“The Shrink Ray Jamboree” from Dark Heroics

Greetings size fans,

Tuesday’s review was mainstream, but now let’s return to the fertile grounds of fetish content. Today, we’ll dig into the field of lovely ladies dressing up as world-famous super heroes!

The Shrink Ray Jamboree stars Angelique Kithos as the heroine “Wonder Kithos” and playing the role of the other heroine is Kody Evans as “Super Kody.” Opposing these forces of good are the evil characters played by Hannah Perez as “Baroness Perez” and Monica Jade as “Crimson Jade.” (NOTE: All of these performers have appeared in many videos at Clips4Sale. Furthermore, Hannah Perez was the lead in a size-themed clip for Fetishlands Beanstalk studios entitled “Shrinking Office” which was just released in early October 2021.)

Most of these characters were easily recognized as copies of famous DC and Marvel comic book characters. Wonder Kithos copied DC’s Wonder Woman, Super Kody was a dead ringer for DC’s Super Girl, and Baroness Perez looked like Marvel’s Black Widow. (NOTE: The name might incline a viewer to think that she was based on the Baroness from the G.I. Joe franchise, but the Baroness is famously bespectacled.) It wasn’t clear which comic book character provided the template for Crimson Jade.

Whoever wrote the description initially forgot to replace “Wonder Woman” with “Wonder Kithos.”

This clip has a half-hour runtime and was first released on December 29th, 2013. Of note, studio Dark Heroic’s production efforts appear to be dormant as the most current video, “Huntrexx: Quest for Justice,” was released back in mid-November 2019.

The Shrink Ray Jamboree began with Wonder Kithos confronting Baroness Perez about Perez’s recent escape from jail. Suddenly, Wonder Kithos was surprised and knocked out by Perez’s accomplice, Crimson Jade. The super-strong heroine was subsequently bound with ropes. (NOTE: Historically, bondage robbed Wonder Woman of her super strength.) The primary emphasis for this production was on bondage and thus Wonder Kithos was restrained for the majority of the time.

Adding to her woes, she was then shrunk by Baroness Perez.

The inclusion of this shrinking scene, often omitted in other low-budget productions, was appreciated!

The restrained Amazonian princess was subsequently swallowed by her black-suited antagonist. Unfortunately, for vore fans there was no close-up mouth shots or detailed swallowing sequences. Instead, there were extended scenes of Wonder Kithios falling down Perez’s throat and then lying inside her stomach.

Fortunately, Super Kody comes to the rescue and defeats Crimson Jade. Afterward, Baroness Perez mistakenly shrinks Crimson Jade and winds up swallowing her partner in crime. Then Super Kody shrinks herself and retrieves both Jade and Kithios from Perez’s innards. The clip ends with the two heroes taking the pair of villains back to prison.

A more exciting stage such as an alley way or a warehouse would have been preferable to this rather mundane living room.

So, let’s first off discuss the positives. On the plus side, this tells a complete narrative including conflict or struggle and a resolution to that struggle. Those inclusions may seem rudimentary, but they are often missing in fetish clips. Additionally, the actresses did a respectable job with their line delivery.

As far as what could have been improved, it’s most necessary to discuss the sound production. At one point (for about 15 seconds shortly after the 5-minute mark), sound cut out completely, and later (after the 25-minute mark) the director’s instructions to Angelique Kithos were clearly audible. Combine that with a pre-recorded moan which was overused during the fight scene between Crimson Jade and Super Kody and it’s apparent that more care was needed.

There were also some issues with the visual effects, as shown below:

They forgot to digitally add a background over the green screen during this scene.

Overall, this was aimed squarely at bondage lovers. Shrunken women and vore fans may also enjoy this, but should be advised that there was no mouth play. Personally, I’ve enjoyed similar super-hero parodies made by Axel Braun and those made by his competitors at Extreme Comixxx.

Both Axel Braun and Extreme Comixxx have produced Supergirl-themed porn parodies.

However, in contrast to those porn parodies, Shrink Ray Jamboree has no sex and not even any nudity. Therefore, it’s probably only of interest to shrunken women and vore fans. Those interested can purchase it for $19.99 at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/45482/10130011/the-shrink-ray-jamboree-full-wmv2-hd

That’s it for today folks. Next week will begin with an extreme case of penis enlargement gone awry. Until then, keep growing!

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