“Super Friends (With Benefits) featuring Wonder Woman in: Toyman at Large” by Ani7us

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Today’s review will be a bit different. This will discuss a comic found at E-Hentai. Normally, I wouldn’t point readers toward that site because it’s primarily used to distribute pirated content and thereby often hurts creators. However, in at least a few cases, it also serves as a legitimate medium for people to share their own original works.

That appears to be the case for Ani7us, an artist who released several erotic works based on Hanna-Barbera’s “Super Friends” cartoon show. Super Friends, primarily featuring already-established DC Comics characters plus a few made just for TV, first aired on the ABC network as a Saturday-morning cartoon from 1973 until 1985. Different DC super heroes were rotated in and out of the cast. Along the way, Super Friends also received various changes such as slight tweaks to the name, changing into “The All-New Super Friends Hour,” “Challenge of the Super Friends,” etc., and lastly appearing as the “The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians.”

Super Friends very likely planted the first seeds of giantess affection in me. That was done via episodes like “The Beasts Are Coming / The Giants of Doom” and “The Fifty Foot Woman” (naturally).

Wonder Woman got taller and buffer in “The Beasts Are Coming,” which first aired in late October 1978. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman’s change also involved a severe case of pink (or rather red!) eye, plus gnarly vampire teeth!
“Quick, go back in time and give this episode to Alaska’s Rural Access Television Network (RATNET). We need to ensure that There She Grows will be created!” 😉

Furthermore, Super Friends gave longtime Wonder Woman foe Giganta her ability to grow!

She did so by using the same mechanism that Apache Chief had to become gigantic.

Apache Chief was one of the original heroes, in addition to Black Vulcan, El Dorado, and Samurai, which were created for Super Friends.

By the time that Super Friends was made, Giganta had largely been forgotten. For instance, the “Who’s Who: The Definite Dictionary of the DC Universe” series (also known simply as Who’s Who), first published in the mid-1980s, didn’t even have an entry for Giganta. The issue which covered characters starting with “G” skips over her name, going straight from “Ghost Patrol” to “G.I. Robot/Gizmo.” (NOTE: And that was for DC’s “Definite” dictionary!) Even after production of Super Friends ceased, it took decades for her to reappear in the comics. Although, she did occasionally appear in the animated “Justice League,” which aired from 2001 to 2004, and “Justice League Unlimited,” 2004 until 2006, series on Cartoon Network.

Giganta first appeared in Wonder Woman comics during the Golden Age, back in 1944. However, at that time she was a circus strong woman, who was formerly a gorilla ❗ The version with size-changing powers did not appear in comics until August 2006 in Wonder Woman Vol. 3 Issue 1, a snippet is shown below:

Thank you Super Friends for giving us the modern Giganta.

All of this background was presented to support the claim that Super Friends are a fertile source to drawn upon for amazing transformations and size scenarios. Thus, it is not surprising that someone would parody the show as size fetish.

Ani7us created a number of Super Friends (with benefits) illustrated stories featuring themes like ass and breast expansion, inflation, multiple breasts, shrinking men and women, etc.

This was taken from “Done with Mirrors.” Call it “merging” fetish 😎

“Toyman at Large” begins after Toyman escapes custody during a prisoner transfer and then breaks into the Hall of Justice. (SIDE NOTE: The phrase “Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice” is engraved forever into my brain!) Toyman attacks Wonder Woman with a shrink ray and quickly reduces her:

This is followed by various sexual hijinks including fellatio and coitus until Wonder Woman was able to turn the tables and enact a suitable revenge on the transgressor.

Bottom line, folks interested in tiny men and tiny women getting frisky with normal-sized partners should enjoy this. Toyman at Large is totally free to read and is recommended. Find it here: https://e-hentai.org/g/1691596/9991b91c1e/

Thanks to Ani7us for creating these comics. Those contributions at E-Hentai demonstrate that the site can serve as more than just a den for pirates. Furthermore, it also serves as a repository for older media, like E.L. Pubs comics, which would otherwise be completely unavailable and lost forever.

That’s it for today folks. Next week’s articles will feature reviews of two Giantess Fan comics, both requested by blog reader AJ. Until then, stay super my friends!

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