A Look Back at Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure

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Today’s review will be a bit different than normal. This article will examine a cartoon made long ago, more than a decade before the United States entered World War II! It is size-related, but no one became shorter or taller per se. There were no giants or tiny people. However, the main character, “Eveready Harton,” possessed an enormous cock and furthermore at one point his prodigious organ was stretched quite far! So, that’s enough to qualify. Therefore, let’s now dive into “Buried Treasure” featuring Eveready Harton.

According to “Forbidden Animation: Censored Cartoons and Blacklisted Animators in America” by Karl F. Cohen, Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure was made in 1928. Supposedly, it was created for Winsor McCay’s birthday party. (NOTE: McCay was the animator responsible for 1914’s “Gertie The Dinosaur.”) Whether Eveready was actually shown during McCay’s party or not, who’s to say? It’s difficult, if not impossible, to confirm the details behind Eveready’s creation.

Cohen’s book also asserts that program notes during a screening in San Francisco, California during the late 1970s credited George Canata, George Stallings, Rudy Zamora, Sr., and Walter Lantz with this animation. That’s plausible, but again not proven. Furthermore, legend states that no photo lab in New York would process this film; so, it was finished in Cuba instead.

Reportedly, this was the first “porno-cartoon,” as noted in the animation fan magazine Mindrot in it’s sixth issue from Spring 1977:

NOTE: I have not been able to acquire a copy of this Mindrot issue to confirm this quote. UPDATE: Got a copy & confirmed the above quote on March 2nd, 2022.

However, the main reason I want to discuss Eveready is to highlight that fantastic sex scenarios, like those with giants and tiny people, are not unique to the modern era. Instead, human beings have always made erotic art which exceeds the bounds of everyday life.

This artifact, a Venus figurine, dates back 35,000 years. Click here to read the original New York Times article about it.

Who knows? Perhaps your grandparents or great-grandparents watched Eveready Harton back in the day!

But what is it even about? Well, it’s a short, less than 7-minutes total, video featuring the titular character on a desert island after he has escaped a band of “hoary Amazens [sic].” There’s not much plot per se, just Eveready running about and having sexual intercourse.

It begins with Eveready waking up and being dismayed to spot a pair of flies swarming around the head of his very large penis. So, he does what any sensible person would do and fires a pistol at the pests! The violence of which compels his semi-autonomous penis to detach and seek shelter behind a rock.

It could have been funny if the animators had lengthened this sequence and really leaned into the idea that he had mistakenly shot off his own dick! Instead, he quickly recovered his wayward organ.

His penis cheerfully rejoins the rest of Eveready’s body and he proceeds to spot various animals: birds, dogs, and snakes having sex. Conveniently, he spots a naked woman (well, technically she wasn’t totally nude as she was wearing bracelets, shoes, and stockings) masturbating with a dildo. You know, as you do, outdoors in the middle of a desert island 😉

It should be clear by now that this will be full of non-sequiturs. Such as when Eveready penetrates the lady only to discover that she has a clock, a shoe, and a crab (!) inside her. By the way, the crab pinches his cock which again causes it to detach and flee. Undeterred, Eveready rescues his fleeing genitals and moves on to another lady, but winds up penetrating another man instead!

Unbeknownst to Eveready, an old man was hidden within the pile of sand.

The scenarios only get more outrageous from that point, including Eveready straining to remove his cock from within the elderly fellow and stretching it out during the process. Fair warning, this clip also included a man having sex with a donkey and Eveready receiving fellatio from a cow. So yeah, this was transgressive! That’s all I wanted to discuss about the plot. Folks wanting to watch Eveready’s cartoon in full can find it at Wikipedia.

Overall, it’s not that this is a rewarding watch. It’s not particularly entertaining or thought provoking. Yet, it serves an important purpose as evidence that people have been making fanciful, unrealistic, erotica since the early days of animation.

That’s important to remember when people feel guilty about size-themed content. Often, in their interviews, creators will relate how they sought to keep their interests a secret and were surprised to find others with similar wants. There’s no reason to feel ashamed for enjoying erotic content with fantastical elements. Critics might make thoughtless statements claiming that size fetish is weird and that such “weird” content would never have been produced “Back in the good old days.” Yet, humans have always been fascinated with their bodies and wanting to explore the limits of their sexuality, whether in the form of impossibly curvy Venus figurines or incredibly endowed cartoon men!

That’s it for today folks. Thursday’s review will discuss a writer from an earlier era, who created giantess stories long before the modern size community came into existence. Until then dear readers, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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