Interview with GTSCasey, a New 3-D Artist Making Giantess Animations with SFM

GTSCasey is a brand-new 3-D artist who first began producing giantess animations in August 2020. The animations feature breast expansion, giantess growth, inflation, etc. These are made with Source Filmmaker (SFM,) a CGI toolset derived from Valve’s Source engine. Featured characters in GTSCasey’s works include, but are not limited to, anime and manga protagonists such as the titular Uzaki-chan from “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!” and role-playing game (RPG) heroines such as Mythra and Pyra from “Xenoblade 2.” Fans can support GTSCasey via Ko-fi and Patreon and receive updates via Twitter.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Hey! I’m GTSCasey (or CaseyGTS, depends on which you prefer!), a British based artist who’s currently studying at University! I started creating giantess content because it’s something that had always interested me. I have been animating non GTS for a good few years now, so I thought I would put my animation skills to the test to see if I could give it a go!

#2) How did you first become interested in giantesses?

I think I’ve pretty much always been interested in giantess stuff, media such as Alice in Wonderland and Monsters vs Aliens probably made me realise that very early on! In terms of software, I’ve been playing around with GTS type themes for a bit longer than when my twitter account was created, as I was always interested in creating “scenarios”. This gave me some experience for when I actually felt like broadcasting my work out!

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

A mixture of both really!! My friends know that I make giantess content, but I’m way too embarrassed about it to actually let them see my works. Maybe someday…

#4) What are a few of your favorite creations from other artists?

Ooh where to start? AZMaybe9 creates some god tier GTS animation. They really understand how it should flow so it all comes together super nicely! I love Bantora’s renders and animations too. The way they render their stuff is so appealing to look at, it actually feels like the characters they use are properly grounded. SamuelSmithArts does some super awesome 2D artworks too! Their use of dialogue and “sound bubbles” in their works really make their art and stories punch 🙂 Jackiedoot also creates some heckin sweet stuff within SFM too! MMMadness has been upskilling by moving software recently and is progressing really well, which is awesome to see 🙂

#5) How would you describe your work?

I find it hard to describe my work because my brain usually races at about 1000mph. I feel like my style can be sporadic at times, but I feel like my work is generally good and makes things flow nice. I can never quite pick between focusing on GTS growth, breast growth or overall growth, but I feel like having that variety is a very good thing to have, as scenarios would probably differ from video to video. I find it quite relaxing just to open up SFM, look through the model browser and think of different scenarios I could make with different characters. That’s usually the funnest part of all! Overall, I like its punchiness, which I feel gives it a particular vibe.

#6) Can you briefly describe the amount of effort which goes into animations like the recent “Pyra and Mythra in Smash!” Do you have any advice for people wanting to make their own?

Surprisingly enough, this video didn’t really take very long to make! Not to say that a lot of effort didn’t go into it, though. I started by finding the battlefield stage from smash on the Source Filmmaker workshop, and imported it into a session, and began to add lights to it to spruce it up. The skybox is actually one of the skies from DOOM 2016, I thought it would be nice to use considering the scale of the clouds. I got Pyra and Mythra imported, and decided to have them climb up the stage before having them grow! This part was quite fun to do. I posed the hands first, and then kinda animated backwards? I basically reversed the frames so that the hands reached upwards first, and then went into their resting position. However, due to how SFM handles some parenting stuff, a lot of the nice hand placement was ruined which really sucked. Everytime I went back to fix it, the hand positions would break later in the session which really messed things up. Although, the hand positions at the start weren’t too different from what they originally work. The hardest thing to get right when animating is making it flow nicely. A lot of animations have a tendency to be stiff, in the sense that everything moves all at the same time without having easing applied. Whenever I animate, I try to make sure this is incorporated properly into each model. For example, if a girl is growing, and she goes from being hunched over to standing with her back straight and tall, I will offset the spine keyframes so that her spine “drags” behind as she moves up. This is situational, but most of the time it makes for great movement and flow!

#7) Could you discuss the rewards for supporting your Patreon? Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

As of now, my Patreon page is £2, which gives you access to everything that’s currently uploaded. This ranges from Long work in progress videos to full unseen videos! Very soon I will also be posting polls, in which viewers can vote on what character and growth theme they want to be featured in the next video! However, I’m thinking of changing some things which are tier price related in April because of how Patreon handles its fees. Right now they take a lot of my income which isn’t ideal. As for future projects, I have a lot in the works and in mind! I found a really cute elf girl model, so I’m thinking of creating a fantasy styled growth sequence! In addition to that, I want to keep creating Senran Kagura content as the girls are just too cute to not animate 🙂

Thank you again for giving me this opportunity!!

You’re most welcome, thank you for taking the time to tell us a bit about yourself!

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