Shrink Fan’s “A Little Competition”


Shrink Fan’s “A Little Competition” was drawn by Churin, written by Meri May, and published on April 1, 2018. Churin also drew the “Queen Vespa” series for sister site Giantess Fan. Additionally, Meri May wrote the “True Desire” series for Shrink Fan. This comic was edited by Cezar Nix and had a layout by Kevin Cruz.

This comic features a reality show in which models compete for a modeling contract. Unbeknownst to the last three remaining competitors, the organizers slip a MacGuffin into their drink which causes them to dwindle in size when they lose confidence.

The art was rather enjoyable 🙂 You could argue that models are not typically so busty, but I would not complain if they were curvier.

This comic has a few humorous references, one was a head scratcher, but I still appreciated their inclusion. References were made to disgraced American professional boxer Mike Tyson, U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner (although his parody doppelganger is called a Senator), clothing store Old Navy, etc. More could have been done, but it’s important to recognize the effort made.

This was a missed opportunity to say “always read the small print.” Get it? Small like shrinking? And yet somehow my stand-up comic career never took off 😉

The antagonist is defeated with a bit of trickery to cause her to doubt herself. I appreciated the thought behind it. Alas, there’s no sex and only brief instances of nudity. Nonetheless, I recommend this for its detailed art and strong story.

It’s of a higher quality than many of its contemporary size-fetish comics. Many published by BotComics and Interweb comics have errors (which could have easily been corrected) that make it appear that no editing or reviewing was involved in their creation. That’s not the case here. Whether that quality was do to the editor or to a polished first draft from the author which required no changes I don’t know. Either way, it was very welcome.

You can find this comic here:

NOTE: The last page says “To be continued,” but this has a nice conclusion already. I suppose follow-on stories could just put new characters through the reality show, but I felt that this already had a satisfying ending.

This doesn’t sound suspicious at all 😉

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