The Witch’s Purse Parts 1 & 2 from The Red Parrots’ Transformations

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One of the original goals of There She Grows was to discuss as many creators as possible in order to vigorously explore the size community. That includes creators who were there in the “beginning” (meaning the era in which media was first made specifically for size fetish fans) and those who first started in the modern era. Therefore, the blog discusses works from people like Ed Lundt (the founder of E.L. Publications) who first made black and white giantess comics in the late 1980s, and the blog discusses works from places like Larger than Life (LTL) Studios which first made live-action videos in 2020.

In accordance with the goal to explore the size community as much as possible, today’s review will examine a pair of videos made from a studio which has not been covered before! This post will analyze “The Witch’s Purse” Parts 1 and 2 produced by The Red Parrots’ Transformations. The first was released in late November 2014 and the second in late January 2015. Both sold well at Clips4Sale (C4S) ranking in the top three best-selling videos for at least one week each.

RedParrot47 (click here for their DeviantArt page) ran the studio, but hasn’t made any more recent videos since The Witch’s Purse. According to a post at Giantess City, RedParrot47 was a professional video producer and After Effects compositor with 15-years experience who decided to apply those work skills to making size content. Sadly, at least for growth fans like me, RedParrot47 preferred shrinking over growing. Still, they did good work!

The Witch’s Purse featured three performers: Lori Adorable, Jordana Leigh, and Nadia White. All three have worked for multiple studios at C4S. Jordana and Nadia have both worked for Gary Pranzo’s Media Impact Customs. Jordana and Nadia are still actively making new content, but Lori hasn’t appeared in anything since 2018, at least not at C4S under that name. According to RedParrot47, the three models were all filmed separately and (as of the date the clip was made) had never actually met! Their separate footage was edited together to make it appear that they were on set at the same time.

Lori is on the left, Nadia is in the middle, and Jordana is on the right.

Part 1 begins with Lori going to work while her wife Jordana plans to hook up with mistress Nadia. However, Lori is wise to this philandering and enacts revenge. What type of revenge you ask? Shrinking revenge of course! The best kind 🙂 The reason that Lori can enact such an unusual retribution is that she is a witch. Dun dun duuun! Suffering the consequences was not so bad though as the shrinking process was actually quite pleasurable. Lori wished the transformation from normal to tiny was painful, but the only available spell makes those who diminish feel good.

(SIDE NOTE: Technically, Lori played the role of “Lisa,” Jordana played the role of “Jen,” and Nadia played the role of … “Nadia.” For simplicity’s sake, if I had written this I would not have given their characters different names, but it wasn’t a problem per se. That said, I will only use their performer names to avoid misunderstandings.)

Lori takes time to masturbate after shrinking Nadia (as one does). Nadia, lying on a pile of clothes, also indulges in self-pleasure. Alas, they don’t reach orgasm, but merely had fun before Lori tossed Nadia into her purse, hence the title. During that bumpy ride, Nadia used Lori’s smart phone to call Jordana and pass along a warning!

Now we move onto the events of Part 2! Right off the bat, it is important to note that the warning had no discernible effect. It could have impacted the plot, but did not. For example, Jordana could have attempted to leave or seek help. Granted, she may not have believed Nadia’s fantastical report, but then what was the point of the warning? If it did not change or influence the story then why include it? <shrug>

Lori returns home immediately after Jordana’s telephone conversation with Nadia. She confronts the wayward spouse and after hearing a confession enacts shrinking revenge! Which, as previously noted, is the best kind!

I imagine a world in which amateur producers stop including watermarks. To quote John Lennon, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one!

After shrinking down the two women who have betrayed her, they partake in a lesbian threesome of the Fff variety. Ergo, one normal-sized woman with two tiny women. This was a fun prolonged act which, shocker of shockers, actually results in participants having an orgasm! In my opinion, too often size-fetish content skip the “money shots,” or visible indications of satisfied lovers.

Regarding negatives, there were a few aspects that could have been tweaked to add more realism. Obviously, if RedParrot47 had Disney-level financial resources he could have hired a team of ten visual artists to make the special effects seamless. That’s not what I am going to suggest. Instead, let’s discuss steps which could have been taken with little to no additional cost.

For one, when Jordana shrinks her jewelry appears to diminish in size along with her. How? Why did her jewelry shrink, but not her clothes? There is zero production cost required to remove jewelry. Using that same line of thinking, what was keeping Jordana’s hair tightly pulled back the entire time? Did a scrunchy stay proportional to her body?

Quick, someone get me the Infinity Gauntlet so I can “Thanos snap” jewelry!

The earring studs would have torn through her skin when the piercing hole became too small to contain them. Obviously, that would have been a gruesome scene not in keeping with the playful tone.

No need for a bloody scene showcasing normal-size earrings tearing through tiny ears! This problem could have been sidestepped by merely asking Jordana to remove jewelry before filming. Failing that, the wearing of clear plastic piercings may also work. Several companies sell transparent plastic retainers if there were concerns that a piercing hole might close up. I don’t think that filming would take so much time that a piercing hole would close, but if so then clear piercings can be purchased for less than $20. Alternatively, Jordana could have simply said “Ow!” and then removed the earrings while shrinking. Lastly, why not throw the scrunchy (presumably she had one keeping her hair back) down on the ground and let her hair hang free to help sell the illusion that she had become too small for clothing and jewelry?

Regarding the plot, it was more than sufficient for a brief sex-forward story. There was motivation driving Lori’s actions to make Jordana and Nadia into tinies. That was awesome! Maybe issue could be taken with Lori concealing the fact that she was a witch from a spouse, but I just rolled with it. Perhaps they were newlyweds and still had a lot to learn? Darrin also did not know that Samantha was a witch until their honeymoon. (NOTE: Darrin and Samantha were the lead characters in the “Bewitched” TV series on ABC. Darrin was mortal while Samantha was a witch.)

Samantha is shown in the center while Darrin is on the right. Samantha’s mother Endora, who disapproved of their union, is on the left. If you’re unfamiliar with the series ask your parents. Or grandparents 😉

Overall, The Witch’s Purse Parts 1 and 2 are highly recommended for shrunken women fans! This had background music, robust special effects for a low-budget production, scintillating love-making, and a proper narrative. Hopefully, RedParrot47 will make more shrinking clips someday.

That’s it for today folks. The next review should satisfy a request for a specific video from TaylorMadeClips. Until then, be faithful to any witches you know (or have married)!

Jordana eventually gets itty bitty!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

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2 thoughts on “The Witch’s Purse Parts 1 & 2 from The Red Parrots’ Transformations

  1. I’m very fond of Part 2 because 1) the SFX for the insertion are very well done, and 2) it’s a proper dubcon scenario: Lori starts out thinking she’s punishing Nadia by making her lick her giant pussy, but it’s immediately clear that Nadia is all-too-happy to service Lori’s giant clit and labia. Lori realizes it too, tells Nadia “You are having too much fun down there,” and with delicious determination grabs Nadia and shoves her entirely into her canal. After the initial shock of insertion, however, Nadia succumbs to the pleasures of being buffeted and constricted by Lori’s vaginal walls. Most insertion clips depict the tiny as suffering from being inserted, and this is a glorious exception.

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    1. Those are some good points. I also enjoyed how Lori wanted to punish Nadia, but darn it Nadia is just having too much fun to realize she is being punished!

      Liked by 1 person

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