Interview with Maxgrowth Productions, Creator of Videos Admiring the More Substantial Female Physique


Maxgrowth Productions created its first video in 2011. That video was called “InheritASS” and portrayed a lady named Shelby who inherits an unusual asset after her Aunt Trudy ‘Booty’ passes. Since then, Maxgrowth has created many more inflation-themed clips featuring models such as Demora Avarice and Koa. Maxgrowth is “… committed to producing short, comedic video sketches centering on positive admiration of the more substantial female physique, shot through the unique genre of female body expansion.” Furthermore, they have participated in SizeCon, the “gathering for size lovers,” since the beginning. You can buy their videos, support Maxgrowth Productions on Patreon, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. (Also, check out their web site!)

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about Maxgrowth Productions?

All right, what can I say about Maxgrowth Productions? We’re based out of Lexington, Kentucky. I have anywhere between three and five people per shoot that I work with. I have a videographer / production guy and then I have a costumer that I try to have on set mainly to be able to work with the ladies so as a guy I don’t have to be shoving tubes up in hinky places. Then, if I can afford it and there’s somebody available which is always dubious, I like to have a production assistant just to kind of help keep things running smoothly and then of course the lovely models that we work with.

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

As far as what got me into size fetish media I think it was just as a kid I was always fascinated with anything transformation related in media whether it be you know especially comic books, cartoons, TV shows, and then of course as I got older it became a different kind of interest. Yeah, I don’t think there’s any one seminal thing that I remember too much about. I mean obviously Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Lois Lane comic “The Fattest Girl in Metropolis” that was one that I fairly vividly remember. (NOTE: That’s a reference to “Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane” number 5, the December 1958 issue. The cover is shown below.)

Superman_s Girl Friend Lois Lane issue No 5 - DEC 1958
Superman also received his own rapid weight-gain over a decade later in “Superman” number 221 entitled “The Two-Ton Superman!” It was the November 1969 issue.

#3) On Twitter, you referred to yourself as an “old geezer.” Accordingly, as a mature connoisseur of size material, how do you feel about the state of size fetish media today compared to the early days?

That’s a big question. I mean it’s kind of a blessing and a curse the way things are now, because there is just such an abundance of material. I mean really just an insane amount of stuff on so many different platforms that there’s really no way to keep track of it all. Really things are breaking down and becoming put into these little niches and places. In the old days you didn’t have a lot of content, but you knew that you could pretty much go to one forum that specialized in breast expansion or weight gain or whatever you’re particular thing is. In my case, I had a lot of things, but you pretty much knew you could go there and that was like the clearinghouse for information and everybody kind of knew the places to go. Nowadays there’s Discord, gosh I mean of course DeviantArt, Fur Affinity, I mean just tons and tons of places where content can go and you really can’t just go online and just search for it anymore. I kind of relate it back to in the 50s everybody watched “I Love Lucy” because there was so little programming and nowadays it’s the same with fetish stuff as it is for mainstream content. There’s more crap that you can watch on Hulu and Netflix and any of that stuff than you could ever possibly consume. So, I mean it’s a good thing and it’s a bad thing in a certain way.


#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

So many awesome creators, I would hate to exclude anybody.

#5) Can you discuss the rewards for supporting Maxgrowth Productions on Patreon? What projects are upcoming?

A lot of it is behind-the-scenes content you know little videos and bloopers and sometimes we have interviews. But it’s mostly behind the scenes stuff or that kind of thing. Really, Patreon has been the biggest thing that’s allowed us to really, no pun intended, expand. Patreon was what we raised enough money with to buy both sets of padded legs, the padded bra, that’s a real large padded bra, both the small and the large muscle suits, and various high-quality wigs. Koa recently was able to buy 3-D printing patterns and also fabric to sew to be able to do a redhead and blonde version of Bowsette. (NOTE: Bowsette is a female version of Mario franchise character Bowser. She was created by Malaysian artist Ayyk92 on September 19, 2018.)

The first appearance of Bowsette

So, that was pretty exciting. You know all of these things require just a lot of money and you know without Patreon we would not be able to have added all these really cool things to our repertoire so I can’t thank the folks enough that have put in their money to support us.

Koa wearing the Bowsette costume

#6) What did Maxgrowth exhibit at previous SizeCons and will they attend SizeCon 2020?

Alrighty, as far as SizeCon2020, I will be able to attend. It was looking a little iffy because with it being on Valentine’s Day weekend and it’s basically like a 13-hour drive for me so it was gonna be kind of sticky you know with my wife. Valentine’s is the day before the Con, but I got that smoothed over and she’s okay so it looks like I’m gonna be able to go after all. And as far as what we do at the Con, obviously the actresses Koa was able to be there the first year and last year. Lucia was able to be there the first three years, but won’t be there this year. Tara Tied was there the second year and she’ll back this year.

Then as far as other things I probably won’t have a booth this year just because I end up spending so much time just trying to meet people, talk with people, try to just shake everybody’s hand and have at least a small conversation with everybody that I can. But in the past I’ve brought props, I always bring props for people to look at and check out. Probably not so much this year. I’ll have props there for Tara, she’ll be walking around the Con in costume and in props and people will be able to check them out that way. Then we’ll all be participating in some of the cafes that they have at the Con. We’ll be using the props there as well. That’s pretty much it. I can’t think of anything else pertinent.

I appreciate you thinking of me and asking me to interview and all the publicity that I can get. I hope this answers all of your questions and if you have anything else that you want to follow up on just give me a shout.


Thank you Maxgrowth for taking part in this interview!


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