Interview with gsfcreator, a Prolific Size-Fetish Artist and Filmmaker


Shay, more commonly known as Giantess Shrinking Feet (GSF) creator, has been creating content since 2008. That size-themed content includes 3-D animations, art, comics, and live-action videos. Most of the work focuses on shrunken people at the base of feminine feet, but he has also created growth-themed video clips such as “Day Of The Goddess,” “Immense,” and “Jolenezilla.” In total, his studio at Clips4sale has hundreds of size-fetish videos available for purchase! Ongoing 3-D comic series by gsfcreator include “Heat,” in which a 40-year old literature teacher is shrunk in a sauna, “The Game,” involving a bunch of young ladies involved in a magical D&D session, and “Xtreme,” which explores shrinking and BDSM themes. Each issue of those illustrated stories includes well over a hundred color images. Fans can follow gsfcreator on DeviantArt and Twitter for the latest updates, as well as support his work via Patreon.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

As most people already know, I’m based in Israel. The Fetish business in all of its many aspects takes a huge chunk of my time (out of choice!), but other than that, I’m also a writer (non-fetish, mainly epic fantasy, and at the moment working on finishing my second novel in a trilogy), a dancer (Salsa & Bachata, since 2005!), and an art photographer (non-fetish!). I’m into fitness, reading (fantasy & thrillers), cooking & baking, and have been a gamer for just about my entire life (currently playing hearthstone since 2014, but I also played SC2, LoL, and many other non-online games since the early Amiga 500 days through SNES, Sega Mega-Drive (Editor’s note: known as Sega Genesis in North America), PSx1, 2 and so on).

The name “Giantess Shrinking Feet” just came to me through my year of preparations before diving in (2007-2008). Since I’m into giantess, shrinking, and feet, it felt natural. Gsfcreator (pronounced as G.S.F-creator) kind tells everybody what to expect from me. Although I also try to touch the various aspects of our fetish (and I’ve learned to truly appreciate some of them, such as Vore) – people know that I’ll always be mainly into foot-fetish and extreme shrinking, so the name fits well 🙂

#2) How did you first become interested in size fetish?

I actually had both foot-fetish & the shrinking fetish since I was around 10 years old (!) There was no internet back then, and I can’t recall seeing it anywhere. It was just there. I remember having “visions” since my early days of adolescence, of me being shrunken down to the size of a dust speck, being thrown into the socks of girls from my school, and “tormented” by them and their pretty feet. I actually imagined how it would look like from inside their socks, stockings and shoes as they wiggle their toes in…(imagine how it felt like to bring this vision into life, much later on in my life :O ). Once I’ve turned 18, during my army days, I’ve already found out that there’s a thing called “foot-fetish”. I had no internet back then, so I still through it was pretty rare. the shrinking fantasy, though…I was sure that I am the only person on the planet with such a peculiar fantasy. that was until I’ve turned around 21 and finally had my own PC and an internet connection. That was when I’ve discovered that I wasn’t alone in the world. they called it “giantess”, and when I first bumped into it (in the form of yahoo groups that shared mainly collages), I was…well, mind-blown. completely shocked. It took a very short while until I started my very own yahoo group with collages that I created. Later on, I found – and my shock and delight deepened tenfold. Around 2007 the idea of becoming a fetish film creator already started to bud in me. During 2008 it finally happened, and the rest is history.

#3) Are there games or films you could recommend for those stuck at home?

Truth is, most of my time is going either to my fetish productions (Mostly SFX & 3D these days) and to my writing. Not a lot has changed for me, through this pandemic. I play mainly Hearthstone, but if you want something that will suck you into it – I’d highly recommend Divinity: Original Sin II, which is a true masterpiece of a RPG! I still got a long way to go to finish this one, though 🙂 Film & TV wise – the latest one I’ve watched that I liked was “Joker” & the Witcher series.

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

Oh, there’s a ton of those :). I’ve always been a fan of Toejac’s work. I still find the classic miniature-based videos as hot as ever, and he was one of the first, if not the first, to create “my” in-sock/in-nylons fantasy. SFX wise, I have to mention the incredible work of my friend, Thanatos. Though not exactly my personal preference (in terms of size, sub-genre focus, etc), this man pushes SFX to the limits and has always inspired me to try to do so myself. Jason Ninja merges both of my favorite fetishes and always find new incredible talents, and puts high-quality content for a long time. On the 3D realm, there’s a lot of creators that I really appreciate. Ashkiwolf & Viking are both taking 3D animations to the next level. SorenZer0, Ethos-x, Jamesmason & Flagg3d all create terrific 3D imagery, just to name a few. Artists such as FemaleTeeth are creating at such a high level, they keep me fascinated even though I’m personally not into Vore as much as I’m into feet. The list goes on. Other than them – I could write an endless list of the amazing actresses I’ve been fortunate to work with. Each and every one of them is incredible on their own.


#5) How would you describe your own art?

That’s a tough question. If I had to use one word, I’d probably say “Evolving”. I’ve learned a lot through the past 12 years, and still feel like I’m only scratching the surface of what I can do (and that goes not only to the fetish aspect of my creation but also to my writing, dancing, photography and so on). I don’t like to stand in one place and get complacent, so I try to push further as I go. I think that my latest 3D rendered stories merge my writing, 3D and photography (lighting, composition, etc) knowledge and if you’d look at things that I’ve created earlier on, you’ll see a big difference. I hope I could say the same 10 years from now 🙂

#6) What are the rewards for supporting your Patreon?

My $10 patrons get every single 3D rendered story that comes out of my oven immediately, even before it’s out for sale. They also get rendered 3D art, and an occasional (usually at least once a month, sometimes more) a bonus such as SFX videos from my clips store. $20 gets the VR360 projects and some extra bonuses, as well, but I encourage people to go $10 these days since my VR360 output is at a halt at the moment.

#7) Do you have any other upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

The first draft of the book I’ve mentioned in 2018 is already complete at 410K words (!) I’m working on the second one now (240K and counting, probably will be done by July). Those are not published as of yet. I’d consider translating and publishing only when the *story* is complete (Trilogy), and there’s still a lot of re-writing work to be done. Fetish wise, I still got a ton of videos to edit and release from my last visit to Florida. Some of them are pretty huge SFX projects (such as the long-awaited one with Princess Ivory, and another Epic growth project with Jasper Reed). If everything will go well and the world will recover from the current crisis, I aim to travel to the US again on 2021, and this time I have some plans to upgrade my output with new equipment, hopefully capturing some scene that will excite myself and many of you guys out there! 3D wise, I’m aiming to complete the Heat Saga, The Game, dive deeper into Xtreme, and work on new stories that have been simmering inside me for a long time. I also miss actually animating in 3D, and I hope that I could clear some time for that as well. I still think that I’ve only scratched the surface of what I could do in 3D.

Thanks, take care, and stay healthy and positive 🙂



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