“The Mirror” written by Amber Collins, narrated by Adara Astin

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Welcome to There She Grows! Today’s review will cover “The Mirror” a 32-minute long erotic audio clip released in late April 2021. It was narrated by Adara Astin and based on a short story written by Amber Collins. (FULL DISCLOSURE: Adara Astin provided a review copy.) The written version was first published via Amazon on February 8th, 2020. (SIDE NOTE: Click here for an interview with Amber Collins.)

The plot is centered around two couples and a ghost who resides in a mirror. Nick and Katie are a short married couple and their “friends” Austin and Heather are exceptionally tall, each being seven-foot tall. (NOTE: “Friends” was in quotes because Heather and Katie had previously been long-time friends, but Heather had become verbally abusive toward Katie ever since Heather began dating Austin.) The diminutive Nick and Katie turn the tables after Nick’s deceased grandmother grants them wishes via the mirror. (As one does…) They have sex a few times and put their rivals in their place.

It’s rewarding to hear giant couples erotica and this was a fun, sexy tale. There were multiple sex scenes including some exhibitionism when the enlarged couple had sex in front of others. Furthermore, there were two stages of enlargement, mini-giants around the ten-foot mark and “true” giants over the twenty-foot mark! Amber also emphasized that Katie’s breasts and Nick’s cock grew a bit more than the rest of them. (Surprise, surprise! 😉 ) Furthermore, Adara did a good job voicing the action. That said, there’s always room for improvement.

To begin with, there were some odd choices made in the script. To give an example, after hearing his wife crying, Nick thinks to himself. “If he didn’t know better, he’d think she was pregnant.” The topic of why being pregnant would make her cry was never explored. O_o That sentiment was begging for more details!

Did Katie’s Mom die giving birth to her? If so, that would explain why Katie would bawl at the thought of being pregnant. She might be fearful that she would also perish in childbirth, like her Mother did. Alternatively, perhaps Katie is just not ready to raise a child. However, she may live in a community where abortion is illegal, and thus she would be forced to give birth no matter what she and Nick wanted. Regardless what the reason might have been, the line by itself was jarring.

Furthermore, Nick knows that she isn’t pregnant, but how does he know? Contraceptives like birth-control pills, condoms, and intrauterine devices (IUDs) are not 100% effective. They fail sometimes. Most of the time they work, but on rare occasions they don’t. The story says that Katie is around 30; so, she’s young enough to bear children, all other factors being equal. The point is not that it’s weird that a woman would be upset if she became pregnant. I can conceive of many situations in which that would happen, a few of which were already given. However, that solitary line was aching for additional information.

Similarly, there was a sequence in which Katie, hearing noises, pulls a 9mm handgun out of a gun safe. The point of describing her withdrawing a firearm from a safe presumably was to emphasize that she was a responsible gun owner. Katie does not leave a firearm out which a visitor could seize. Instead, she keeps her weapon inside a safe stored within a drawer in her nightstand. Got it, we the readers were meant to think that Katie was responsible. However, to the best of my knowledge, Katie never returned the firearm to the safe. So, a loaded lethal weapon was left unattended on the hallway table. To be fair, the act of becoming a giant might be so startling as to cause a person to forget what they should be doing. Personally, I’ve never become a giant; so, I cannot claim to know what it feels like. Maybe when your brain gets bigger the part used for firearms safety is damaged? <Shrug>

Moving on, there was also the undefined acronym “CNA.” (SIDE NOTE: During my time in the military, we used CNA for Computer Network Attack along with CND for Computer Network Defense.) According to The Free Dictionary, CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. That usage seems to fit this narrative. Nick worked as a CNA at a retirement home. Presumably, CNA in this context meant that he worked as a nurse, not a Computer Network Administrator (CNA). Undoubtedly, there are more nurses than information technology (IT) professionals at a retirement home. Although, to be the Devil’s Advocate, retirement homes have computers for their staff. After all, what modern business doesn’t use computers for e-mail, presentations, record-keeping, scheduling, etc. etc? Someone must administer that equipment. So, now that I think about it, I am not sure if Nick was a nurse or an IT professional. Instead of using the acronym, it could have just been stated that Nick was a nurse at a retirement home. However, this wasn’t a major problem. Nick’s profession had no bearing on the plot.

As already mentioned, Adara did a good job delivering the lines. However, and this is understandable, she had a difficult time voicing male characters Nick and Austin. This was most noticeable when Adara voiced Nick after he became enormous. It did not work; Nick did not sound like a big man. Ideally, every character would have been voiced by a different voice actor (VA). Of course, that would require more money for the production, each VA should be paid. However, the resulting product would be worth it. At least, I would be willing to pay more for audio erotica featuring multiple VAs.

Lastly, the transformations of Katie and Nick did not include sequences in which they grew from normal to Amazon dimensions. Instead, they wished to be bigger and then simply were bigger. The changes took place off camera, so to speak. Personally, I wish they had been given detailed transformations! There was no clothing destruction and no one burst out of the house. (SIDE NOTE: Probably best they didn’t outgrow and destroy the house. If they did, then some neighborhood kid might have found Katie’s loaded 9mm in the rubble!)

Overall, despite the flaws, The Mirror is recommended for giant couples fans. It can be purchased for about $3.50, as of this writing, at the following link: https://www.audible.com/pd/The-Mirror-Audiobook/B093C9CSVC

That’s it for now folks. Next week’s review will feature a Japanese movie with a shrunken man and his amorous girlfriend. Until then, keep growing! (But don’t forget to secure your firearms!)

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2 thoughts on ““The Mirror” written by Amber Collins, narrated by Adara Astin

  1. Neat! I’ve just picked up Ravishing Miniaturists. It seems to be Amber Collins’ longer work yet. It reminds me of the 90’s classic “Story In Progress” by Obsessive Compulsive.

    It’s set in Victorian England & I’d love to see your thoughts on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds interesting. It’ll be awhile, but I’ll add “Ravishing Miniaturists” to my To Do list.

      Liked by 1 person

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