Requested Review: “Give Up Your Cum So I Can Grow” by TaylorMadeClips

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Welcome back to There She Grows! Today’s review of “Give Up Your Cum So I Can Grow” was requested in early March 2023 via an anonymous blog message.

(SIDE NOTE: Interested fans can also read other reviews of TaylorMadeClips such as “Late Bloomers 2: Cock Growth,” “Orgasmic Growth,” and “The Silver Dildo Of Destiny.”)

Give Up Your Cum So I Can Grow was released by TaylorMadeClips in 2016. It features Rebecca Love, is 22-minutes long, and sells for $22. It uses a point-of-view (POV) perspective which I’ll argue later on was to its detriment, but some may appreciate that and feel like they are actually in the scene.

The clip tells a simple story. A man called Nate fucks a woman and his cum makes her grow bigger! (NOTE: As someone who has watched multiple episodes of “ER,” an American medical dramaR.I.P. Dr. Greene, I can verify that the medical science checks out.)

This growth was not just in her breasts, but affected her entire body. There was clothing destruction and full nudity, including long shots of her lower half! Nice to see that, but outgrowing the building would have been even better IMHO. Additionally, Nate becomes smaller and the implication was that he would shrink to such tiny dimensions that he could then slip inside to remain within her forever, although that was not actually shown. His shrinking was conveyed by the actor merely pulling his arms and legs back as if those limbs were becoming shorter. That was the extent of the efforts made to indicate that he was shrinking.

Under the pluses column was the clothing destruction, Rebecca’s willingness to perform in the nude, and her energetic performance were all impressive. Furthermore, the fact that two people were actually on camera was great. Often, a video like this will only show one female performer with merely a dildo to represent a male performer.

TaylorMadeClips often makes use of balloons or inflatable suits to portray gigantic breasts in their more modern works. For examples, check out “Phat Ass Pills: Big Bigger and Humongous” from 2023 and “A Doctors Growing Dilemma” from 2020. However, this clip does not use any practical effects for breast expansion, but instead Rebecca merely pulls down her top and rips apart her some of her clothes. Not that it wasn’t fun to watch 🙂

Love this screenshot!
Tears in leggings, a time-honored tradition in amateur growth productions.

Under the minuses column, the most significant problem was that many times the camera was just too dang close! It was admirable that the creators were willing to destroy clothing, but they should have zoomed out occasionally. Nate operated the camera and that’s why we did not see wide shots showing both of them in the frame at the same time. An establishment shot of the entire room and the two actors at the very beginning would have been welcome.

(NOTE: Nate never spoke and only his legs and arms were shown on camera.)

If someone was to re-create this video then using a third person as the camera operator would be a significant improvement.

Show this image to someone without any context and ask ’em what they think it is 😉

Additionally, despite what the title might suggest, Nate did not repeatedly cum on camera. Initially, the actor used a prosthetic penis which spurted artificial semen, but that was only done one time. After that point, subsequent ejaculations were unseen with Rebecca riding on top and Nate (allegedly) cumming inside her.

Ideally, we would have witnessed multiple ejaculations. Of course, it’s not necessarily realistic that a man could ejaculate multiple times in mere minutes and maintain a constant ejaculation. Obviously, that’s not an accurate depiction of typical sexual intercourse. Apologies if any readers were disappointed to just now learn that fact! However, the premise involves a woman rapidly growing significantly larger over the course of mere minutes so viewers already have to suspend disbelief.

Moreover, it could have been a nice touch if her wardrobe had slowly become more saturated with jizz due to each subsequent emission. That would have showcased progression over time as more and more climaxes were had. Sites such as Futanaria have done similar videos in which prosthetic penises ejaculate multiple times and eventually drench people to great effect. That’s not to claim that the effect perfectly replicates realistic genitals, but in my opinion such would have been better for this story.

Overall, Give Up Your Cum So I Can Grow is recommended for growth fans, particularly those named Nate. It can be purchased by clicking here and scrolling down to find it.

That’s it for today folks. Next week’s review will be another requested post. That will cover the free “Bronze Skin” comic made by Pedro Barreto. Previously, I discussed “Skinwalkers: Chapter 1 Welcome to Melissa” also by Pedro and interviewed him, which can be read here. Additionally, Pedro created an awesome GTS-themed rendition of the 1950s science fiction classic “Forbidden Planet.”

Until then, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

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