“Tasha Araxie Shrink” from 11fifty Studio

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Welcome to There She Grows. Today we’re looking at “Tasha Araxie Shrink” a 6-minute long clip from 11fifty Studio. The production company first began releasing content at Clips4Sale in late May 2007. They now have a total of 331 clips for sale featuring themes such as autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), breast expansion (BE), clothes bursting, female growth and shrinking, gender transformation, mannequins, size theft, and unbirth. Unfortunately, they haven’t made anything new since mid-May 2016.

Tasha Araxie Shrink was released in late February 2012. It stars Araxie and Tasha, both of them having previously appeared in multiple clips from 11fifty Studio. The action begins with Araxie admiring Tasha’s “new” breasts. Araxie removes her friend’s bra and gently fondles those surgically enhanced tits.

Viewers can delight in the fact that while Araxie currently towers over Tasha the tables will turn very soon!

The dialogue was not ground-breaking in this opening segment, but nonetheless it was fun to hear two ladies discussing their mutual appreciation for boobs. After a bit of boob love, Tasha casually asks if Araxie would like to “… be on them” and “walk around on them.” Araxie replies she would love it which apparently gave Tasha the motivation to hand her tall friend a spiked drink contain some sort of shrinking agent provided to Tasha by “… this lady on the corner.” This unnamed benefactor gave Tasha a shrinking potion to help Tasha combat her jealousy of the bigger Araxie.

Tasha did not disclose the fact that the drink contained a mysterious size-changing agent until after Araxie drank it! The once-towering woman quickly shrinks down in stages, but never objects to Tasha’s deception. Instead, Araxie consistently enjoys being diminished.

Why was Tasha, the brunette on the left who did not take shrinking formula, apparently smaller in this shot? Compared to the lockers behind her she looked significantly shorter than she was before.

Eventually, the two engage in unique breast play when Araxie rides one of Tasha’s nipples. They do this for a little while, but alas no one climaxes. At least, it was not clear if either participant orgasmed. That’s a shame. There was a real opportunity to end on a high note with a pair of lovely ladies pleasing one another until they reach sensual satisfaction.

The chroma-key (a.k.a. green screen) special effect was a bit rough. Note that Araxie’s left calf and right toes disappear into Tasha’s breast. Additionally, there was a dark spot between Tasha’s breasts. Presumably that dark spot was something on set which should have been hidden by green screen.

In the last ten seconds we hear audio from off-camera of the director saying “And then.” That verbal instruction really should have been edited out. In response to that instruction, Tasha sucks her nipple and consequently swallows Araxie. Something which she gave no previous indication that she planned or wanted to do. The act of consuming Araxie was unmotivated. To put that differently, why exactly did she suddenly decide to kill her friend? It came out of the blue and seemingly was included only so a box saying that the clip included vore could be checked off.

Overall, Tasha Araxie Shrink is recommended only for hardcore shrinking woman fans. It was a fun viewing experience, but definitely needed more polish.

That’s it for today folks. If everything goes as planned then the next review should cover two videos released by Buddah’s Playground. Until then, keep shrinking your significantly taller acquaintances!

It may be difficult to spot, but in this screenshot Araxie is only as tall as Tasha’s nipple!

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1 thought on ““Tasha Araxie Shrink” from 11fifty Studio

  1. In a similar vein, “Giantess Mistress T” on porn hub has pretty good shrinking effects & odd sounds.

    During the last few moments of “the Reductive Fellatio” it sounds like the saliva ejector at a dentist’s office.

    She comments on how great he tastes & how she only wants more. Thus, you know it ends in vore…

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