Goro Aizome’s Manga “Do You Like Big Girls?” Volumes 1 through 7

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For awhile now this manga has been sitting on my Amazon Japan wish list. My interest was first piqued after seeing the cover to Volume 3. It’s called “Do You Like Big Girls?” or 大きい女の子は好きですか?in the original Japanese. It was drawn and written by Goro Aizome and first published by Takeshobo under the Bamboo Comics imprint. I finally purchased it and read the entire run. (NOTE: Technically, the series may still be ongoing, but I’ve gone through all of the collected volumes published as of this writing. Volume 7 was released on April 30th, 2021, and I haven’t seen any new chapters since then; so, the series might have been discontinued.)

First off, just to be clear, despite the image above and the manga’s title, it doesn’t actually feature giant or growing women. Instead, that cover references a dream sequence in Volume 3 which takes place when two characters star in a kaiju movie. The “big girls” in the title refers to tall athletic women.

“Do You Like Big Girls?” focuses on a young man named Souta Tachibana. His sister Kaoru plays on a college volleyball team for Hokuei University in Japan’s northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido. The team’s normal manager is out sick so Kaoru nominates Souta to become their new manager and hall director. That’s the story set-up, but it exists merely to provide a barebones framework to showcase a wide variety of various fetishes. Which is to say, don’t read this if you want a realistic depiction of a female college sports team!

This is pure escapist entertainment, a.k.a. dream fulfillment, plain and simple. For example, after their first date, Souta fucks his longtime crush Ayano. In chapter 3, the shortest girl on the team, Sanae Yamada (the previous manager’s daughter), assures him that she isn’t worried about his feelings for Ayano and then Sanae happily beds Souta. Later on, he sleeps with the bespectacled player named Sakura, then consoles small-breasted player Kyoka, etc. etc. The players form an accommodating and willing harem for the lucky fellow.

At one point, Souta collapses due to exhaustion and the ladies massage his head with their boobs to nurse him back to health 😉 Then they are led to mistakenly believe that he prefers full-figured women so they all gain weight to please him. They also practice rope bondage at Kyoka’s instructions. Souta slips a lady’s nipples into his nostrils in a creative bit of boob play which wasn’t my thing, but sure, why not? Of note, none of the co-eds have male romantic partners except the protagonist. Although, the girls also have fun together in a few lesbian scenes.

Overall, any characterization exists solely to introduce more fetishes into the mix. That includes foot play, seen above, or Souta experimenting with cross-dressing, seen below:

However, given my predilection for size, it’s incumbent to report that chapters 21 through 23, from Vol. 3, are the only ones in which characters look giant. (By the way, chapters are called “attacks” in this series.)

Ayano, Souta’s first love, walks through a detailed model of Sapporo made for an amateur movie production. Sapporo is the largest city and capital of Hokkaido. The Sapporo TV Tower can be seen in the background.
Souta’s sister Kaoru is wearing the kaiju costume. The big monster originated in the Soviet Union and thus spoke Russian, saying “хорошо” (meaning “good,” “fine,” or “okay”) in this panel.
Ayano dons armor for their rematch.

However, now is the time to mention the negatives. The most serious problem is a “Will they won’t they?” sexual tension between Souta and his sister Kaoru. They haven’t actually had sex, but they have groped and kissed each other while being encouraged by other team members. Those scenes are unpleasant and unnecessary.

Additionally, there’s no conflict or dramatic tension beyond the sibling relationship. So, the only draw is to see whatever the latest fetish scene is about. Whether that be a game of strip Mahjong or an excuse to put a character in a diaper.

However, the ongoing and cringe-inducing incest plot means that Do You Like Big Girls? is not recommended. There are better manga, like GIGANT, which feature actual size-changing people in the midst of an actual narrative. (SIDE NOTE: A live-action adaptation was released in 2020, but I haven’t watched it and thus can’t comment.)

That’s it for today folks. The next review will cover two silly Silver Age comics. Until then, keep growing!

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