Interview with Super-Ego, the Co-Creator of “Skinwalkers” and “Bronze Skin Inc”


Super-Ego is an artist known for his illustrations of tiny people on the bodies of much larger women. This is demonstrated in his series, “Skinwalkers,” which he co-creates with The Other. In Skinwalkers a group of people are shrunk by a devil and placed onto the skin of a curvaceous witch named “Corpulent Melissa.” The story is full of horror elements as the people struggle to survive the perils found on the surface of the human body! I previously reviewed the first chapter. Additionally, Super-Ego provides, for free, a comic entitled “Bronze Skin Inc” which has nearly 150 colored illustrated pages, most with multiple panels! Bronze Skin involves a company that helps a number of gorgeous giantesses get the best tans possible. You can view previews of Super-Ego’s work at DeviantArt and support him via Patreon.


#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Well, my name is Pedro Barreto, I’m 32, Brazilian, Aquarius, raised and born in Rio de Janeiro. I’m a cartoonist, which is my only job and I am very proud of it! My dream is to make my characters reach the maximum of people’s hearts as possible!

#2) How do you and The Other split duties when creating comics? Which of you is responsible for writing the story, drawing the pictures, etc.?

Our duties division are based on the efficiency related to production/time. I’m the responsible for the script, the linearts and The Other do the painting while our translator, Wanderlust, convert the whole chapter from Portuguese to English. After all that the own Other fills the translated speech balloons, then bingo bongo we have a new chapter ready to post. As for Bronze Skin, I’m the responsible for all the previous steps, except for the translation, that’s up to Wanderlust, and the speech balloons, a friend of mine helps me on this part. Besides the followed functions, The Other develops the exclusive arts for our Patreons, and he also manages our administrative matters, such as e-mail replies and updates.

#3) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

Since the very beginning. I remember when I was a kid and have a instant crush on every giant character that appeared on TV, it was always in my mind somehow. And is fair to quote the movie Gulliver’s Travels, but the most memorable moment from my childhood happened when I first saw the opening from a Brazilian telenovela called “O Mapa da Mina”, from that moment on, I understood the sexuality coming from my interest in Giant Women (Or Giantess).

#4) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest in giant women?

A few years ago I met a Brazilian guy, Smushedboy, he is also a big fan of giant women, we became friends quickly and started to make our own fetishist arts. A third Brazilian came up after a while, Bloodbane, a very private giantess fan who helped me with my kick off, and I’m eternally grateful to him for that. He showed me the concept of commissions, then, with my old DeviantArt account, Super-Ego, I started to work with with this, but I unfortunately had to stop, and due to this “pause” I lost my old account and started to work on ordinary boring jobs. Years later, unemployed in the middle of a national crisis I’d totally run out of options, I decided to try my luck on GTS materials again, made a new account and gave 100% of me to produce, rapidly, to keep my page active. And for my relief, it went really well, and my public welcomed me back with lots of supportive messages, some of those asking me to continue with my previous job, Skinwalkers. So I dedicated myself to produce a chapter (containing 30 pages) per month, at the same time, The Other joined to help, and it’s been a year since the beginning of our journey. Thanks to my public I was able to get over my problems, as a token of thanks, I make it a point to distribute Bronze Skin for free.

#5) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

I love and admire a lot of GTS artists, great parts of ’em actually inspires me, like the montage author RedCoffe, which inspired me to make the third chapter of Bronze Skin, Passion, with a montage using the same name. But he’s not the only one, Xyu, The Wonder Slug, Gibberellin77, Tekitocreations, Giantess- Worship e Zebostinha are other good examples of photo-montage artists that inspires me. More on the artistic side, I’d like to point out SpittyArt, I just love his linearts, I wish him success, the other one with the same feeling is VingeMoonGlour. Back to the list: ReSizeStuff, Bubimoon, Screeeow, RealRavenRavenRaven, Sihagen, Pogojo, Spunkbug, ZeroHour99, Karbo, DkDevil, Kl4us, KryptonLives, Blazbaros, AshkiiWolf, BoomGTS and many others but I can’t remember now haha. Oh yeah, obviously, the own The Other and Smushedboy inspire still with their artworks.

#6) How would you describe your own art?

Varied! I like variety, a lot of things happening there, I try my best to put it into my art. And obviously my almost religious adoration for the cartoon style. On the top of all, I want to surprise, impress, entertain! That’s my art haha.

#7) Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

Future projects are still difficult to be spoke about surely, but I plan to use Bronze Skin as a way to connect the GTS community and the cartoon public in overall, I want to produce a comic that please the giantess fans, as they can share it with their non-fetishist friends and both enjoy it. I am very proud of our community and I want to show it to the world! I also plan to make games, but we’re not working on that at the moment, it’s more like a possible future, a Bronze Skin game could be viable someday. Besides Bronze Skin and Skinwalkers, I have a third that a kept on my mind for a long time, and I hope to work on that one day, it’s called “Castle Girl”, a giant woman that wear a castle-suit, and fights with other giantess with castle-suits as well. I have other projects, out of GTS universe, although they might not be about giant women, there will ALWAYS be a giant or another as a registered mark!

Thank you so much for the opportunity, I’m really flattered to be called for this interview, and sorry if I had spoke too much or for any big typos.

With appreciation, Pedro Barreto (Super-Ego).


Thank you Pedro for taking part in this interview! Check out his Bronze Skin Twitter feed here:


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