DreamTales Comics “Bojay’s Big Book of Giantess Cartoons”


“Bojay’s Big Book of Giantess Cartoons” was first released in April 2012. It contains over 50 pages of black and white illustrations, as well as a color cover, a color rendition of a sea goddess, and a color image of an electrically-charged giant woman intermixed with the uncolored drawings. Most pages are single-panel, but several are composed of multiple panels. Unfortunately, those panels lack backgrounds.

References were made to famous characters such as “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,” “Superman,” “The Amazing Colossal Man,” “The Nutty Professor,” etc. Perhaps the most obscure reference was on the page entitled “Daughter of Dr. Cyclops, ” referring to the 1940 film “Dr. Cyclops.”  In Dr. Cyclops a mad scientist in Peru uses radiation to shrink people down to 12-inches in height.


Readers may guess from the title that this consists of a collection of stand alone images and short sequences. In general, I prefer more robust stories. For instance, this contains a single-page parody of “Superman” which I would have loved to see fleshed out further.

The brief sequences feature age progression, clothes bursting, monstrous transformation into feline humanoid, muscle enhancement, and other changes. Themes ever so briefly explored include an appreciation for Rubenesque figures, shrinking men, tickling, etc. Alas, there are no sex scenes

6 - beautiful face
I like the sketches, in particular this face was well done. However, sometimes the depictions of women’s heads seem to be too small in comparison to the rest of their bodies.

My favorite page was the one entitled “Campus Tower” featuring a growing college co-ed encircled by female and male admirers.

The text could have used some quality control to correct minor typographical errors, as shown in the following images.

Above text in red should be spelled “Weird” and “symmetrical.” Also, “disproportionate” was spelled differently between the title and the speech bubble.
Should be “elixir.”
I think that should have been “Yes… I must.”

I recommend this. It’s not my favorite DreamTales comic drawn by Bojay, that award would probably go to “Mountain Girls,” but still this was enjoyable for a growing giantess fan.

You can purchase this for $7.99 at the following link: https://www.dreamtalescomics.com/2012/bojay-giantess-cartoons/

P. S. I appreciate that this book is cheaper than “Bojay’s Giantess Cartoons Two” at $8.99 and “Bojay’s Giantess Cartoons Three” at $9.99. Both of those have many more colored images, and thus I think the lower pricing for this first book is appropriate.

The four pages of DreamTales advertisements at the end felt a bit excessive and unnecessary. One or two pages would have sufficed.

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