Don Lomax’s Amazons and Expanding Breasts!

Good evening everyone,

Tonight, we’re going to examine a few adult comics created by Don Lomax, a U.S. Army veteran most famous for graphically violent war stories. Don Lomax was born in 1944 and raised in Illinois. He was drafted during 1965 and sent to Vietnam in 1966 as a member of the 98th Light Equipment Maintenance Company. (NOTE: For more details on Don’s background, click here for an interview focused on his military experience.) A self-described REMF (Rear Echelon Mother Fucker), it appears that Don didn’t see much combat. Nonetheless, he was still profoundly influenced by his service during the Vietnam war.

Don drew and wrote for a number of comic book publishers including, but not limited to, Apple, DC, and Marvel. His series “Vietnam Journal” was first published by Apple Comics from November 1987 until April 1991. Its commercial success spawned a number of spin-offs.

Don also produced many explicit illustrated stories. Typically they were black and white and quite short consisting of only four pages. They featured characters like the well-hung detective Case Morgan and are of interest to There She Grows due to their frequent inclusion of incredible transformations.

To give an example of Don’s work featuring growing breasts and/or giant women, Case Morgan encountered Amazons in “The Case of the Amazon Ambush.” Plus he helped a lover increase her bust in “The Attack of the Massive Mammaries or Too Much of a Good Thing.” Notably, the enlarging woman in The Attack of the Massive Mammaries or Too Much of a Good Thing briefly swelled to building-smashing dimensions! As can be seen below:

In addition to superhumanly statuesque lovers, Case also frolicked with animal-human hybrids during “The Case of Dr. Vivisect.”

Furthermore, he once took a break from his busy crime-investigating schedule to deposit his sperm over a mermaid’s eggs. As one does 😉

In addition to chronicling the gumshoe private eye’s size-changing shenanigans, Don also drafted other size-themed raunchy adventures like “The Passion of the Puppet People” first published within the pages of Cavalier magazine during the 1980s. (SIDE NOTE: It was later included in Hooters #2, one of many compilations of Don’s work. Hooters #2 was published by Aircel in September 1992.)

Additionally, Don’s team of three female detective characters, the “Split-Tail Detective Agency,” once rescued an elderly Cajun soothsayer with the power to enlarge body parts in a tale called “The Midas Touch.”

Normally, the magical old man used that amazing ability in service of female breast expansion, as demonstrated in the image to the right. However, at the very end he boosted his own endowments and indulged in some penis enlargement to have a foursome with the alluring crime fighters.

More than a decade ago, Don created his own site,, but that has been off-line for many years now.

In the later half of 2011 he moved a little content to War-Stories DOT com, , but there’s not much there. For example, clicking on “Complete List Of Don Lomax: Graphic Comic Novel Collections” brings up the aforementioned interview instead.

A quick search in late April 2022 on Amazon shows hard copies of Strange Sex Stories (which includes at least one Case Morgan tale) selling for a minimum of $69.95 and going up to a maximum of $99.95! That’s far too expensive.

Amazon also has digital copies of a few other works created by Don which while significantly cheaper are still overpriced. For example, “Slugfest Noir” is only 9 pages long, but sells for $5.99 at the time of this writing.

Thankfully, soft copies of Don’s erotica can be found at for more reasonable prices. For instance, “Case Morgan, Gumshoe Private Eye” contains 169 pages and can be purchased for only $8. Overall, I recommend that gentle growth fans seek out Don Lomax’s pornographic fantasies. The stories were exceedingly brief and character development was non-existent. Still, giving credit where credit’s due, Don managed to draft complete narratives using only a few pages.

Personally, I enjoy Don’s extremely top-heavy ladies. Plus, it’s always a pleasure to review the work of a fellow veteran who shares an appreciation for voluptuous characters in fantastic scenarios.

That’s it for today folks. Until next time, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “Don Lomax’s Amazons and Expanding Breasts!

  1. On the shrinking side, I have scans of Case Morgan in “Indelibly Pinko” from an undetermined issue of Gent. The CIA (should be FBI, but wev) have captured a Soviet spy, but not before she could stuff the stolen plans up her pussy and then pull them back out, impressing the secret formula on her pussy walls while erasing it from the plans. They want Case (and his top-heavy neighbor Bambi) to take an experimental shrinking pill, climb into the spy’s pussy, and transcribe the formula.

    I’ve contrived some elaborate schemes for vaginal spelunking in my day, but this one is a bit absurd even for me. In any event, both the dialogue and art are delightfully raunchy, and I’m sure it was a crucial factor in ending the Cold War.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will definitely have to hunt that story down!


      1. Olo graciously assisted my hunt for “Indelibly Pinko.” Of note, it was NOT included in the Case Morgan collection at Thus, unfortunately, shrinking fans will not find it there.

        Additionally, while glasnost and perestroika undoubtedly played their parts, I must wholeheartedly agree with Olo that Case Morgan was the unsung hero who ended the Cold War 😉

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  2. Hi Guys,
    Hey, you can find my buddy Don’s work at The new edition of “Case Morgan” features an introduction by yours truly!
    As most of you know, publisher Otto Blinkman had a speech impediment that caused him to reverse consonants (we called them spoonerisms in my day) and when he accidentally called me “Case Morgan,” Don decided to use it! I’m famous.
    Mase Corgan, ESQ., OBE


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