“A Benny Predicament” by Craving Jasper

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Let’s check out a size-themed video from a new studio, Craving Jasper, which hasn’t been discussed on There She Grows before! The Craving Jasper catalog at Clips4Sale dates back to late July 2019 and their work focuses on themes such as foot play, shrunken men, tickling, toe jobs, etc. Accordingly, Craving Jasper describe themselves as showcasing “… sensual foot worship to tireless tickling, fragrant feet, footgagging, and cruel and sadistic POVs.” Despite being in operation for less than two years, they’ve released almost 150 different videos! Those primarily feature female performers, but several also feature a male performer.

Today’s review will look at a commissioned Craving Jasper clip entitled “A Benny Predicament,” which was released on January 5th, 2021.

The classic skit which inspired this creation first aired on March 31st, 1986, during the British comedic TV series “The Benny Hill Show.” The Benny Hill Show was a sketch show which featured double entendres, parodies, slapstick humor, songs, etc. The episode in question was the second episode of Season 17. (NOTE: This was not the only occasion in which Benny Hill included size themes, and future articles may explore a few of his other sketches.)

The original bit was called “Discrimination in the Workplace.” (NOTE: For those wanting more information, check out this link: https://benny-hill.fandom.com/wiki/Herbert_Chaney )

A bootlegged copy of the full episode can be found on the Dailymotion video hosting site, but it’s one of those dreadful attempts at avoiding copyright violation which was done by inserting the original show into aquarium footage. Only watch it this way if you wish to torture yourself.

Truly, this is an exquisite viewing experience 😉

But enough about the Benny Hill skit, let’s return to the heart of today’s review, A Benny Predicament!

The action begins in what appears to be a typical office setting. We see a beautiful woman wearing business attire and the backdrop feels appropriate for a large company. Although, upon closer examination, there is a Star Wars Chewbacca doll on the table behind her which was an odd inclusion. Perhaps viewers were meant to assume that this event takes place at a large toy conglomerate. However, I would have removed the Star Wars doll as it detracted from an otherwise corporate-appearing environment. Furthermore, the pocket folder she held looked more appropriate for a high school student than a office worker and could have been switched out for something a bit more formal.

This lovely lady reminds me of someone… hmm, who does she resemble?
Arlene! (NOTE: Arlene is a character from the “Garfield” comic strip created by Jim Davis.)

Jasper attempts to leave no less than four times, but is thwarted by the outstretched arm of an unseen man. (NOTE: Jasper was the only performer; so, this was another case of an actress pretending to converse with an unseen person. I wish that someone had voiced the other role.) Kudos to the script writer for giving Jasper a motivation for her actions. Many evil giantess videos do not give the reasons driving their antagonist’s violence. Those cruel characters are cruel for cruelty’s sake. Not to say that such works should not be made, but rather that it’s nice to see something different. In this instance, it’s understandable that Jasper would treat the man harshly after been forced to rebuke his unwanted advances over and over again.

Accordingly, the man finds his perspective rapidly lowering now that he has incurred her wrath.

Next, we watch her tease the tiny man. (NOTE: The only microphone used for this production was on the camera itself. Thus, the sound dipped once the camera was lowered to simulate a shrinking man’s viewpoint. In general, as is typical of low budget productions, sound mixing was an issue. Music was too loud, dialogue was too quiet, etc.) Additionally, Jasper struggles a bit to maintain her balance while standing on one foot and using the other to tease the man. That’s understandable of course, but it takes away a little of her menace.

This tiny figurine represents the spurned fellow about to be stomped.

Then there was a wardrobe change after the first scene.

If I had a dime for every executive meeting in which a woman acted like this with me… I’d have zero money. Solo leads an uneventful life 😥

The second part is unrelated to the first, albeit taking place around the same black couch. This later bit details an appointment in which Jasper attempts to seduce her boss. Alas, the boss already gave her desired promotion to someone else. Accordingly, she decides to shrink him and enact some revenge. Truth be told, this bit runs for about 9 minutes and is twice as long as the initial sequence. Therefore, while this video is called “The Benny Predicament,” technically the majority of the runtime was dedicated to a sequence unrelated to the original source material.

The actress showed off more than just sexy feet 🙂 However, there was no nudity.

The most significant selling point for this work was Jasper’s performance. The special effects (SFX) consisted of lowering the camera and stepping on a tiny figurine; so, there was not any actual SFX. Nonetheless, Jasper’s performance was enjoyable and worth a watch.

Overall, I enjoyed A Benny Predicament. Shrinking fans can pick it up for $13.99 at the following link:https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/144579/24356029/a-benny-predicament-custom-script

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for next week’s reviews. Tuesday’s post will cover a sexy musical with fairy tale-derived transformations. Additionally, Thursday’s article will feature unusually small and extraordinarily big characters from those first super hero comics published during the Golden Age. Of note, the creation of that comic-themed article was greatly assisted by the incomparable knowledge and support of Taedis!

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