Interview with Just Add Water, a Man Focused on the Beneficial Properties of H2O!

Just Add Water (JAW), also known as Jeff Lar, commissions various artists to create drawings primarily focused on one very special woman who undergoes rapid and significant growth when exposed to H2O. Typically, this heroine called Isabelle Mhaol experiences massive breast expansion and relatively minor height increase. However, in “Self-Control” she reached planetary dimensions! (Or maybe it was just a dream? Read that comic to find out 😉 ) She works as the Chief Field Mechanic for the Metro Water District and gets into various hijinks with her boyfriend and dog. Furthermore, Isabelle’s sister Anna also has a similar condition, but using exposure to heat as the growth device. Folks can back JAW on Patreon and gain special rewards while supporting his efforts. Fans can also follow JAW on DeviantArt and Newgrounds for animations, full comic strips (like the aforementioned Self-Control), pin-ups, and the latest updates.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Well, it’s an honor to be asked to do an interview about JAW.  When I started doing this 5 years ago I had no idea it would actually become anything. I had like an extra $75 to get some art made based on a sketch my friend had made years ago. And from there people liked it, so much that the art become self-funding in 3 months and has been ever since. For those of you who don’t know how I operate JAW, I have a roster of artists that I commission on a weekly to monthly basis to create art for the Patreon which raises money for the next round of art. All the art is made public two weeks after posting at Patreon so that the general public can enjoy it! I try and provide a steady stream of quality work with a good mix of humor. 

I currently reside in Upstate NY, but lived in Los Angeles for 5 years prior to that. I’m a 30-year old family man of sorts; happily married to a wonderful wife and I have a 3-year old son. As those of you who have been around JAW for a while know, I opened my own Animation and Motion Graphics company 2 years ago with my wife. It’s very time consuming running a company (which has chewed into JAW at times) but the results have been extraordinary. We’re expanding (yes pun intended, I love the puns) this winter to hopefully include two full-time on-call freelancers as well as getting official office space.

I went to college for film and over the years fell into animation and self taught myself After Effects to a professional level. That ironically speaks to how JAW works; I personally can’t draw very well but I can animate fast. So my company has other artists create assets (an asset can be anything from characters to drawn icons, etc) and then I animate them. Working with real animation companies and other industry professionals has given me a keen sense on how to communicate and cultivate the artist rosters for JAW. Knowing how to write up commissions/give construction feedback, how to script comics, and how to visualize the comics so it’s not just the same thing over and over has taken time to master (and I’m still learning every day). It’s always fun to use skills from work to help make your hobby run better. 

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media, such as giant women and ladies with expanding breasts?

Ahhh the classic question. I’m not entirely sure, but I can give you the broad strokes. From an early age I watched a lot of Magic School Bus, which is like non-stop intro to size-fetish fuel (it’s not meant to be, but it certainly is). And I mean that in the best way possible. In fact if you notice Miss Frizzle is a strong female character with orange hair and Isabelle is a strong female character with orange hair… The Frizz was most likely my first cartoon character crush. But as I was saying I always felt odd watching any episode with size play in it with my parents around. That extended to the many cartoons of the late ’90s and early 2000s, any shrink ray or growth ray used as a plot device made me feel very odd (looking at you Totally Spies!). I also was slowly developing a taste for big curves and busts in tight tops/outfits. Didn’t take long for me to put 2 and 2 together. In all honestly I love soft-core the most, it’s all about the girl outgrowing and being in a tight sexy outfit.

My early teen years also coincided with the Internet really becoming a thing as well. So somehow I ended up looking at some Furry vixen art. I always had a things for big busts and searching furry and big curves will inevitably lead you to a furry artist who does BE and growth. I stumbled across Yiffer Fox’s art on the VLC (yeah now I’m dating myself) which linked back to the BEAchive and it’s all down hill from there. (Editor’s note: VLC is short for “Vixen Controlled Library,” an image and artist database for anthropomorphic characters.) That “My God there’s more of us!” moment was great.

I quickly then after found the Overflowing Bra and started refining a taste for BE in various forms as well as going down some of the other growth fetishes; butt growth, miniGTS, male growth. To this day I still really enjoy a lot of furry artists, they draw the best big bust/thick curves//growthy/jiggly girls and use them as reference for Isabelle when I send out commissions to my artists.

