Hiroya Oku’s Manga “GIGANT,” Episodes Eighty-Three through the Final Episode (Volume 10)

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Gaming tragedy and computer problems have struck the SolomonG household. My wife’s laptop has regrettably proven unable to continue running Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. We completed the base game and Ragnarok DLC, but since then it has become so unstable that we’ve abandoned it altogether. Drivers were updated and game files verified, but it was all for naught. There went our hopes of playing the Atlantis or Eternal Embers DLCs 😥

Now, we’re playing Torchlight II and its stability has been a marked improvement. Fingers crossed that we actually get to play Torchlight all the way through!

In more positive news, this article has been a long time coming. Years ago, back in mid-October 2019, There She Grows first discussed the GIGANT manga, arguably the biggest present Japan ever gave to size fans. (NOTE: Click here to read the initial review.) Since then, we’ve dutifully covered each successive installment. Now, we’re bringing the reviews to a close with this tenth volume.

Who knows what the future will hold for this franchise? Other manga by Hiroya Oku, GANTZ and Inuyashiki for instance, were later turned into anime and live-action films. Perhaps GIGANT will follow suit. Although, future adaptions may omit or curtail some of the sex scenes, such as this one taken from Volume 10, Episode 83:

This image was part of a flashback to previous events.

Currently, Seven Seas Entertainment has the license to publish GIGANT in English. They have a schedule listing the publication dates for the first eight volumes. No word yet on when they plan to release the last two volumes, but based on the previous release dates the concluding editions probably won’t be published until late this year or in early 2023:

Of note, There She Grows has not reviewed any of the English-language editions. So, we can’t speak to any changes that might have been made during the adaptation for non-Japanese audiences. Instead, all of our reviews are based on the original Japanese-language tankobon. Which, not for nothing, are significantly cheaper! For example, Seven Seas sells the volumes for $13.99 each while Volume 10 only cost ¥726 (about $6.36 at time of writing) from Amazon Japan.

However, is this series worth collecting in the first place? Yes! To be sure, there have been boring duds (like Volume 6) and other missteps (Rei making a public scene to force Papiko to date him) along the way. Yet, overall this was a gift to giantess fans.

What about this concluding volume? Well, it’s a little difficult to write about, because it’s better to learn the final resolution for yourself. Therefore, this review will be vague and only give the crucial details which potential buyers require.

Most importantly, the GIGANT narrative was given a satisfactory conclusion. Plot points were resolved and a happy ending was provided. That said, folks expecting a dramatic battle will be disappointed. Furthermore, there were no growth scenes or proper giantess appearances, save for recollections of earlier events. Therein lies the biggest disappointment, while the conclusion was satisfactory, it was also anti-climatic. No action-packed finale to be found here.

The series has led to themed merchandise, via the “Listless” brand.

Furthermore, there was a panel in which two random guys criticize the American Government for its decision to nuke the space ship carrying the two murderous A.I. entities which were the series antagonists. Readers saw that the nuke destroyed the A.I. and ended the threat which had killed well over 10 million people (that’s a low estimate of the number of people killed in Japan, Mexico, and the U.S.) at that point.

It wasn’t a problem that the manga presents a unfavorable image of the American Government. There’s definitely value in using fictional stories to critique real-world governments, and potentially motivate people to improve those systems. However, in this comic the criticism was ill-conceived and fell flat given the circumstances.

Understandably, people were upset that Papiko died. (NOTE: Although, no one shed a tear for the soldiers from the future and the large number of people in airplanes, cars, helicopters, and trucks that were also sucked up and perished as well in the nuclear blast.) Nonetheless, given the circumstances, the decision to nuke the enemy was the most correct option. From the American perspective, they had only a fleeting opportunity to end the A.I. that was directly responsible for slaughtering entire cities full of innocents.

Furthermore, no one had insight or visibility into what was happening on the A.I.’s vessel. From humanity’s vantage point, it was quite conceivable that everyone who was brought on board was subsequently killed. (NOTE: Readers of this manga could see that Papiko was still alive and was conversing with the A.I., but in the story’s universe none of the authorities were privy to that fact.)

The A.I. might have intended to suck its foes up and then pass them through whirling blades, like an airborne garbage disposal. If so, then the A.I. would have eliminating the only Earthly opponents which had proven capable of thwarting their plans. Therefore, if the American Government had chosen not to act and the A.I. vessel returned to its cloaked position in orbit, then presumably many more people would die. If the death count eventually reached over a billion would the survivors then bemoan American indecision and curse the U.S. for failing to act when it had the chance and could have prevented further loss of life?

Here’s hoping that if GIGANT gets an anime adaption we also get 8 hours of giantess content!

Overall, while not as exciting as it could have been, this was still a solid ending and thus Volume 10 is recommended. Giantess and growth fans should read the entire series to experience this pivotal work in giantess manga.

That’s it for today folks. Thursday’s review will cover an amateur artist’s size-themed parody of the classic Super Friends cartoon. Until then, keep growing!

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  1. I’ve bought every American issue & I hope it inspires more GTS content in the future.

    Thank you for the review.

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