“My Giantess Girlfriend” by GTSX-3D

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Let’s continue the blog’s recent focus on CGI comics with today’s subject: “My Giantess Girlfriend” by GTSX-3D. This six-part series had its debut at the very beginning of 2020 and concluded this summer. The first issue came out on January 6th, 2020, and the finale, No. 6, was published just the other day on August 1st, 2021.

The action begins with a lovely blonde named Lucy and her diminutive lover Matthew, a.k.a. “Matt.”

Initially, there were problems with the clothing on Lucy’s character model. It was torn and had several holes, but should have fit her perfectly at this point. No one had transformed yet; so, why were there random gaps in her top?

Matt and Lucy have a morning routine in which they have sex and her body magically gets a bit larger. (NOTE: How this happens was never explained.) This process later kicked into overdrive within a changing cabin at the beach. Before putting on swimwear, they fuck and she becomes quite a bit larger! A mysterious woman later appears and snatches Matt off his beach chair at the end of the first installment.

The series features vore. At first there was only “soft vore,” such as this teasing between Lucy and Matt. However, vore became more final, meaning lethal, as the plot progressed.

In Part 2 we learn that the kidnapper was Shiloh, a buxom woman who works for a “big mafia guy” who wants Lucy to steal a new drug that can turn a woman who consumes it into a “thicker more voluptuous girl.” (NOTE: The mob boss, Mr. Yang, makes bioweapons and acts more like a mad scientist than a stereotypical crime boss.) Normally, something which can make women larger would be a game changer, an incredible and noteworthy development. However, its significance was diminished in this case, because we the readers have already seen Lucy do this with her tiny boyfriend. So, the formula was not unique; there were other ways to make a woman larger. To give another example, while crushing a man, Lucy’s size “skyrocketed in the matter of miliseconds [sic]” without Matt’s presence or any of the size-changing liquid.

In general, the means by which women increase their size are numerous and unclear. Lucy, and later Shiloh, become bigger when having sex with Matt. Then, while Matt is far away, Lucy enlarges herself when attacking a guy. Plus there’s the potion. Sex with tiny guy causes a woman to grow. Crushing a full-sized man causes a woman to grow. Consume drug, grow. Research tax exemptions before filling out IRS Form 1040, grow! 😉 Okay, maybe not that last one, but nonetheless this plot device lost some importance because we’ve already seen that there’s more than one way to do it. Whether or not Lucy gets the potion I don’t care too much because she’ll still transform into a giantess. Therefore, the potion was not as interesting as it would have been if it was the only way. (NOTE: However, to be fair, it does cause a more rapid and dramatic transformation.)

Half a million actually seems like a reasonable price. Not that I got that much in my wallet, but a person could sell a home (or two) to raise that much cash. Personally, I’d have charged $1 billion for an actual growth formula 😉

However, necessary or not, Lucy drinks the potion and swells to skyscraper dimensions. This process makes her cruel and erases any inhibitions that she might have had. (NOTE: Although, we’ve already seen her kill one man so she was always a little bloodthirsty.) Lucy rampages through the city until an antidote was administered.

One might be led to believe that GTSX-3D likes “big beautiful women” (BBW) as there were many women with big boobs, distended bellies, large butts, and wide hips.

Motivations became muddled after Mr. Yang states that he already has his own version of growth formula. Why did he bother to steal someone else’s when he already had his own? There was one line of dialogue stating that he was “still working on it,” but we soon see that his formula functioned just as well as the other.

More giant women were introduced in the later parts and it got a bit confusing when we learn that there are (apparently) other tiny men besides just Matt. How these tiny men came into being was never explained.

There was also the unexpected inclusion of one woman mocking another for having lesbian sex. I was surprised as lesbian couples and one-man-with-two-women threesomes are ubiquitous in size fetish, and in adult entertainment as a whole. Male homosexual sex? Much rarer! But lesbian sex is almost expected, if not outright mandatory. Thus, I was shocked to see a character shaming another for same-sex intercourse.

Obviously, public displays of disapproval happen in modern society, but rarely do they appear in today’s erotica or pornography. To put that differently, when was the last time a performer was chastised for lesbian sex within a Brazzers or Pure Taboo film? When was the last time a porn star was made fun of due to their lesbian photo shoot in an adult magazine? That never happens. This wasn’t a big deal as the narrative doesn’t endorse her actions, but this was an odd choice.

I’m a fan of different-sized giantesses, as shown here. For comparison’s sake, a normal-sized man is highlighted by the yellow circle. This screenshot was taken from “My Giantess Girlfriend” 5.

In the end, a confrontation took place between good and evil and there was a satisfactory conclusion. All in all, this had breast expansion and height increase (plus a little bit of shrinking after Lucy’s initial rampage), and sex of the heterosexual and lesbian persuasions, to include anal. The comic was violent at times with giantesses crushing and swallowing innocent people whole, but the carnage wasn’t depicted graphically.

Regarding areas to improve, I already mentioned the wonky clothing in the first issue. Furthermore, in a later issue, there was a cave scene during which the background suddenly switched from an interesting, textured stone background as seen below …

… into a boring, flat gray background:

This wasn’t a situation in which the correct background was mistakenly forgotten for a single page. Instead, this blank backdrop was used for over ten pages during “My Giantess Girlfriend” 4. That made me question “What happened to the cave walls?

Also, “My Giantess Girlfriend” 6 is expensive compared to similar products. It consists of 123 pages and sells for 8 (about $9.50). In contrast, “The Merryweather Experiment” 2 by CaptainXero & Dinner-Kun consists of 155 pages and sells for $7. “Goddesses of the Arena” 5 by RedFireD0g consists of over 175 pages and sells for only $5.99. (NOTE: Prices are current as of early August 2021. Additionally, value is subjective. Therefore, fans may think that GTSX-3D’s works should command a higher price than comparable publications from other creators.)

Overall, I recommend My Giantess Girlfriend to giantess and weight gain fans due to the many expansion and sex scenes. I just caution potential buyers that this has a relatively high price, some of the art is wonky, and the story wasn’t fully fleshed out.

That’s it for now folks. Thursday’s review will cover Destruction Damsels latest video. Until then, keep growing!

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