“Love&small” vol. 3 by Evilyn’s Underground Pictures

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Today, let’s look at something a bit different. Previously, There She Grows examined videos featuring small guys and comparatively big gals, but there was always something a bit… off. A very specific scenario between a diminutive male and a regular female was missing. But fear not dear readers, that problem has been solved. Now, we have finally found “Love&small” vol. 3, a video clip of a very short man purchasing car insurance!

Technically speaking, I don’t know if anyone was really asking for a fetish video centered on car insurance. Nonetheless, an attractive professional woman interacting with a tiny man should be of interest. Additionally, I like to highlight Japanese-made videos because they don’t get much attention in the overseas (non-Japanese) size community. For instance, a search for “Love&small” at the Giantess City forum returned nothing. Additionally, Japanese giantess studios such as GEN’s LABO and Sangouki film sell clips only at their individual sites, and those clips are not available at aggregated places like Clips4Sale which feature clips from studios around the world. Consumers who just look at places like Giantess City or Clips4Sale may not be aware of the work being done in Japan. Therefore, this article will hopefully bring some attention to pertinent media that is unknown outside its home country.

The sequences showing interaction between the two performers were well done.

“Love&small” vol. 3 runs about 22-minutes long and was released on November 17, 2017, by Evilyn’s Underground Pictures. Most of the clips made by Evilyn’s Underground Pictures focus on female domination showcasing an actor licking actresses’ shoes in a subway car, high-heeled women walking on top of men, etc. The videos aren’t overly explicit, to the best of my knowledge. None of them show nudity or conventional sex acts. (NOTE: Although, a pedantic argument could be made that the mere act of being stepped on could be enough to achieve orgasm and therefore classified as sex! 😉 )

The “Love&small” series consists of three videos involving tiny men. Other volumes are planned and already scripted, but haven’t been finalized. Vol. 3 is the most recent which is available for purchase. That stated, the studio’s online presence has been inactive for more than two years. Its Twitter account hasn’t tweeted anything new since February 10th, 2019, and their blog doesn’t have anything more current than that. However, their web site, http://www.love-boots.com/page2.html, is still online and has an English section.

As already noted, “Love&small” vol. 3 features a tiny man procuring automotive insurance. Normally, such a task would be rather mundane, but this time the customer is rather unique!

Inspecting his ride was a fun sequence, but the ground was too uneven. When she used the attached controller the rough pavement meant that the car could barely move backward or forward. Long story short, this sequence should have been filmed on a smooth surface on which the toy vehicle could have moved freely.

The tiny man is called “Pochi.” He lives under a leaf and earns a paltry annual income of 50 Yen (about 45¢) working as a shoe shiner. (NOTE: Pochi, ぽち in hiragana or 点 in kanji, could be translated into English as a “dot,” or a “point,” or something little.)

Of note, it’s important to highlight that while this video begins as a routine visit to a regular company the tone changes abruptly and becomes violent at the end. I don’t want to scare away potential buyers, but do need to warn squeamish viewers that the last few minutes include crush. There were no gory, graphic displays of blood and guts, but there were acts of cruelty. So, this is not recommended to customers who only want to watch gentle scenarios.

Additionally, non-Japanese speakers can get a version with English subtitles.

Regarding other potential improvements, I would have liked at least one close-up of Pochi. I never got a detailed look at him and he was more like a faceless figure than a fully identified person. (NOTE: Although, that might have been a conscious choice to conceal the performer’s identity.) Perhaps the clip could have begun with a tight focus on Pochi and then widened its scope to show the office room which dwarfs him.

Overall, the pluses outweighed the negatives. Thus, I recommend “Love&small” vol. 3 to fans of tiny men who don’t mind a violent ending.

That’s it for now folks. Thursday’s review will cover some Mainstream Fare. It has been awhile, almost 11 months, since the last edition of Mainstream Fare. It’s about time to review another Hollywood production; therefore, the next post will cover the 1990 film “Getting Lucky.” Until then, keep growing and stay up to date with your automotive coverage! 🙂

Love the animated link map on their web site!

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