Witchking00’s “Peach’s Offroad Adventure”


Good day everyone! I returned from my vacation last night and am happy to be home. The flight was relatively uneventful, although difficulties with the in-flight personal entertainment system were annoying. I was eventually able to watch a delightful film called “Our Departures” or わたしたちの出発. I recommend that Japanese drama about dealing with loss and building a new family. Although, be warned, it may generate more than a few tears and leave you with the desire to become a passenger train driver.

Today, let’s do something a little new and look at a size-changing comic that involves “futanari” (Commonly written as ふたなり or 二形 in Japanese). Futanari means “of two kinds,” and describes hermaphroditism. In the world of erotica, futanari most often refers to characters with a feminine appearance, but with the addition of a penis and sometimes testicles (a.k.a. full-package futanari). Although, whether the character has balls or not seems to have no bearing on their ability to ejaculate. Who knew testicles were optional?

Futanari is used in web site names such as Futanaria, Futanari Fan, Futanari Palace forum, etc. Additionally, searching for the term on DeviantArt will yield numerous results.


“Peach’s Offroad Adventure” was created by Spanish artist Witchking00 who also goes by Vicente. His comic is an erotic parody starring Nintendo characters Princess Peach Toadstool (first appeared in 1985’s video game Super Mario Bros.) and Princess Daisy (first appeared in 1989’s Super Mario Land), plus Mario (first appeared in 1981’s Donkey Kong) has a cameo at the end. Peach’s Offroad Adventure consists of 45 color story pages, plus a cover. Most consist only of single panels, but a few have multiple.

So, was the place far away from Peach’s castle or not? O_o

After taking a motorcycle ride, Peach and Daisy lay down on a blanket in the idyllic countryside. The lovely monarchs never actually drive their motorcycles off the roadway making the title a misnomer. 😉  Daisy has secured the “Sheikah Slate” (an item from 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) and uses the magic device to drastically and rapidly alter Peach’s body.

The dialogue needed more QC to remove errors like this duplicate text.
The misspelling of “butt” is another minor typo.
I would suggest a drinking game in which readers take a shot whenever they come across triple exclamation marks, but the results would be lethal! Or to put it another way, there are way too many triple exclamation marks.

The art was pleasant with inclusions of cartoon or video game artifacts, such as an arrow pointing into Daisy’s cleavage and an image of Peach with heart-shaped pupils. That said, some may not appreciate the ridiculously huge, and mobility robbing, tits that both ladies eventually grow.


Additionally, the futanari theme may also deter some people. Lastly, the story exists solely to get to the sex, so don’t expect an engaging tale.

However, I enjoyed this comic. It’s a fun bit with breast expansion, a character growing suddenly into a giantess, clothes bursting, a woman growing a cock, and lesbian sex. Peach’s Offroad Adventure is available for $7.99 from the following page: https://wkcomics2.e-junkie.com/product/1568643

You can also check out Witchking00’s Deviant Art page, Patreon, and Twitter.

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