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

Sorta? I have some of my higher quality and sorta safe for work JAW images printed out and framed in my basement where I play table top games (Warhammer 40k, Star Wars Legion) and other board games. Also on the walls are countless pinups and very curvy girls in cute outfits. So I’m sure all my friends know I love big boobs and big curves. And I wouldn’t say it’s a stretch for them to link growth into that, a lot of the pin ups are of Alice from Alice in Wonderland which has lots of size play overtones in it.

My wife looks over all the JAW art and helps me think of new ideas and such. She’s the best and prior to me showing her BE and growth art she had never heard of those fetishes. It was one of the hardest things to do, opening up about a fetish to the person you’re in love with. But she wanted to know about it after seeing some images on my computer and I slowly introduced her to tame stuff and we went from there. I also generally like pretty tame things, I like semi-realistic breast sizes and once a girl grows bigger then like 12-15’ things become boring to me as interactions become limited. But I also let her chart her own path, she’s developed her own tastes and likes in the growth fetishes which I love. She’s been angling for some male growth in JAW so that might be happening soon 😉

There’s also my best “virtual” friend who knows about JAW since he does some of the writing and helped me develop it back in the day. I’ll just call him VixenLover (his online name tag). But we met 12 years ago when I was in college. I slowly corrupted him into the world of BE and growth stuff and he in turn added more of that to his erotic writings. We’ve been through a lot the two of us and have meet up in the real world a few times. He’s more or less become my non-biological brother.

#4) What are a few of your favorite size fantasies from other creators?

Bustartist really did some great work a few years back, incorporating various fetishes with BE. In fact I used the Grow Comic #4 Growing Desires to help introduce my wife into BE. I’m not as big a fan of his recent work, but that’s more due to the nature of the story being told (God-like powers get boring fast when there’s no repercussions).

JollyJack is another one of my favorites. He does amazing one off comics and has a great mix of furry and human characters. I also strive to emulate his humor as I consider it one of the best mixes of dark and on the nose humor out there.

And I couldn’t talk about my favorite artists without a nod to BlackFox. His sketch art and final renders are some of my favorites anywhere. The way he draws his girls growing bigger is just sublime, and it’s such a great mix of growth/air/water inflation and just general silliness. 

#5) What are the perks available to Patreon supporters? Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

Right now Patreon has been a bit all over, recently it exploded a bit when we got to the sexy parts of the Burning Nights Comic and we went for like $250 to $375+ a month in like a week (sex sells?). So lots of fun things are on the way.

Right now the $5+ level allows people to see the roughs of pin ups and comics as they come in, usually allowing you to see things 2-3 weeks before the finals post. It also lets you vote in the semi-monthly pinup polls to dictate themes and such.

The $10+ gets you a free pinup request of Isabelle or any other character from the comics. So if you have a certain idea of a growthy pin up of Isabelle you’ve been itching to see done, let me know 😛

And then there’s the $50 a month which gets you into the comics as a character. Only one person has done it, but it’s fun and they will be in the next comic as Dave’s brother from Boston, yeah its going to be fun.

Speaking of which we have the script for the holiday comic going out tomorrow to the comic artist. As said its going to be Isabelle meeting Dave’s drunkard of a father and his annoying brother at a holiday dinner, things won’t go as planned at all. Past that we have holiday pin-ups already coming in from artists and a potential standee of Isa in a holiday outfit. A standee is a printed image encased in acrylic so you can put it on display.

And if the Patreon keeps growing like it is, we’ll have another comic starting even sooner. That’s right two comics!

So lots of fun things. And hey if there’s anything you’d like to see just let me know on DeviantArt, I love interacting with the community.

Thank you for taking part in this interview!

All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “Interview with Just Add Water, a Man Focused on the Beneficial Properties of H2O!

  1. Awesome interview Solomon! JAW has some really solid stuff, so it’s cool to see some of the thought behind how it came to be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Gourd! I’ve been a fan of JAW for awhile now, so I was very happy to interview him. Also, he very graciously asked me for a suggestion concerning a new pin-up image of Isabelle; so, I will link to or share that when it’s finished 🙂


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