“Doublesize” Parts 1 through 7 by EndlessRain0110

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Today, let’s dive into a CGI comic called “Doublesize” by EndlessRain0110. Doublesize Part 1 was released on August 20th, 2019, and Part 7, the most recent installment, was released on June 21st, 2021. (SIDE NOTE: Fans can read an interview with EndlessRain0110 here.)

You know it’s EndlessRain when characters inexplicably stand on their toes as if they were wearing invisible high heels 😉 This phenomenon also appeared in his “Expansion Suits” series.

The comic focuses on a woman named Ana who wants to work at a club which pays triple her current salary, but the place is known for only employing the “biggest featured girls.” Ana is “pretty small”; thus, she never received a callback. She now makes a living by working at a cafe.

One day, while working there as a barista, Ana meets an enormous lady who gives her a special amulet that doubles a person’s wishes. The necklace works by telepathically reading the wearer’s mind. According to the enormous lady, who was unnamed, “Even if you think it, it will know.”

Thus, if Ana wishes she was one foot taller then she would in fact grow two feet taller. Not sure how that would work if you request something immeasurable, like a job at a particular company. Does the doubling effect mean you get hired for twice the originally offered salary? Alternatively, do you get two jobs both at the same company? Or does doubling mean that you get hired and then fired? 😉 Not sure how doubling works in situations which aren’t easily quantifiable. Can you wish for world peace? How would doubling world peace work? Would that eliminate conflict on Earth and Mars?

Also, it was never stated that a user couldn’t counteract a wish. Ergo, let’s say that a wearer accidentally wishes to be six-feet tall and the amulet makes them twelve-feet tall, due to the doubling effect. Couldn’t the wearer then wish to be three-feet tall, and the amulet would double that and make them six-feet tall. That’s to say couldn’t a wearer compensate for growing too large by simply wishing to shrink? To the best of my knowledge, it was never stated that the amulet couldn’t make things smaller as well as bigger.

On a more philosophical level, can you really wish for something that is only half of what you want? For instance, let’s say I wanted two maple doughnuts. Conscious of the amulet’s doubling power I wish for one doughnut with the knowledge that the amulet will double my request and give me the two doughnuts that I truly want.

However, if the amulet is capable of reading your mind then wouldn’t it be able to determine that deep down I really want two maple donuts, not just one? Thus, the amulet will interpret my true intentions and double what I really wanted and give me four maple donuts?

Returning to the plot, it doesn’t take long before Ana mistakenly enlarges herself bigger than she actually desired at the end of Part 1. This occurs again in Part 2 testifying to the fact that Ana may not be overly bright. At some point I would have thought that she might consider removing the amulet, but I’m not complaining as it’s always fun to watch a busty woman grow! (NOTE: It was never stated that a person couldn’t simply remove the amulet and throw it on the nightstand for safekeeping.)

Part 3 brings expansion action to those want to see a man grow. Part 4 sees another woman give the amulet a try and reach the biggest size yet! Part 6 sees the original amulet wearer grow even bigger and pack on some extra muscle. (NOTE: Somehow she also changes out of her clothes before growing so we missed out on a clothing destruction scene 😥 )

Part 7, the most recent issue, features even more growing. This time it was once again Ana’s turn to increase her size. All in all, there were lesbian and heterosexual sex scenes and multiple growth sequences. Clothing destruction was present, but no one has outgrown or busted out of a building yet. More’s the pity…

Overall, this was a fun read and recommended for gentle giantess and growth fans. That said, there were aspects which could have been improved. For one, the font wouldn’t have been my first choice. It’s legible, but in my opinion was better suited for a children’s story than an erotic fantasy:

How are you “managing better than ever” without a stable job? Is money just appearing in your bank account? Does the magical amulet provide per diem, a daily allowance for food and lodging? O_o

Also, the arm muscles on Ana’s unidentified male lover bore a closer resemblance to sausage links than to actual human musculature. To put that differently, regardless of the position that his arm was in, his biceps were always flexed. Which, not for nothing, is not how biceps work. (NOTE: Anatomy experts please comment below if I am mistaken and if it’s actually possible to keep your biceps flexed no matter how you move your arm about.)

Whether his arms are extended outward or curled inward his biceps always look the same. By the way, as far as I can tell, this guy is nameless and is only ever referred to as “the guy from yoga.” Presumably, if the series gets another male character then this first guy will get a name!

Some points were introduced, but quickly dropped and/or forgotten. Such as the following bit in which the original, unidentified, amulet wearer thinks that if she offers the amulet to someone and they reject it then she will get even bigger. This was never explained.

Parentheses indicated unverbalized thoughts. That’s an unusual way to distinguish thoughts from speech, but it works well enough.

That bit of a lore has not reappeared since its first and only mention in Part 1. Even though Ana passes the amulet intentionally and unintentionally to other people and talked to the first amulet wearer on multiple occasions. So, there were several opportunities for the first amulet wearer to warn Ana. (SIDE NOTE: I wish she had a name so I didn’t have to refer to her as “first amulet wearer” 😐 )

Also, Ana wanted to be taller to apply for a job in Part 1. That goal was dropped and the initial motivation for our protagonist was discarded. It already requires suspension of disbelief to accept the core premise that a person can increase their size, but here we also have to accept that she has no need for food or shelter. For instance, is she upset that she can no longer sleep indoors? Did she find an empty barn or abandoned airplane hanger to rest in during the night? Or does she just sleep in an open field regardless of the weather?

I kinda love the one stool per butt cheek 😎
Is Ana still able to find bargains on shoes at Payless?

The characters are undeveloped and only exist to grow and fuck. As already mentioned, a few weren’t even given names. Regardless of how large the characters become it appears to have no bearing on their daily lives. For example, the titanic ladies seemingly have no difficulty finding high-heel shoes their size and aren’t unduly harassed while walking down the street.

Somehow, I feel that a woman the size of Ana would have difficult procuring proper footwear and would be mobbed by gawkers when strolling around in public.

No matter their inhuman dimensions, the giantesses can attend workout classes and go to parties without any noticeable difficulties. For instance, despite being a giantess, Ana was able to attend a rooftop party although I doubt she could have squeezed into an elevator or stairway. Maybe she scaled the apartment’s external walls like King Kong climbed the Empire State Building? (Ana, please stay away from murderous biplanes!)

Maybe she hired helicopters to carry her to the top, a la “King Kong vs. Godzilla” or “Godzilla vs. Kong”?

I still suggest this to growth fans, but feel that there’s an ever-increasing number of these CGI growth comics with lackluster stories. This abundance could become a glut of size-fetish comics which are functionally indistinguishable as their characters and plots are so thin as to be interchangeable and ultimately forgettable.

Perhaps in the future CGI artists will team up with writers to produce more engaging and memorable stories to accompany their art? I hope so!

That’s it for today. Thursday’s review will cover a CGI series from Dinner-Kun. Until then, keep growing!

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