Interview with James Stilton – Artist, Author, and Owner of Amazonias, a Site for Female Muscle Comics



James Stilton is a creator making comics focused on “… celebrating female strength, female muscle growth, superiority and domination.” His web site, Amazonias, hosts a huge number of illustrated comics for sale. Furthermore, there are over 30 comics available for free! (NOTE: Customers will have to go through the check out process to download the free comics, but I did it myself and wasn’t charged a penny!) Not only has James published digital comics, he also interviewed strong women like Amrita Wrestler, Goddess Severa, and Ruth Big Muscles. Check out Amazonias to read those interviews! Additionally, he created two videos on YouTube showcasing the “Boss Babes” comic and an assortment of pictures displaying female muscle growth. Fans can follow James on DeviantArt and participate in his polls and surveys there. He’s also on Instagram and Twitter.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I’m in my mid forties now, higher educated, living in western Europe. Creating these amazon comics is my main source of income, though I have other occupations that don’t pay (or don’t pay much) money. These have to do with making the world a better place. It’s mostly volunteer work, and I’m lucky that my income from Amazonias allows me to do that. It’s a bit like I’m two people, James being one of them, sponsoring the other person.

#2) On your “About Me” page you mentioned that it was sometimes a struggle living with the female muscle fetish. Can you provide some advice for others struggling to accept their own fetishes?

Yeah, I found out that I liked stronger and taller girls already when I was six. I had no idea what that was, back then. Later I found out that I was really different. And yes, it was a struggle. Gay people can be out of the closet in many countries today, but if you’re a submissive guy, that’s not something you want others to know. So you carry a secret. Sometimes within relationships. It’s also quite difficult and awkward at the start of a new relationship. My “deviation” is to that extent that I can’t imagine having sex without one of these aspects (especially some domination) being involved, so that gave way to some clumsy conversations now and then. I’d suggest to others that it pays to be a bit open about it, and to try not to be embarrassed. In my case I’m really happy that I’m making some money with it, because I know that even without that, I’d still spend a lot of time on it, but then it would be more of a waste of time. So if you can do something productive with the fetish, that helps (though I guess that’s given to only few people).


#3) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

Looking at other 3D artwork of muscular women, my favorites are Lingster and Nivilis (on Deviantart). There’s also people hand-painting 2D art, of course, which is a skill I don’t have. I do like lots of the work on In terms of comics (rather than individual artwork), I don’t find that there’s too much out there that is in my category (see the next question 🙂

#4) How would you describe your works?

So what I make is comics where strong, tall, muscular, dominant women and much smaller, often submissive men are the protagonists. I think my work distinguishes itself from a lot of other stuff by having stronger plot and dialogue. Most comics are between 80 and 120 pages long, many consisting of multiple chapters, and so I take the space to really tell a story. I do have wham-bam-action comics without much building up or backstory, and these seem just as, if not more popular, but personally I like these comics less. I love to put time in character development, and I love writing.

#5) What kind of computer hardware does it take to create comics using DAZ Studio? (DAZ Studio is the software used by James.) Can it be done on a “regular” PC or does it take specialized equipment, such as high-end processors and copious amounts of RAM?

I guess it can be done on a regular PC, but rendering would take a really long time. I couldn’t work that way, personally, so I have a bit of a heavy machine, with a good graphics card, fast processor, enough RAM. Still, I think I could use an update.

#6) Can you discuss your experiences running a site selling adult comics? Do you have tips for creators looking to sell their works?

I guess it all starts with good content, probably best within a certain niche. I started, five years ago, putting all my work for free on forums, and built a customer base that way, I think. It wasn’t intentional, because at that time I had no plans to do this “professionally”. But then at some point I got burned out of my other job and decided to give selling my comics a try. And it all grew pretty organically. I do everything myself, which means that apart from creating, you have to do some marketing, some technical stuff, and of course administration etc.

#7) Do you have any upcoming projects?

I publish about two comics every month, so customers have something to look forward to continuously 🙂


Thank you for taking part in this interview!



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3 thoughts on “Interview with James Stilton – Artist, Author, and Owner of Amazonias, a Site for Female Muscle Comics

  1. I like the idea of dominant women, but my idea is different. For me, a woman who is anything over 6ft is already dominating, as normal height men (5’10 +) really don’t feel comfortable with women taller than them. Then if she is a strong confident character, she dominates even more. If she is athletic, she dominates even more. But a woman can dominate with height without huge muscles, without violence without anger. I feel there is too much of these 3 in his stories. I personally love the idea of a 6-7ft muscular woman with huge breasts being my Companion, but because we love and respect each other, and we turn each other on sexually. That’s my idea of ‘domination and subservience’. I love the idea of a woman like that physically dominating me for sexual love and enjoyment, not anger. Thanks.

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