“All-Natural” 1 through 10 by CaptainXero and Dinner-Kun

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Continuing the recent focus on CGI comics, let’s plunge into the “All-Natural” series rendered by Dinner-Kun and written by CaptainXero. (NOTE: These long-term collaborators are collectively referred to as “DKCX.”) All-Natural was first released on February 27th, 2018, and the 10th issue, the most recent installment available on Gumroad, was published on May 2nd, 2021. Patreon supporters got All-Natural 11 this July, but it hasn’t been released on Gumroad as of this writing. Additionally, All-Natural 12 is scheduled for Patreon release in August. (SIDE NOTE: Fans can read an interview with Dinner-Kun here.)

The comic focuses on a young man named Jason “Jay” Albrecht. Recently, his grandfather passed and Jason was given a farm in the inheritance. Working at the farm is a childhood friend and potential love interest in the form of a lovely blonde named Natalie a.k.a. “Nattie,” and Natalie’s older brunette sister Abigail “Abi.”

One night a meteorite crashes into the nearby field. Radiation pouring out from that rock from space enlarges an old cow called Bessie and causes Bessie to produce lots of milk. Nattie drinks some of this milk and grows from her diminutive 4′ 7″ to well over 6′! Soon afterward, further characters were introduced such as veterinarian Doctor Marcus “Robbie” Robert. Assisting Doctor Robert is his aide, and lover, a busty redhead named Jennifer “Jenn.” Another young lady called Brandy, Nattie’s friend, also shows up briefly. As the various ladies are exposed to the empowered diary product the rural countryside is soon awash with a plethora of statuesque beauties! (NOTE: Brandy hasn’t been mentioned or seen since Part 5 and may have been forgotten.)

SPOILER ALERT! The meteorite acts more like the one in “Farm Grown” by ZZZ than the one in “The Colour Out of Space” by H. P. Lovecraft. Thank goodness! In fact, All-Natural is very similar to Farm Grown. Both feature meteorites landing on a farm and irradiating cows which then produce growth-inducing milk. Perhaps the biggest differences being that no men grow in All-Natural and that the women in All-Natural acquire bovine traits.

The plot involves the women coping with the ongoing changes of their ever-increasing size. Of note, this is all about female growth! Beyond mere height increase, there is also weight gain with Nattie becoming proportionally rounder and much bustier than she was at her normal height. There was also muscle growth with Abi noticeably more muscular than the others. Jenn fell somewhere in the middle being more athletic than Nattie, but not as curvy. Each of the affected women also develop horns and tails.

Supremely big butts and wide hips are the norms in Dinner-Kun’s art. This screenshot was taken from All-Natural 5 and showcases Brandy’s derrière.

As a growth fan, I am certainly a fan of the many growth sequences! However, I would have also liked some love-making scenes between the unrelated characters and on that front this is actually surprisingly chaste with not even a platonic kiss. Although, there was topless nudity and exposed buttocks 😎

Loved this sequence in which the two ladies, Jenn on left and Nattie on right, swell in size while mashing boobs together ❤
Growing up in the frigid environment of Alaska I had little experience with farming; thus, I can only assume that scenes like this are commonplace on farms in the lower 48 😉

While I enjoyed most of the growth sequences, Jenn’s growth inside a vehicle during All-Natural 3 was done rather poorly. It starts out fine, but turns into a series of rendering errors, as can been seen below:

This was towards the beginning of Jenn’s enlargement. All good so far.
Then Jenn’s right hand went instantly from outside her denim top to inside it! O_o
After her hand jumped in and out of her top, Jenn also grew two more right thumbs.

Additionally, Jenn says “I’m still getting bigger!” a total of five times, one after another. One might argue that the repeated dialogue was intentional to emphasize her shock. But it feels more like a simple mistake which wasn’t caught and corrected. Presumably, the artwork was copied and then adjusted slightly to show progressive change and during that process the text was mistakenly copied as well.

There was also some plot inconsistency. Specifically, insomuch as the MacGuffin, the plot device that makes women change into literal “cow girls,” was Bessie’s milk. However, in All-Natural 6, a soldier giving a public briefing begins to swell. Why? Did this service member arriving to take control of the situation think it would be a good idea to drink the affected milk? Or is the meteorite affected everything in the local vicinity? We’ve seen a bit of that with a corn crop being larger than normal. Still, clarification as to why the soldier grew, and why two others around her did not, would be nice. (NOTE: An explanation might be found in future issues.)

Not for nothing, but this soldier should not have unkempt hair and would be wearing a hat when outdoors along with name tape, rank insignia, etc. Read “So, you want to include military characters in your fictional work?” to learn more.

There were a few spelling errors like “read-headed” instead of “red-headed,” “split” when context called for “spilt,” “crame” when it should have been “cram,” etc., but those were minor.

The usage of “homely” in this context wasn’t an error, but rather an example of varying meanings of one word in different dialects. For North Americans, homely usually has a negative connotation like “That girl is rather homely.”
However, according to Google and Oxford Languages, “homely” has a more positive meaning in British English. That’s to say, in the “wrong” English 😛 (I’m kidding!) This was a fun example of how one language differs from place to place.

Overall, I recommend All-Natural to gentle growth fans. Hopefully, All-Natural 11 and beyond will provide a sex scene between Josh and Nattie, or a threesome with Brandy and Josh and Nattie, or an orgy involving Jenn and Josh and Brandy and Nattie and unidentified solider lady 🙂

That’s it for this week’s reviews. Next Tuesday will cap off this look at CGI comics with a series by GTSX-3D. Until then, keep growing!

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5 thoughts on ““All-Natural” 1 through 10 by CaptainXero and Dinner-Kun

  1. Will you ever interview Amber Collins or review any of her works?

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    1. I’ve reached out to Amber for an interview; we’ll see if she’s interested. Regarding reviewing one of her stories, was there a specific one that you’d recommend?

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      1. I feel guilty over me Titans recommendation.

        That said, my fave Collins stories are Shrink Ray on Campus, The Lab Accident, & The General’s Daughter has a molten hot Giant/GTS/GTS threesome.

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  2. No need to feel guilty about Titans! I had issues with its depiction of humans in low-gravity environments, but I don’t regret reading it. I appreciate new size stories!

    I’ll pick one of those three stories from Amber and put it on my schedule. I already have August planned; so, the review will probably be posted in mid-September or so.

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