Interview with BRK, Writer of Imaginative Gay Erotica and Founder of Metabods

Brian Ramirez Kyle (BRK) is a writer who has been creating imaginative gay erotica for decades. During the 1990s he fantasized about guys with extra arms, but (like fans of giant lovers and tiny people) did not expect to find others who shared that same dream. BRK was entranced when he discovered the writings of Josh Dugan on the Nifty erotic story archive in 1996. BRK then wrote and shared his own multilimb stories “The Body Shop” and “Army Experiment.” Nifty had only a small appetite for incredible transformations, so BRK created his own web site, Metabods, in 1997. During the quarter of a century since then, Metabods has transitioned through several different designs and various logos. Metabods now covers a diverse range of content including, but not limited to, Cock Growth, Giants, Muscle Growth, Size Decrease, and Weight Gain, updated weekly. As of this writing, the archive contains over 2,250 stories! Fans can submit their own works to Metabods plus commission stories and support BRK on Patreon.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I grew up in the American midwest in a middle-class academic/professional family. I came out to myself late, and to my family even later (everyone was great). These days I live and work in New York. I write and maintain Metabods as a sort of third job, after the one that pays the bills and the one that’s my real career but pays not so much. It’s a challenge balancing it all, but I’m still passionate about writing and about the site. It’s the thing that most consistently brings me joy and satisfaction.

I’ve had long-term relationships in the past, but right now I’m happily single.

#2) How did you first become interested in men with more than two arms? Is it accurate to say that it’s still your favorite theme?

I wish I could say I saw one in the wild and it went from there, but here’s what I can piece together.

From my early teens I was aware of my own interest in muscular, attractive guys, even before I knew I was gay (which was confusing). Something about the idea of a handsome, clean-cut man with thick pecs and four or six strong arms slowly began to persist in my fantasies. I started drawing them first, then imagining little scenarios. I’m not sure where the inspiration came from; I feel like I just extrapolated how being held by four arms would feel even better than it would with just two. I might have gotten some help with the idea of multiple arms from a Harryhausen movie or suchlike and my brother’s D&D characters, but the core images were the ones from my own pencil sketches of indistinctly-featured men with heavy, rounded pecs supporting multiple powerfully muscled arms, either front-to-back or stacked with rows of pecs.

Once I discovered muscle-growth erotic fiction in an AOL forum, which was a world-changing revelation for me (I remember the first one I ever read—it was called “Frank,” and you can find it on my website), I realized I could write my own erotica tailored to my needs. By the time I got to college I was writing out stories longhand on notebook paper, kept in a secret black three-ring binder, about what at the time I called “mimbas” (multilimbers). I was so anxious about what I was doing that I periodically destroyed the notebooks to prevent them ever being seen, then, a few months later, I would start over.

It took me a few years to become comfortable enough with who I was not to keep throwing my handwritten stories in the dumpster, but it wasn’t until I saw Josh Dugan’s work on Nifty that it even occurred to me to share my stuff on the internet. Even then, I figured the interest in such stories couldn’t extend much beyond him and me (and being asked to stop by the Nifty moderator reinforced that idea).

Is multiarm still my most prominent kink? Maybe. Thinking about the kinds of enhancement I tend to build into my stories, multiarm is common but not persistent. At some point many years ago, as the audience figures for my site increased, I deliberately set about exploring more mainstream growth transformations in my writing out of a consciousness of the, shall we say, minority affinity for multilimb. So I developed more of an interest in height increase/plausible size difference, for example, and that’s very likely to crop up in my stories these days. Cock growth and multicock are very likely to happen. There’s usually muscle growth. Replication (cloning or having more than one body) crops up often. I discovered mouthcock along the way at some point and liked that a lot—I love kissing, and the idea of making out with a guy whose tongue has been turned into a hard cock sounded awesome. I also explored things that didn’t do it for me off at first but became one of my recurring interests, like multihead.

I think the way I’ve changed the most is how I approach the transformation in my stories. My earlier tales were about the amazing and extreme nature of the change and how much it turned on the characters. I still write that kind of thing, but I also try to get inside what it feels like to experience such a transformation, especially when it’s controlled by others. Some of my favorite recent stories, like “Tell Me About my Boner,” “One Hot Summer,” and “Casey’s Mancock,” have involved gradual, incremental muscle and cock growth, with the focus on the characters experiencing those transformations as a part of an increasing, unnerving, yet undeniably pleasurable deviation from predictable, everyday mundanity.

Having a Patreon has been a big factor in both broadening my scope and shifting my focus toward experiences and development. The three stories I just mentioned were all Patreon-commissioned, and because of that I wanted to make sure that they were good stories with interesting characters undergoing change on multiple levels—not just narratives of muscles and arms popping out of some guy’s body. One of my first Patreon commissions was a slow-burn story about father/son werebear love. I’d never have thought to write a ten-chapter tale about bear shifters, but as a completed, full-length story “Love/Shift” remains one of the works I’m most satisfied with, along with its two sequels.

#3) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators? That may be a difficult question and your answer may change over time. Nonetheless, I ask because it’s great for artists and writers to see that their efforts are appreciated.

That is a tough question. Among writers: well, you know about Josh Dugan. A number of muscle growth authors from what you might call the first wave (i.e., they were writing in the ’90s and early 2000s before full-blow internet access to every kind of smut) provided a lot of inspiration and encouragement just through the existence of their body of work—FanTCMan, F_R_Eaky, JayPat, Josef Howard, Mango Deville, Max Mann, Richard Jasper, AbsMan420, among others. Several of these authors I made contact with and I was allowed to archive their oeuvre on Metabods, which made me very happy. Certain sites, like CoiledFist and the Muscle Growth Forum, helped me understand the variety of ways in which growth could be instigated and exploited.

