全裸巨大少女 – Naked Giant Girl

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As promised last week, today’s review will cover something sizey from Japan. Japanese creators have produced a significant amount of size-related content (involving giant or tiny people) which is largely unknown to foreign audiences. So, let’s jump over the language barrier and explore the unknown! This post will analyze a giantess film called 全裸巨大少女, or Naked Giant Girl in English. (NOTE: Comment below if you’re not from Japan, but were already familiar with today’s subject.) Please be advised that I will discuss some offensive topics.

CONTENT WARNING: This review includes discussion of non-consensual sex acts including rape.

This GTS flick was created by ソフトオンデマンド, Soft On Demand a.k.a. SOD, and was released on June 19th, 2008, with a 70-minute runtime. Of interest, Soft On Demand has earned a reputation for providing creative perspectives on pornography. For example, Soft On Demand has a video on YouTube in which a busty women makes a breast mold out of pudding, click here for that. Furthermore, they produced elderly porn and a series in which women stripped naked and played various sports. Soft On Demand also made 500人SEX, 500 Person Sex, which depicted 250 separate couples having intercourse at the exact same time, as can be seen in the following screenshot:

This is how synchronized swimmers are made. Also, was it awkward for the first couple to finish then sit around waiting for 498 other people?

The company’s videos have occasionally been criticized for being more odd than arousing. For instance, comments on the Amazon Japan page for Naked Giant Girl claimed that it didn’t include the hardcore sex that customers expected. However, credit should still be given to SOD for their creativity because it drove SOD to explore size themes, like a giant woman.

The title character, Sayuri, of Naked Giant Girl was played by はるか悠, Yuu Haruka. Her debut was in March 2007 at the age of 20, and she appeared in a number of explicit productions until at least September 2009. A partial list of her films is available on Japanese language Wikipedia.

It doesn’t look like this particular film was included on her Wikipedia filmography.

Naked Giant Girl begins with Sayuri sleeping. As she slumbers and thinks of her boyfriend, her breasts slowly increase in size until they pop off one of her buttons:

This overnight mammary development creates a problem because Sayuri has a physical fitness test at school that day. (NOTE: A theme of embarrassment and shame due to her voluptuous figure was present throughout the entire production.) She is concerned that the boys in class will leer at her. Unfortunately, those concerns are proven true when several classmates take photos of Sayuri jumping rope with their flip phones.

Sayuri then has time to herself in an empty classroom during which she fantasizes about making out with her boyfriend Hiroshi. This titillating daydream causes her chest to expand once more, and provides evidence that strong feelings drive the growth spurts.

Unfortunately, the peaceful solitude was disturbed by a pair of young men. They grope her and rip off her clothes. These two classmates sexually assault and attempt to rape Sayuri. However, she expands to gigantic dimensions before they commit that heinous act.

A pity she didn’t dish out payback on her attackers.
Raise the roof!

This was followed by a sequence in which the new giantess tries to hide. In the process of fleeing, she finds discarded fabric which she uses to cover up part of her butt. Her boobs and pussy were left exposed, but apparently the primary concern was to cover the topmost portion of her backside. She might as well used the material to cover her bellybutton for all the good it did preserving modesty.

Sayuri eventually hides in a narrow street. It takes a surprisingly long time for bystanders to notice the super-humanly huge person bent over in the alley. That was a bit hard to believe, to put in mildly. Alas, she was unable to hold in a fart, and that epic flatulence did not pass by unnoticed. Although, it still wasn’t until she repeatedly apologized that people finally realized an incredibly tall girl was nearby.

Just another day in the Land of the Rising Sun…

The military then becomes involved and captures the overgrown co-ed. They proceed to take a vaginal sample without her consent. This ill treatment motivates the poor giantess to escape. Hiroshi goes to find her in the forest where they get hot and heavy when he slides his entire body in and out of her naughty bits. (As one does… 😉 )

Hiroshi always wear that silly hat.

However, the two lovers are interrupted when a scientist asks for help to defeat a tentacled kaiju which arrived from outer space. Sayuri confronts the threat and is able to defeat the hideous beast by allowing it to violate her. The satisfied monster flies away, returning to the cosmos.

(SIDE NOTE: While foreigners associate tentacle porn with Japan, similar themes have appeared in American cinema. For example, 1981’s Evil Dead, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell, predates tentacle anime and includes a scene in which a woman is penetrated by a tree.)

<Sarcasm> God forbid that a giantess have a pleasant sexual encounter. </Sarcasm>

Things begin to turn around for our heroine when a truck carrying a supersized school outfit arrives. Finally, Sayuri can regain some modesty and won’t be have to run around naked. Alas, before she can don the new apparel, she begins to grow even larger, to her dismay. The movie abruptly ends on that sad note.

Overall, I can’t recommend 全裸巨大少女 – Naked Giant Girl. It was unpleasant to watch an innocent person being violated by peers, the military, and a monster. Furthermore, none of those assailants suffered negative consequences for their actions. Lastly, at the end, just when the future was beginning to look bright, she begins to grow once more and her chance for happiness disappeared. Bottom line, this wasn’t a fun watch or an enjoyable viewing experience.

(SIDE NOTE: For reviews of other Japanese giantess flicks, please check out Gramarian: Evil Giant Female Alien – 悪の巨大女宇宙人 グラマリア星人 or Mighty Lady “New Episode” – マイティレディ ニューエピソード.)

That’s it for now folks. It may be disappointing to journey into the unknown only to find something that can’t be recommended. However, that’s the thing about the unknown, you never know what you’ll get. Next week’s review will cover another piece of Japanese media. With any luck, we’ll find a winner.

Until then, keep growing!

The DVD title menu includes shortcuts to several specific scenes. That includes the scene, labeled さゆり、巨大化とおなら, in which Sayuri became a giantess and then farted.

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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