Late June / Early July 2019 Update

Hello everyone,

The time has come to disclose a terrible fate. Namely that I, a humble connoisseur of size-fetish media, must soon endure that heartlessly task that is traveling.

Accordingly, there won’t be any new reviews until the 9th of July as I’ll be out of town with only limited access to the Internet. Until then, please enjoy my previous posts. Upon my return, expect a look at a comic featuring giant futanari (ergo, a giant woman with a penis). Furthermore, I will review some works involving giant men.

Additionally, I threw my hat in the ring for Size Riot’s #GiantJuly19 contest. I highly encourage others to do the same. The rules are given below, and of course more information is available at the GiantJuly19 site!

Theme: Giant Man, First Date!

Submitted stories must follow the following conditions.

  • Characters must be or interact with a giant man.
  • A first date must be featured in the story.

Once the contest has completed and results have been announced, I will post my submission here. (Like I did with “For Better, For Worse”)

I’m still working with Amazon to add a cover to “Bobatu’s Intervention.” Technical support pledged to provide an update by close of business on 27 June. Once the cover is updated, that should be pushed out to everyone who already purchased the story.

Lastly, I want to continue “Johnny Helps” so expect to see the next installment in the next few months.

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