Also Known As, RdyRoger, and Ziel were among the more recent prolific authors whose writing really struck a chord with me, and signing them on as long-term contributors was awesome. If I had to name a go-to author for my own enjoyment, I would definitely call out NBCK99 as someone who writes well and evocatively, and on a very similar wavelength to my own.

I also feel inspired by the way some current authors, like Brazboy, CockTFBoi, Cockatrice, and TreborNawac, are exploring themes like extreme growth and extras, human-to-inanimate transformations, and loss alongside gain vividly and without inhibition. I may not be writing in some of these areas myself, but their stories are a good reminder that I need to break my own barriers and find new questions to answer as a writer.

I’ve also been inspired by a lot of artists over the years working in muscle and size growth. I’m reluctant to name any for fear of leaving out someone obvious, but Rent (also known as Marquis de Rent), Matt/HSMuscleboy (one of the first artists I saw to draw a boytaur), DPhenix, IFNB, TallSteve, K.A.Z., K.C., Lost Anemone, IceMan Blue, Cinnamon Rub, Suyohara, Keishin/Kondou Yoshinori, Reiner55, JockMan87, and many others were a part of my story. As 3D art has improved in quality, certain creators in that genre have caught my eye and imagination—MadMutter, Emenaych, and Priapus of Milet come to mind (the latter is doing amazing things in both image and animation rendering).

Historically, it seems to me that furry art embraced cock growth, multicock, and other extras a lot sooner than artists focused on human-like folk, so even though I’m not really into furry I’ve followed certain furry artists with interest—Pulsar, J-L, and Gideon, for example. Likewise, certain artists whose primary interest is drawing impressively huge boobs also manage to create amazingly hot hunky guys with massive dicks. You wouldn’t think I’d be an avid follower of Rabies T Lagomorph’s My Mom and Sister are Size Queen Sluts!, but Jon Herron, the sweetly muscled protagonist with the beautiful 18-inch dick, is right up my alley. So, the boobs, I put up with ’em. 🙂

That said, I’m more than aware that there are a lot of amazing, amazing artists out there. The ones I’ve listed are not meant to be singled out as the best—they’re just the artists I’ve happened to encounter in my travels.

#4) Avenues for sharing transformative erotica have greatly expanded since the 1990s. That said, there is always room to improve. If you were “King for a Day” what would you do to make it easier?

If I were truly in control of things for a day I’d probably just give everyone bigger dicks, but apart from that…

The big thing that’s changed, from my perspective, is the way the internet has become much more of an open market for all kinds of needs and tastes. People can be into what they’re into, and share stories and art that explore the most impossible and unlikeliest possibilities on venues that line up with their own interests.

The main thing that’s missing is a way for people to find the kind of erotica they’re into. Google and SEO only go so far. Even today there are probably authors whose work I would thoroughly enjoy, only I haven’t read them because I haven’t happened to have stumbled across whatever particular website their stuff is posted on—or it’s buried in a ten-year-old forum thread or defunct story archive, moldering away like old tomes left behind in an abandoned library basement.

What the solution for increased visibility of great but obscure alternative erotica is I don’t know, other than continued developments in the organic fluidity of the net and a long-term opening up of cultural inhibitions. When it comes to the latter I’m more pessimistic than I used to be, but given the common issue of informational awareness I expect the former to continue evolving new paths to personalized content.

#5) What rewards are provided to your Patreon supporters?

I’ve been on Patreon since 2016. It hasn’t made me rich, but Patreon patronage does cover the costs of the site while also conveniently justifying the amount of time I spend on this strange little hobby of mine.

The first tiers and above get my stories for the week in mobile form as downloads in various formats, plus the occasional behind-the-scenes glimpse at the inner workings of the site and my process.

Middle tiers and above get “the power of suggestion”—i.e., these patrons can provide prompts for the one-scene stories I write for my bimonthly “Vignette Parties”; though as I tend to get drawn into them, the “vignettes” normally end up longer than you’d expect from the name alone.

The upper tiers get the right to commission a story chapter from me either every other month or every month, depending on the level. I’m fortunate enough to have a few active patrons in these tiers, so at the moment half of my updates every month are covered by commission.

#6) Any upcoming projects you’d like to mention?

Now that I’m past the 25th anniversary, I’m mainly focused on making sure I’m providing good stuff every week from me and my contributors. I have some medium-term enhancements to the site I need to implement, including the ability to log in and save favorites and so on; that will probably happen this summer, though as I’ve been meaning to do it for years I probably shouldn’t explicitly promise it will happen.

The other thing I’ve been wanting to do is record audio versions of a few of my favorite BRK stories. As a New York commuter I’m a big fan of audiobooks, and I feel like I’d enjoy creating that kind of content. I’m under no illusions as to its marketability beyond a small proportion of my readership, but then I’ve always thought about Metabods as being primarily for my own fun and enjoyment.

Toward the end of 2022 I asked my patrons if they wanted to see anything in particular as a special event to wind up the anniversary year (I’d started out in January with a gimmick where a bunch of regular contributors wrote stories in which the number 25 was somehow relevant). The response that stuck with me was “just keep going.” Metabods simply being there has some meaning for a few people out in the world, but most of all for me, and it’s impossible for me to imagine writing for, maintaining, and improving the site not being a major part of my life.

Thank you for doing this interview!

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