Interview with Ready Art, creator of the long-running “Growth Lab” series


Ready Art is a prolific artist who has created sketches portraying men and women undergoing fantastic transformations for over three decades. His art focuses on breast expansion (BE), female muscle growth (FMG), and giantesses (GTS). Ready Art’s work, “Growth Lab,” has amassed thousands of pages! Along with black and white static drawings, he has also produced dynamic animated GIFs and is currently creating a full-length 90-minute video. Fans can view a huge array of his work for free at his site,, and DeviantArt. Patreon supporters get access to high-resolution color stories, growth lab scripts, as well as polls regarding future works.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

First of all thank you for the interview. I appreciate the interest and hope I can give a little insight into myself and the art I do.

I’ve been drawing for a long while. I’m an avid comics and manga reader and originally wanted to be a traditional non digital 2D animator. Growing up I watched a lot of US and Japanese animated shows. I love the style and flair in the Japanese shows and it influenced my art as much as any superhero comic I read.

I pretty well draw every day and work to improve my art as much as possible each time. I know that might sound crazy given my stuff can seem a bit repetitive! haha. Seriously though I have a comics series running at the moment (Growth Lab) and an animated series I’m drawing too! (also set in my Growth Lab universe). The comics are clocking in at close to 3000 pages I think. Let’s be honest and say 90 percent of that (or more if you listen to some) is pretty loose stuff and rough but I would like to think there are a few gems in there. Stories and art that came out particularly nice.

Last year I started adding animation to my Patreon and it was a hit. FMG was added as well and since then we have been banging out a lot of really fun stuff.

In the end, I hope I can inspire even one person to put out their own work to the community. It took me a LONG time to want to share and I know it can be hard to think your work is good enough. The best thing we can do in the community is to encourage a person versus tearing them down when they show their work. A kind word can go a long way!

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

I was talking about this the other day. I think seeing a She Hulk comic way back in the day was something that really struck me as a “wow” moment. A woman growing out of her clothes!??! haha That was nuts. I also have mentioned the movie Village of the Giants a bit too. That one had a HUGE impact on my future comics and work!

#3) What are a few of your favorite size fantasies from other creators?

There are so, so many people I follow and whose art I love. I will single out two and by no means are these the only two ‘good’ people I think are out there.

First is KlnKing – this guy is a MASTER. You can root around and find all his released work. Incredible art and incredible detail. One of the very best GTS artists out there. I had the pleasure of working with him many years ago before he dropped off and that was a blast. Still look forward to him returning but it’s been a while.

The other is Bust Artist. This guy was around when I started and is still going super strong today. It’s insane to think he has been so consistent and prolific. Again, he was a giant inspiration for me to share my work.

#4) How would you describe your own drawings?

Sketchy?!?! hahahaha

Well, I think I can best describe my own work as evolving. Most of the time when I draw I am looking to hit the energy of the moment (the growth, the action or whatever). My work is pretty open lined with not a lot of shading but I work to make up for that with fun expressions and lots of ripping detail. Do I succeed? Not always but i do my best at all times!


#5) When did you first create, and then share, the initial “Growth Lab” sequence?

I think this was on my Yahoo groups? Wow, that was a while back. The early 00’s! Those were all pencil drawn and scanned pages too!

#6) How do you feel about the state of size fetish today?

What a time to be alive! So many great creators, so much talent and the community is fantastic. Let’s be honest and say there will always be some bad apples in any bunch but for the most part I LOVE the people here and can’t thank them enough for their support.

#7) What are the future plans for your Patreon page?

More animations! I want to bring in things like Voice Acting, higher production values and even color. At the moment it’s just me doing all the work but with the support from the amazing Patreons I hope to add a lot more down the line!

Thank you again and if any of this sounds interesting you can always check out my free site ( or my deviantArt ( or consider supporting me on my Patreon (


Thank you very much Ready for this interview!

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