Nyom’s “Christmas is sharing!”

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There She Grows hopes that its readers are able to get some rest and relaxation this December. This year has had more than its fair share of challenges and complications ranging from contested U.S. Presidential Elections to COVID-19 lockdowns to job furloughs. Bottom line, 2020 has been stressful and we would all benefit from leisure time.

That noted, we pride ourselves on hospitality at There She Grows and thus we suggest that readers fill their favorite mug with hot chocolate and plop down somewhere comfortable to check out a work created by CGI artist Nyom.

Might I offer you a snowman marshmallow? They make a tasty addition to your cup of cocoa 😎

It’s been awhile since a Nyom creation was reviewed on There She Grows. The last was “Outgrowing it all!” That was examined way back in August 2019. (SIDE NOTE: That was a month before Typhoon Faxai hit central Japan and cut the power for nearly two days at my place. It feels like ages ago!)

Perhaps surprisingly, this story was actually set after Christmas Day.

“Christmas is sharing!” features a man named Matthew (a.k.a. Mattie) and his wife Theressa (a.k.a. Tess). (Yes, her name is spelled Theressa which infuriates my spell checking software.) Matthew had previously confided to Theressa that he had a “perverted dream” about becoming smaller. Lo and behold, she has come up with a plan to give him a belated Christmas gift that will make his “crazy fantasy” come to life! This was made possible by an old college friend of Tess who possesses unnatural resourcefulness.

Christmas is sharing! came out during the previous holiday season.

This particular size-changing MacGuffin (the magical device to drive the plot) is a potion which causes Theressa’s milk to trigger a curse. The curse takes hold on anyone who drinks her breast milk. (NOTE: Not sure why Theressa is currently lactating, maybe they have young children that she is nursing? Anyway, that’s not important.) After her spouse ingests the milk, Theressa gives him a blow job and steals a portion of his size by swallowing his ejaculate or cum. (NOTE: Not sure what would happen if he only drank her breast milk or if she only swallowed his cum. Additionally, is there an optimal milk-to-cum ratio? Like the roughly 14 to 1 air-fuel ratio in automotive engines? 😉 This size-changing mechanism is more complicated than most!)

A veritable cornucopia of sex acts abound throughout this narrative. Picture the cornucopia below, only replace the fruits and vegetables with the intimate things men and women do when they really like each other 🙂

These carnal activities include breast feeding (but in a sexy way between two adults), oral sex (with Tess performing fellatio on Mattie and then Mattie performing cunnilingus), vaginal penetration, etc.

There were only the two aforementioned characters depicted in the comic and unfortunately there was no clothing destruction. Tess grows larger, but only a few feet tall. Her precise height was not stated, but it wasn’t enough to fill the room or burst out of the home. Tess mentions at one point that if she were to crouch then the Santa dress would rip, but she never crouches while wearing it 😥 (SIDE NOTE: That reminds me, still need to write a letter to Santa!)

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good reviewer this year. Therefore, could you find it in your heart to give me lots of growing giantess stuff with clothing destruction for Christmas?

Love, Solo

Nyom could have merely showed the woman’s mouth over her husband’s cock or the man’s mouth on his wife’s nipples. However, Nyom went a step further and actually rendered the cum and milk 🙂

Now that I’ve sent my Christmas wish to the North Pole, back to the review!

Nyom overwhelming focuses on gentle growing stories and this one is no different. In fact, I am hard pressed to think of any of his comics which show bloodshed. In general, the art was enjoyable. Tess was depicted as a curvy lady with large breasts, wide hips, and “junk in the trunk,” ergo a big butt. Unfortunately, only one set was used. The entire comic takes place inside a rather opulent bedroom with a roaring fireplace.

The plot was simple, but enjoyable. That said, it did not have a strong conclusion. It pretty much stops in the middle of the action with Mattie still shrunk and the two planning more frisky activities before Tess will use the dispel potion to restore her husband. (NOTE: It wasn’t made clear, but soft vore or full body insertion of the now tiny husband into his wife’s pussy certainly seemed possible in the next 24 hours.)

Some of the text would have benefited from minor corrections. For example:

The underlined text should read “than you.” Plus, check out the couple’s sweet lion portrait.
The underlined dialogue should say “you may think you are not making any noise Tess.” Also, I got a kick out of the giant woman’s sinister-looking shadow as she attempted to sneak up on her diminutive partner.

Overall, I recommend Christmas is Sharing! It’s an enjoyable CGI growth fantasy showcasing a delightful mix of hanky-panky. Interested readers can check out Nyom’s DeviantArt page for previews of many of his works. Furthermore, growth fans can acquire Christmas is Sharing! for themselves by supporting Nyom’s Patreon here.

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