“Alone Time” by Tinydann and OHH

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Welcome back to There She Grows. Today, we’re going to examine “Alone Time,” a comic created by Tinydann and OHH.

Before we begin, it’s important for readers to know that I was provided a review copy. As always, the intent is to provide frank analysis. A creator may disagree with the analysis and then decide not to provided more review copies, but nonetheless my responsibility is to provide an honest opinion. It would be a disservice to readers if I only wrote about the positive aspects of a given work in order to keep receiving review copies in the future. After all, the intent is to help customers make educated choices as to which materials are worth buying.

That noted, I’m grateful to OHH and appreciate this opportunity to discuss Alone Time. (Please click here to read an interview with OHH.)

Alone Time is centered on Daniel Ryan Arnew while he spends one morning with his girlfriend Elise. Technically, her name was given as Veronica Elisha Elis in the biographical section, but she was most commonly called “Elise.”

Alone Time was released in late September 2021. It’s listed as having 119 pages and can be purchased for $10 at the following link: https://ohh.gumroad.com/l/alonet (NOTE: It actually consists of more than 119 pages when you count the front cover and the biographic section at the end. The PDF file had 124 pages, plus another PDF copy without text was included.)

As already stated, it is focused upon Dan and Elise, with a cameo appearance from another tiny character at the very end. Additionally, several others were mentioned, but they weren’t directly involved in the action or shown in the comic. It begins first thing in the morning and centers around routine morning activities and then love making between those two. Well, routine insomuch as it involved mundane tasks like eating breakfast and watching Netflix, but perhaps not so routine when you consider that one person was less than three inches tall!

Dan had earlier been reduced from his normal 5 feet 8 inches tall down to 2.7 inches, while Elise was 5 feet 6 inches. There were no transformations in this comic, Dan was shrunken at some time in the past. (NOTE: Alone Time is a continuation of “Carrie’s Science Project” which can be read for free at Tinydann’s, a.k.a. DannTheMuse, DeviantArt page here: https://www.deviantart.com/dannthemuse/art/Carrie-s-Science-Project-760055655 The story is also available, in part, at Giantess City, but the earliest I could find was Chapter 13, posted in late September 2004.)

While based on an older written source, there was nothing in the description stating that it was necessary to read the source beforehand. Thus, I approached this material as someone without any prior knowledge. And, in general, that approach worked well. Of course, existing fans will likely be excited to see a day in the life of characters they already know, but prior knowledge wasn’t necessary to enjoy it.

This was a slice-of-life tale which just so happened to involve a tiny man. It even include drama and tension which I loved because there were stakes involved! Still, things never became too perilous and it feels safe to report that everyone got a happy ending. But I won’t say anything more to avoid spoilers.

The artwork was pretty good. Backgrounds were detailed and the place looked lived in. For example, the cupboard and kitchen counter included several expected items like cans of tuna, cookies, spice jars, jam, etc.

That said, the art faltered in a way that is endemic to CGI. Specifically, bread has never looked quite right when rendered in CGI. Presumably, that problem is that bread is not dense; it has spaces in-between itself. Bread has voids, holes within it, and therefore is not completely solid. However, CGI bread looks completely solid with textures which don’t quite look like real-life.

Bread has never looked correct in CGI.
The faucet almost looked transparent, like water. Kinda freaky O_o

That point made, potential buyers will likely be more concerned about how lovely did Elise appear than how realistic was her PB & J sandwich. And on that front I can happily report that Elise was indeed rendered as an attractive woman. Furthermore, the aforementioned sex scene was fully explicit and people wanting F/m action should be well-satisfied. There was also “soft vore” and extended mouth play. (SIDE NOTE: OHH likes to include scenes of small men pressed against female breasts while inside women’s bras and tight tops, as was shown in works like “Dependence,” “Small Mercies,” and “Streamed.” Unsurprisingly, that trope was also present in Alone Time.)

Overall, Alone Time was enjoyable and worth the purchase price. Yet, it wasn’t perfect.

The underlined words should be removed.

The most significant way to improve this comic would be to follow the old adage “Show, don’t tell.” That’s to say, actions and personalities were over-explained in the text. Instead of trusting readers to interpret what was happening by themselves there was hand holding.

For instance, character actions were described in lines like “Dan sighed, breaking into a smile” on page 38, “He couldn’t help but smile” on page 42, “Dan could see Elise, her amused smile directed straight at him” on page 60, etc. etc. Why not simply show him smiling, vice telling us that he was? Just create an image of Dan smiling while watching his girlfriend. That could cause readers to think “Hmm, the man is smiling when he looks at the woman. Maybe he likes her?

To give another example, instead of readers seeing dumbbells, fitness magazines, and workout clothes and then guessing that whoever owned those items regularly exercised and therefore could reasonably be considered to be athletic there was a line of text: “Elise was athletic …

In comparison, check out the following panel from Superman Annual #11 “For The Man Who Has Everything…” from 1985:

Does anyone think that this panel should have included text stating: “Superman was angry“? I don’t think so. Interpreting his dialog and expression indicated his mood. Adding exposition would have been a detriment, because his feelings were obvious.

The point made, I do not want to belabor it. For more on this topic, the Wikipedia page “Show, don’t tell” gives a decent rundown. Moreover, excessive descriptions may not matter much to customers who merely want to see a tiny man have sex with a comparatively huge woman. As already stated, Alone Time is recommended and size fetish fans should enjoy it.

That’s it for today folks. Thursday’s review will cover some mainstream media from the late 1980s with a bit of size. Until then, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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