lucille shrinks and loses consciousness afterward. The fact that she lost consciousness was obvious due to the pictures which showed her falling back and closing her eyes. A counter-argument might be that she could have been faking unconsciousness, and therefore the descriptive text was required to ensure that readers understood what was happening. However, there was no reason to fake unconsciousness. It was obvious what was happening based on the images.

Just remove the line about Lucile losing consciousness and let readers figure it out for themselves. Ergo, “show don’t tell.” Also, the double periods hurt my eyes! 😉
To demonstrate what I mean by the image making it clear what had happened there is this screenshot. It was apparent that she was unconscious and not awake.

At the risk of belaboring the point, here’s another instance which would have benefited from “show don’t tell.” Specifically, the next panel could have been improved if the line “She’s starting to enjoy being dominated” had been omitted. It was clear from her spoken words that she enjoyed being dominated. Thus, if readers had been trusted to figure that fact out for themselves then this would have been more engaging.

Nonetheless, despite those drawbacks, the positives outweighed the negatives. Overall, I enjoyed My Shrinking Lover Part 2 and recommend it. It’s a nice tale of a romantic triangle set in the picturesque city of canals with the added complication of a shrinking ray! (NOTE: Jyminish recently reached out and therefore I hope to interview him someday.)

That’s it for now, next week’s reviews will begin with the analysis of a Japanese anime about a tiny maid. Until then friends, keep on growing! Or shrinking if you’d rather 🙂

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