DreamTales Comics “Booby Battle”


This black and white nearly 90-page story was released in November 2012. The artist Cluedog also drew “A Long Night’s Journey into Smallness” which is sold as part of Dream Tales SW Double Feature. Her DeviantArt page is here: https://www.deviantart.com/cluedog

Captions on the top right of each page serve little purpose. They repeat information readers can already learn from the art.

The dialogue-less comic includes breast expansion, brief transformations, and shrinking. It begins when our protagonist, a blonde female scientist, encounters a billboard of the dark-haired giantess Humonga and then Humonga herself. The bespectacled woman suffers envy as a result.

She goes to a laboratory and experiments upon herself, undergoing various transformations until she finally succeeds in growing slightly bigger overall with an enlarged ass and breasts. Yet, even though the scientist is now very busty, Humonga still mocks her. Humonga even knocks out a lab window with her nipple, and pokes the scientist with a finger.


Furious, the scientist grabs a shrinking ray and uses it on the rude woman. The effect is potent and Humonga quickly shrinks down. In some brilliant timing, she climbs the building to confront the scientist. However, Humonga is normal size by the time she reaches the laboratory’s conveniently displaced window.

The scientist pulls Humonga into the room where the once vastly taller belligerent continues to diminish. The scientist can now hold Humonga in her hand and the balance of power has obviously shifted quite dramatically.

This enables the blonde to exact revenge by experimenting upon her opponent.

I liked the art, even though it was stark black and white.

The blonde experiments on the now helpless ex-giantess, initially removing her curves and then reversing course by expanding Humonga’s breasts to such a magnitude that she is robbed of mobility. 4

I enjoyed this story. It’s not a sexy story per se, but it does outline a conflict between two lovely ladies who each undergo fantastic physical transformations.

This comic can be purchased for $9.99 at the following link: https://www.dreamtalescomics.com/2012/booby-battle/

Furthermore, you can buy a Japanese-language version. This was an odd choice to translate given how little text was used. The text was unnecessary to understand the story. However, if you’re interested, the 日本語 version exists at the following link: https://www.dreamtalescomics.com/2011/booby-japanese/

Also, the Japanese version has a price listed of ¥999, which roughly equates to $9.03 as of late February 2019. However, the button to purchase only lists the price in American dollars, $9.99. I’m not sure if you can actually purchase it with Japanese Yen.

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