Mainstream Fare #5 – Return to 1990 with “Getting Lucky”

Good morning all,

Today, we’re going to examine “Getting Lucky,” an American film released in 1990. It stars Steven Cooke as a high school senior named Bill Higgins who discovers a drunk leprechaun in an empty beer bottle. The leprechaun, Lepkey Graniola Chavcheski, was played by Garry Kluger. (SIDE NOTE FOR SCI-FI FANS: Garry Kluger had a tiny role in Babylon 5, he appeared in “Signs and Portents” Season 1 Episode 13, for which he was credited merely as “Man.”)

Most likely readers aren’t familiar with this cast. For example, the love interest, cheerleader Krissi Shackler, was played by Lezlie Z. McCraw and Getting Lucky is her only credit on IMDB. Other cast members appeared in a few more movies and TV shows, but none of the performers garnered much attention.

Folks may recognize the host Lloyd Kaufman. Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz founded Troma Entertainment, home to 1984’s “The Toxic Avenger” and many other low-budget independent productions. The Toxic Avenger, a.k.a. “Toxie,” is Troma’s most popular creation and has appeared in several sequels, the “Toxic Crusaders” animated series, a musical, a toyline, and a video game. Toxie’s mask can be seen on the desk.

The action begins with an introduction from Mr. Kaufman. Then we transition to Bill’s house with him waking up for a day at school, on Saint Patrick’s Day no less.

Bill stops to sniff some flowers before recycling a big bag of aluminum cans for petty change. He is trying to raise enough money to attend medical school.

Before I continue recounting the plot, let me note that I first became aware of Getting Lucky many years ago in the form of a short snippet which showed a tiny man inside a woman’s panties.

His unbalanced movements cause her to orgasm in the middle of class! (NOTE: Maybe she should have stepped out for a moment 😉 ) I had only ever seen that tiny excerpt; so, I decided to check out the whole film to determine if it was worth a watch and if it should be recommended to others.

They didn’t put much effort into the set design; those walls are oddly bare. This looks more like an empty room in which school desks were added for shooting than an actual classroom.

However, after giving this a watch I can’t recommend it. This was not a pleasant viewing experience. For example, a muscular basketball player named Tony Chanuka initially forces himself on Krissi, but after awhile she relents. That quasi-consensual intercourse was then interrupted. That’s the pattern for subsequent interactions between those two. However, the uncomfortable viewing experience worsened later on when Tony outright tries to rape Krissi. Only the sudden appearance of Krissi’s mother prevented his assault.

Despite what the poster shows at the top of this page, we only ever see Lepkey in the bottle. No one grabs or holds a tiny person in this movie.

In time, Bill is shrunken down, by mistake, and winds up on Krissi’s bicycle seat. She hops onto her bike and that’s how Bill finds himself inside her panties.

Bill is returned to normal size within the girl’s shower which led to the principal paddling him for the transgression.

Tony, the guy who attempted to rape Krissi, tells the police that Bill is a drug dealer. The cops were surprisingly willing to investigate, and lessen the charges against Tony, based only on his testimony. Tony claims Bill’s recent acquisition, via Lepkey, of a new car was proof of criminal dealings. It’s important to highlight that the new car was a Ford Pinto and thus far from a “smoking gun,” clearly incriminating evidence, of a drug dealer making big money.

Eventually, after Bill and Krissi have married, Tony is released from police custody and subsequently finds and attempts to assault Krissi once more. Apparently, Tony is stupid and believes that attacking Krissi again will not have repercussions.

This fellow showed up out of nowhere riding on top of two horses. To be fair, the trick riding was cool even if it was completely random. He gives Bill a white horse to chase down Tony.

During the end sequence, Bill and Tony have a sword fight using shish kebabs. This could have been fun, but wasn’t well-executed and was rather bland.

In general, none of the characters were likeable because they were one-dimensional. The characters were boring and without personality. For instance, the villain Tony was completely evil with no redeeming qualities and no apparent goals in life beyond sexually assaulting Krissi. He tried to force himself on Krissi multiple times without regards to her feelings or the consequences that he himself would surely suffer. On the flip side, the hero Bill was completely good, but with no identifiable traits beyond doing the right thing.

Overall, the only bit worth watching was the panties scene. Someone please recreate that scene in a feature actually worth watching ❗

That’s it for now. Next week’s reviews will begin with a collaborative review of “Attack of the Puppet People.” Until then, keep growing!

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