Interview with Dinner-Kun, a Prolific CGI Artist Creating 3-D Growth Comics

Dinner-Kun is a 3-D computer-generated imagery (CGI) artist producing adult comics featuring breast expansion, futanari, giantess growth, muscle expansion, and weight gain themes. Typically, CaptainXero writes the stories and Dinner-Kun provides the art. These comics include “Project: Izanami,” a story involving two college co-eds growing into giantesses, “Think It, Be It,” two ladies become giantesses and one of them is also a futanari, and “Triple Threat Workout,” in which a trio of women experience futanari, muscle growth, breast expansion and ass expansion! These comics can be purchased via E-junkie, Gumroad, or by supporting Dinner-Kun on Patreon. Fans can also follow Dinner-Kun on DeviantArt, Pillowfort, and Twitter for previews and the latest updates.

1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

My name is Max and I live in Poland, relatively close to its capital city – Warsaw. I study graphic design, and do 3D artwork mostly still as a hobby but with things like my Patreon and gumroad/E-Junkie nicely supporting it it’s probably slowly turning into something more like a job. My nickname was rather a random idea, but after more than 6 years of using it, I think both I and other people like it.

2) How did you first become interested in size change erotica?

I think the interest came to me when I was younger, but I think the main factor making me getting into it was due to characters like Giganta, and also older Jcalin animations, which were my main reasons to start making these kind of characters and art myself.

#3) Who are a few of your favorite artists?

I usually like looking at drawings and 2D art more, I can definitely recommend taking a look at artists like Berggie, Owlizard, Bokcutter, Forsa-Kun, AnimalAutumn, High-On-Fairydust, and World-of-Dymmir. They are all amazing people with amazing skills, not only making great expansion art, but also other types of content.

#4) How would you describe your own art?

When I’m working on renders, I try to focus on characters and interactions between them and the environment, rather than just making it a simple pin-up like thing. On my DeviantART page, I usually post stories, and single pictures showing random events with my characters, and I really enjoy working on both of these.

#5) Can you give any advice to others wanting to make 3-D art? For instance, what method do you use to alter the shape and size of the models? Is it as simple as adjusting a slider in Daz3D, does it require an additional plug-in / software, etc.?

Definitely a strong PC, with a lot of storage space, since software I’m using is demanding. I currently use AMD Threadripper 1900x, with three Nvidia 1080TI video cards, and 64GB of Ram to handle it all, which is probably quite an overkill though. My total storage space is around ~6TB with plans to expand it further, plus cloud backup. When it comes to shapes I create, I usually use a mix of morphs that can be found in Daz3D, but I also heavily rely on my custom morphs made in ZBrush, that in my opinion, hopefully give my characters a little bit more unique look.

#6) Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

When it comes to upcoming projects, I like how the All-Natural series is developing, with it being a slow-paced series with 1st part released over two years ago, now with part 7 planned to be released in October, things there are looking bigger and better than ever.

Thank you for taking part in this interview!

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