Interview with Ninny Moose, B.E. Artist Extraordinaire

Not satisfied with merely being the largest member of the deer family, Ninny Moose has also earned a reputation for taking the written words of famous breast expansion (B.E.) scribes and bringing them to life! Moose takes inspiration from wordsmiths like Boobarian, Chimeran, Clovis, Inflate123, Wren-Spot, and more. The resulting full-color illustrations pay tribute to those writers, advertise fan get-togethers, such as SizeCon 2018, and became a part of Moosterpiece Theater. Furthermore, Moose serves as the artist for the “BreastBuy” comic written by Jessie Star. Fans can support Ninny Moose via Patreon and follow them on Twitter.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

What’s there to tell? I was a ruminant wandering the frozen wastes of Florida, when I was struck by the undulating forms of breasts on a human television. Once I wrapped my moose brain around “Gainaxing”, I realized I was destined to draw human melons (and other curves) becoming larger and larger. The breast, as they say, is history.

Also I’ve got a lifelong passion for bad jokes and storytelling. Not bad storytelling though. Unless it results in bad jokes.

#2) When did you first join the expansion community? What inspired you to draw B.E. scenes?

My twitter cracked open its doors back in June of 2019. I originally tried to do this thing where I’d post art with monosyllabic descriptors, as though I had no personality. It was a terrible idea and was quickly abandoned. 

The inspiration for drawing B.E. scenes from these classic stories is two fold, first: written work in this community goes largely unrecognized by comparison to art, but when I was first getting into this stuff it was really all that existed. If you wanted to see buttons strain against a bosom that was on a warpath, you needed to have a vivid imagination. I wanted to pay tribute to those that crafted a home for a young moose getting into a part of himself he didn’t fully understand by lending my pen to some of the more famous scenes from what I consider to be classic growth tales. The second reason is far more simple: I have these pictures in my head, and they need to not be in my head anymore.

#3) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

Remote Possibilities by Inflate123 was one of those works that got its hooks in me and wouldn’t let go, along with The Pageant by LutherVKane. The Big Babysitter and Heliam by Helia Melonowski, along with all of Clovis’s early work. As for some more recent folks that I want to shout out (the full list would take way too damn long), TrebleCleffy has some absolutely spectacular stories, the works of my co-creator on Breast Buy Jessie Star are tremendous. I also can’t NOT give kudos to TailBlazer and the phenomenal animation he’s putting out.

This drawing was done for Berggie and was colored by Mrs. Moose.

#4) How would you describe your art?

Perpetually under construction. An extremely perverted adorable cartoon. Wholesome Horny? One of those.

#5) What rewards are provided to your Patreon supporters?

My patrons get everything that my non patrons get really. The Patreon exists predominantly as a way to help justify the man hours that go into producing one of the Mooseterpiece pinups. It’s why I charge per piece vs. on a monthly basis.

That said! Behind the scenes progress shots, some speed-paint videos, and the occasional bunch of randomly associated pieces in archive form.

#6) Any upcoming projects you’d like to mention?

My next one, whatever that winds up being! I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, but life keeps me from acting on too many of them at any given time. So instead I’ll just pimp Breast Buy, that comic is a lot of fun to work on. (EDITOR’S NOTE: The lovely lady at the bottom of this page comes from Breast Buy.)

Thank you for doing this interview!

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