Interview with TinyDann, a.k.a. DannTheMuse, Author of “Carrie’s Science Project”

TinyDann, a.k.a. DannTheMuse, has been involved in the size community for quite a while now and has shared multiple size-fetish stories at DeviantArt, Giantess City, and The Titan Empire. His best-known work, “Carrie’s Science Project,” has reached an impressive 82,000+ word count and spans over 200 pages! It’s centered on a young lady named Carrie Elis and her fantastic shrinking equipment. That epic tale can be read for free at DeviantArt. Additionally, Dann served as a moderator on the Giantess City forum for a time. TinyDann recently collaborated with OHH for the comic “Alone Time,” a continuation of Carrie’s Science Project. Fans can follow TinyDann at DeviantArt, as well as purchase “Alone Time” via Gumroad.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Well, I’m a Cannuck hailing from the Great White North. Well, sort of North? Most of us Cannuck are a lot less North than you’d think? I’m from the part of Canada that’s much more south than the rest. 

Anyhow, about myself…um…I’m an introverted nerd who enjoys retro technology and writing Size Change stories. I like Dragon’s and Diet Dr Pepper. I absolutely love Horror Fiction and old time radio, and for the most part I’ve tried to keep my love of Horror Fiction separate from my Macrophillia, but the two do cross from time to time.

I’ve always looked at  Macrophillia as a fetish-seasoning more so than an actual fetish itself. Confusing I know, but I look at it like this, Macrophillia is something you can sprinkle on anything else to make it better, like salt.

Are you into feet? Add Macrophillia. Like bdsm? Try it with a side of Macrophillia! Fond of vore, well throw some Macrophillia on that shit! Macrophillia goes good with almost anything. 

Even horror 😉 

#2) How did you first become interested in size fetish? Do you have a preference for either giants or tiny people?

Well, as far back as I can remember, it’s always been something I’ve had interest in. I remember watching anything with size change in it as often as I could.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Gulliver’s Travels, Inch High Private Eye, you name it. If it had size change, I probably liked it.

I’ve always been fascinated with shrinking, more so the great odyssey of it all. Man vs Environment, man vs nature. Shrinking as more of a plot device, where the unfortunate victims are faced with an alien world out of their control. A world where everyday objects are now dangerous obstacles and alien landscapes.

Maybe it’s the nihilist in me, but the absolute helplessness and hopeless of shrinking always appealed to me. Throwing the protagonist into as hopeless a situation as can be, where they are absolutely removed from the human condition. Bottom of the food chain. If you start there, that’s where most of my interest in size change lay. I’m not above Giant Human content, but it’s not what I am really passionate about. It feels less intimate, and doesn’t hold that total absolute homelessness.

#3) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

Some of my favourite stories were from D.X Machina like The Change Trilogy, The Vaccination by Slipstream and Missing by Nostromo. Some more modern works I enjoy are Ethosx’s work such as Strangers, Among Them by Twinchy and anything rendered by Innocent-Owl.

Oh goodness there is too much to list. OHH of course, and Flagg, and of course I’m a fan of JohnnyScribe or I wouldn’t have literally begged him to let me write for Titan. I could go on forever, most of my favourite renders can be found on my DA favourites section l suppose.

#4) When did you first start writing Carrie’s Science Project? How would you describe your writings?

Oh goodness, there is the million dollar question eh? Well I guess it was when I was a freshman in college? Well actually I may have still been in high school. It was sometime in the early 2000s anyhow.

I wanted to contribute to the community but I had no real artistic skills to speak of. I’d written a few short stories but always found it frustrating to always have to start from scratch every time I wrote something. It felt like every story needed a setup and that always felt like more work than it was worth.

I wanted a series I could just pick up and add to anytime. Somewhere the basic plot was already set up. With that done, I could just sit down and write something without needing to figure out how, where and why. This is what led me to contribute to Titan and to collaborate with Twinchy on Happenstance. 

This is what led me to contribute to Titan and to collaborate with Twinchy on Happenstance. 

What can I say, I don’t like starting from scratch every time I get an idea. 

As for my writing? I’m very much a slice of life fella. Most of my stuff is mild, though I do have “moods” from time to time. Those who I collaborate with have told me sometimes my writing can take on a cruel note, and I can’t deny that I absolutely love it when the villain wins. This goes back to the Horror lover in me. I can’t overstate this enough, I am notorious for letting the villain win. Well, at least I would be if my collaboration partners would let me… 

I don’t write a lot of hard core fetish porn, this is because mostly I enjoy the Odyssey/adventure side of Size Change. Also, as I get older I find my interest in the unrealistic fetishized woman waning and my interest in more realistic, well-rounded characters growing. 

Not every lady will turn into a raving sex-obsessed predator, nor will they all instantly turn homicidal. I understand it’s fantasy, but we like what we like I suppose. 


It works out that most of the one time “Itches” I need to scratch for certain fetishized content can be found in my short stories, whereas my novels and longer stories tend to be Slice of Life. I do my best to write realistic characters with real personality. I don’t always succeed.

Oh, and I’m not the greatest when it comes to spelling and grammar. Anyone who has worked with me will attest to this. Thanks heavens for spellcheck.

#5) Do you have any upcoming projects that you’d like to mention?

Nothing set in stone. OHH and I are mulling over a second comic, I’m half working on a Happenstance re-write, and I have a book end planned for Carrie’s Science Project that was suppose to kick off with Coffee Time (found on my DA) but that’s been slow going with pandemic drudgery and what not.

I kinda half started a Horror themed series set in the Happenstance universe called Post Infectus, but I’ve only halfheartedly worked on it.

I have more than a few half started, unfinished stories and ideas. I’m much better at coming up with ideas than I am actually putting them into practice.

Thank you for doing this interview!

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