“Ivy’s EXPANDING Power – Draining You to GROW into a Giantess” by Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures

“Ivy’s EXPANDING Power – Draining You to GROW into a Giantess Goddess with Breast Expansion and Butt Growth” by Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures is a 20-minute production first released in late April 2021.

In this clip, Ludella is once again parodying the DC Comics supervillain Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, better known as “Poison Ivy.” For an example of another Poison Ivy clip made by Ludella check out my review of “Ivy’s Giantess Goddess GROWTH – A Powerful Villainess Transformation.” Ludella must enjoy cosplaying as Poison Ivy since she has made numerous fetish clips featuring that character. The first, “Poison Ivey and Pengwen’s Revenge!”, dates back to early July 2014. Most pertinent to today’s review is “Poison Ivy’s Power-Sucking Kisses,” from April 2017, which appears to have started this trend of Poison Ivy clips in which she steals power from others to fuel transformation!

This screenshot was taken from Poison Ivy’s “Power-Sucking Kisses – Kissing Till & [sic] Drained”

Ivy’s EXPANDING Power begins with beautiful footage presumably taken from a drone flying over a coast.

Then there was an abruptly cut to a forest set centered upon Ludella as Poison Ivy. I’m not sure what the initial aerial sequence was supposed to convey. Perhaps the viewer was meant to be a flying super hero, like Superman, soaring above the shore until landing to confront Ivy. Supporting that theory is the fact that Ivy talks to the viewer as if they were a super hero.

However, Ludella never identifies which super hero the viewer is meant to be. To smooth out the transition between that transition between the first two scenes Ludella could have said “Welcome Superman, I see that you decide to fly down and stop me, but you’ll never succeed!” One could argue that such dialogue is not the smoothest exposition, but it still would have been an improvement. As it was, I didn’t know what the first sequence was meant to represent. Maybe the viewer is not actually a flying super hero and the first scene was included by mistake? <shrug> I don’t know.

Would have been cool if Ivy had mentioned how her actions would somehow benefit plant life. In the comics her crimes are typically motivated by a desire to protect the environment, or at least plants.

The forest set was okay if a bit dark and the inclusion of a gravestone (at least it looked like a gravestone) felt out of place. This set would be perfect for a witch living in the woods, but it wasn’t the best fit for Poison Ivy. Brighter lighting and more flowers would have been better, but this wasn’t bad.

The item in the background strongly reminded me of a tombstone due to its shape. However, there was no engraved lettering so perhaps it’s merely a rock.

The plot involves Ivy kissing the viewer and sucking their power which causes her to grow taller and significantly more voluptuous! She intends to take over the entire universe using this tactic. Could have started smaller, taken over Gotham City first and then gone from there, but whatever, aim for all of known existence, why not? 😛

The prosthetic chest looked better than the prosthetic butt.

As mentioned before, this clip runs for twenty minutes. Whether or not that’s too long may be subjective. Personally, I felt that the runtime was a bit drawn out. Ludella runs out of things to talk about and has to repeat her intent to drain the powers of unnamed heroes and heroines. A more detailed script could have made the clip more interesting.

Ludella, as Ivy, could have outlined a plan to break into Arkham Asylum, the fictional prison used to contain many foes of Batman. Explaining how she planned to drain each of those Batman foes would add variety. For example, Ivy could have explained how she would seduce and drain fellow DC Comics supervillain Bane and add his immense strength to her own. As it was, the original script got a little boring since the dialogue was repetitive.

Additionally, there was no actual nudity, just artificial nipples, and no sex, not even masturbation. If I had my way, I would have definitely included some hardcore action. At a minimum, Ivy could have masturbated to climax after growing, or even better performed with another performer in an actual sex scene. Ludella has previously produced numerous lesbian-themed clips, most recently in 2020, so she appears willing to make such content.

Alas, there was no clothing destruction 😥
A very brief morphing sequence bridged the gap between Ludella’s normal appearance and the donning of the fake boobs. It was too rushed for my taste, but props to Ludella for including an actual expansion sequence!

I also want to highlight that the sound effects were top notch for an amateur production. Furthermore, Ludella is enthusiastic and honestly it’s difficult to name a better performer for size content. That said, with a better script and a sex scene this could have been outstanding! As it is though, this is worth a buy.

Overall, I enjoyed and recommend Ivy’s Giantess Goddess GROWTH. Fans of breast & butt expansion, erotic cosplay, and giantess growth will each find something to enjoy. As of early May 2021, the clip was on sale for $14.99 at this link. (NOTE: A previous Ludella Hahn clip, Ivy’s Giantess Goddess GROWTH – A Powerful Villainess Transformation, was also listed as being on sale for a “limited time.” However, that particular sale has lasted from mid-August 2020, if not sooner, to the time of this writing, so over 9 months! Thus, the current “limited time” sale may last a long time.)

That’s it for today folks. Until next time, keep growing!

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