Alena Love’s “Alena Giant Ms Clause [sic] Village Crush”

“Alena Giant Ms Clause [sic] Village Crush” is a ten-minute long video first released on December 19th, 2017.
Alena Love’s Clips4Sale page has many giantess-themed videos. (Additionally, she has produced fetish clips showcasing burping, eating, foot growth, impregnation, weight gain, etc.) Models such as Aurora, Becca, etc. also star in Alena’s productions.


In the universe in which this story takes place, Ms. Claus maintains a second home. She lives separate from the settlement where Santa’s elves reside.

Solomon G has also been lazy on occasion and resorted to using a gift bag instead of properly wrapping a present 😦

The story begins when Ms. Santa Claus returns to her modern home and inspects a package sent to her by Santa’s elves. Their sloppy work angers her and, while enraged, she exhibits the supernatural power of growth!

I would have enjoyed some clothing destruction, but this view is quite nice nonetheless ❤

The brief growth scene includes tearing noises, but clothing destruction was not shown. She does not ruin her home in the process of growing taller. (If she did, it happened off camera.) Additionally, her red bra and panties prove themselves impervious to harm.

I’d prefer it if she strutted around sans clothing, but must award her points for the Christmas hat 🙂

Ms. Claus walks through two different urban backdrops before arriving in the snowy home of the elves which have vexed her with their poor performance.

I liked the explosion effect, but we weren’t shown the car that she stepped on. Further, the explosion looks small compared to the cars in the background. This was a static background and thus people and vehicles did not move.

Ms. Claus proceeds to administer a brutal and disproportionately cruel punishment. (She mentions hearing the screaming of her victims, but we do not hear them.)

The sound of strong wind and visual snow flake effects initially accompanied Ms. Claus’ arrival at the North Pole. Her foot falls also boomed to sell the illusion of massive size and weight. The sound and visual special effects were nice touches.

The actress walks around a series of ceramic homes on top of what appears to be a white blanket. Alena appeared understandably cautious to avoid stepping down too hard on the unyielding structures. Of course, destructible model homes would have been better, but I understand the budget limitation.

I appreciated this change in perspective. Here, the camera looks out of a ‘window’ as Alena peeks inside.

After knocking over some homes (and exposing stickers on their bottoms), Ms. Claus proceeds to swallow some diminutive people.

Vore fans will likely appreciate Ms Claus eating a few tiny villagers.

The giantess strolls away after satiating her hunger for vengeance. Then, the video ends with a short bit of Christmas music which abruptly cuts off after a few seconds.

The lighting should have been adjusted or Alena should have stepped forward a bit to prevent the shadows against the backdrop.

I can’t recommend this to fans of the growing process or gentle giantesses (obviously). Yet, fans of evil giantesses and vore may enjoy it. This clip can be purchased for $9.99 at the following link:

P. S. Where was Mr. Santa Claus during this? Was Santa sleeping while his workers were murdered and their homes destroyed? O_o

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