“Rachel’s Christmas Vengeance” from Giantess Katelyn Brooks

Ho ho ho!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Time to embrace the holiday and post reviews focused on atypically large men and woman and abnormally small men and woman wearing Santa outfits and celebrating the end of the year with size-changing shenanigans. Accordingly, let’s deck the halls with boughs of holly and kick off Christmas celebrations with a look at this short video produced by Giantess Katelyn Brooks. (NOTE: This video clip was clearly intended for evil giantess fans and thus should be of interest to those with a penchant for tiny folks crushed under sexy feet. That noted, it’s probably not worth a look from those who would dislike the idea of poor Saint Nicholas being verbally chastised and threatened.)

Rachel planned a more violent Christmas Eve than most folks might.

“Rachel’s Christmas Vengeance” is a nearly five-minute long clip starring Rachel that was released on December 14, 2014. The actress appears in a few other size-fetish videos such as “Rachel’s Gentle Giantess Experiment,” “Shrunken Slaves for Breakfast starring Giantess Rachel,” and “Tall Texan Giantess Documentary.” Of note, she performs topless in Shrunken Slaves for Breakfast and completely nude in Tall Texan Giantess Documentary. (NOTE: All viewers get in this particular video is a peek at her panties, the red and white garb she wears stays firmly on her slim and sexy body throughout the runtime.)

Rachel’s Christmas Vengeance begins from the perspective of Santa Claus. He proceeds to eat a cookie left on the table by Rachel. Alas, the sweet baked goods were laced with shrinking potion. The potent reducing formula is fast-acting (like fast-acting Tinactin? 😉 ) and it takes less than a minute for jolly ol’ Saint Nick to reduce in size, ever closer to the floor. (SIDE NOTE: Solo may be the only who remembers the once ubiquitous Tinactin anti-fugal cream commercials.)

Rachel thinks Santa will “pop like a grape” under her foot O_o (NOTE: No squishing sounds were used.)

Of note, Rachel provided a confident delivery to her lines and performed well in the role of a dominating personality.

Unfortunately, the role of Santa was not voiced. Thus, no matter how unpleasant his eventual fate was, he never uttered a word of complaint. That detracts from the potential impact of the tiny gift-giver meeting an unpleasant end. It’s difficult to put too much importance on the tiny man’s well-being when he utters not even a quiet whimper of protest.

Rachel also concocted a giantess potion, one which will make her the height of a skyscraper with feet big enough to crush houses, if not entire villages. (NOTE: There are no audio or visual special effects (SFX) in this video. Rachel was poised to begin growing at the end, but no transformations were portrayed on screen. She did not grow on camera. Nor for that matter, do we see an actor playing Santa shrink. Instead, the handheld camera was brought closer to the floor to simulate Santa’s changing perspective as he becomes smaller.) The giantess potion is tasty as well. Apparently, the liquid has a flavor like cucumber lime Gatorade, which I never heard of before but which sounds like a tasty combination. Rachel intends to destroy the whole world on Christmas Day as an act of revenge against the portly gift-giver. She attempts to justify the violence done upon Santa by claiming that he commits improprieties such as spying on little girls.

Overall, despite the lack of SFX, Rachel’s Christmas Vengeance should make a reasonably priced present for fans of tiny people being stepped upon by normal-sized women. It can be purchased for $7.99 here.

That’s it for today folks, Thursday’s review will bring more good tidings. That post will feature a CGI comic about a shrinking man and his growing lover. Until then, keep growing and spreading the holiday cheer!

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