Interview with Mase Corgan, Creator of Big Blue

Mase Corgan has been a fan of big boobs for several decades. This led to his creation of the character “Big Blue” an exceedingly voluptuous blue-skinned alien who fights evil-doers with her “Juggs of Justice.” However, despite Mase’s love for feminine curves, he doesn’t just write about sex! He also makes sure to add a proper story and plenty of humor. His comics are available in soft-copy from online platforms such as CyberMase and gumroad. Additionally, physical copies are available from retailers such as Barnes & Noble and IndyPlanet. Fans can follow Mase Corgan on DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Plus they can learn more at the official Big Blue site:

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I’ve been begetting books bearing bodacious bazongas for sixty-years now.

Around the age of thirteen, I noticed that big boobs gave me a strange feeling. It was at the same time that big boob magazines started coming out. I read Jut, Cantilever, and Quiver, which became Quaver following a lawsuit from an archery publication.

A few years later, I got a date with Tisiphone Tobias who (and I have yearbook photographs to prove this) went from a training bra to M-Cup in two months. While Tiffy (as she was called) was a chaste and reserved woman I guess she was anxious to try out the new equipment and things got hot and heavy. Unfortunately, she hit me on the head pretty hard with her left breast (just my luck – the heavier one) and I don’t remember any of it. Oh well, I still had my stack of Quavers.

It was about then that I got a job with my uncle Mason writing big boob comics for him and the rest is history (note, some of the original Big Blue artwork from 1962 is reprinted in the Bonus Art section of the “Juggs of Justice” graphic novel).

#2) How did you first become interested in superheroes with incredibly big bazongas?

When did I become interested in them? Buddy, I invented them!

I started reading the porn parodies of the fifties — the “Tijuana Bibles” — when I was a kid. They would take “Popeye,” “Blondie,” “Dick Tracy” and other popular strips and draw them with graphic sex. The problem was, I read these before I read the real strips, so imagine my surprise to learn that “Popeye,” “Blondie” and “Dick Tracy” didn’t have any sex in them!

^ An example of a Tijuana Bible parodying Popeye.

Then, I went on to read Playboy’s “Little Annie Fanny,” Penthouse’s “Oh, Wicked Wanda” and Lady Killer’s “She’s Got Big Tits and She’s Nude and It’s Kind of Funny.”

Honestly, the big boob superheroes are kind of boring. They’re superheroes who incidentally have monumental mammaries. If you look at my work you’ll see that I don’t just write stories where the bold beauties are blessed with big bazooms, but the story is ABOUT gigantic juggs. In other words, I never take a stock story and arbitrarily attach abundant air-bags to the characters. I wanted to do a story where the heroine’s hooters ARE her super power. I started thinking of heroic feats you could perform with boobs, and corresponding atrocious acts that the villains could do. A woman slapping someone around with her breasts is funny and erotic, so I knew I had a winner.

#3) What are a few of your favorite comics from other creators?

Don Lomax’s “Case Morgan,” named after me, of course. Alexis Flowers “I Roved Out In Search of Truth and Love” is absolutely the greatest porn comic ever. “Alfie” by the mononymous InCase is terrific. Phil Foglio’s “XXXenophile” is a must read. The work of Sean “Art Bro” Harrington and Scarlett Ann is terrific, and I was glad to have them do some work for “Big Blue.” Iron Circus and my former employers–Bot Comics–continue to put out terrific work. Be sure and read “Welcome to Chastity” written by SaburoX with art by the peerless Mariano Navarro and Hernán Cabrera—the artists behind “Big Blue.”

#4) How would you describe “Big Blue,” the extra-terrestrial named Yaelin?

Yaelin comes from the planet Gozanganar where all the women have blue skin and impossibly large breasts. She adopts Earth as her home where she fights human and extra-terrestrial menaces utilizing her undulating udders to undermine unconscionable undertakings. Yes, there is gratuitous sex and nudity, but Yaelin is a real heroine possessed of courage, intelligence and strength. I try to strike a balance between sincere superhero story and saucy, sexy, steamy smut.

Yaelin’s human counterpart is Tara Taylor who starts of as a slender woman with a modest chest and becomes a stacked super-heroine in volume 2 “Hooters of Heroism.” They both come from the point-of-view that gigantic juggs are a fact of life and the idea that female flesh-bombs would be sexy or desirous is foreign to them. To the Gozangans, big breasts are a symbol of power and nobility.

#5) Any upcoming comics you’d like to mention?

Well, there are no upcoming projects unless people buy my current projects, so get out there! Buy two copies in case you want to read it twice.

“Big Blue 3: Rack of Righteousness” is in the works. I am also looking for an artist to draw my next series “Open Door Policy” about an otherwise dreary office where sexy co-workers get busy. I am releasing some previously unreleased work under the title “Rejected Porn Comics” and I have released the first issue and am editing the second issue.

Thanks, Solomon! You are truly as wise as your namesake.

My pleasure! Thank you for this interview.

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