The Soldier and the Giantess

Cover by Trent Harlow,

This involves a young soldier deployed far from home. Scheduled to return, the soldier, Sergeant Hank Eckerts, eagerly awaits reuniting with his wife Betty. Hank learns that his wife has planned a very special welcome home. Further, Betty’s friend Wendy got her hands on a growth formula. However, things get tense when a doctor attempts an evil plan!

NOTE: This includes the stories previously found in “Growing Giantesses on the Homefront ” and “Hank Serves his Giant Wife.” It continues those plots as Hank tries the formula himself and the protagonists fight the evil doctor!

Sixty-six written pages plus illustrated cover.

“The Soldier and the Giantess” is available for $3.99 or via Kindle Unlimited at the following link:

All Rights Reserved.

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