Spring 2022 Update – Blog on Semi-Hiatus Until Summer

Good morning everyone,

I’m traveling to the United States soon and returning to my home town for a few months. My brother passed last October and this trip is to prepare his home to be sold. Currently, my parents have to pay for expenses like heating fuel, monthly house payments, property tax, etc. However, those expenses are rapidly draining their savings. The sooner the place is sold the better off they will be.

The home is full of boxes stuffed with various brand-new products, like hand tools and work gloves, still wrapped in their original store packaging. He never threw anything away; so, there are also numerous stacks of catalogs from more than a decade ago and receipts for purchases made many years ago. The home needs to be thoroughly cleaned before it can be sold.

Therefore, my primary responsibility will be assisting my folks. However, it’s not clear how long this will take or if I’ll have much time to work on reviews. Therefore, I want to notify blog readers that There She Grows will be on a semi-hiatus. A few posts have already been written so the intent is to gradually release those over the next few weeks. I’ll keep everyone informed as the situation develops.

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