巨大ヒロイン ハイパーマミー Σ Gigantic Heroine HyperMommy Σ

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Today’s subject will be the third and last in the current series focusing on Japanese giantess movies. Afterwards, There She Grows will switch gears and transition to a reader’s requested review. Of course, this blog will feature more content from Japan in the future. Such content often is unnoticed overseas, but its themes of people becoming huge and then having sex is clearly pertinent to size-fetish enthusiasts around the world. However, it will be several weeks or more before There She Grows dips its toes back into Japanese media.

Before we begin discussing 巨大ヒロイン ハイパーマミー Σ Gigantic Heroine HyperMommy Σ, it’s important to note that this post will involve some offensive topics.

CONTENT WARNING: This review includes discussion of non-consensual sex acts including rape.

Additionally, this is only the latest in a nine-part “HyperMommy” series.

A used DVD copy sold for ¥7,000, about $52.55, in late July 2022. That wasn’t cheap, but was less than the manufacturer’s original price of ¥11,000, about $76.27.

Unfortunately, I haven’t watched any of the earlier films. The first one dates back a few years:

The initial HyperMommy, shown above, was released on December 27th, 2019.

HyperMommy Σ was first released on January 14th, 2022, by Giga Co. Ltd. (NOTE: The company’s English site lists the full title as “Gigantic Heroine (R) HYPERMOMMY Σ – Gigantic Heroine Lecherous Destroy Project! -Advent of Hyper Idea-“) It was directed by Unatsuki and features 富井 美帆 Miho Tomii as the titular “HyperMommy,” and 若宮 穂乃 Hono Wakamiya as another giantess called “Hyper Idea.” Hono Wakamiya has appeared in 11 films produced by Giga, while this was Miho Tomii’s debut with the company. (NOTE: Hono Wakamiya has an entry on Japanese Wikipedia.)

Giga has made a lot of movies parodying not just popular Japanese mainstream media, but also popular American comic book characters such as Power Girl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, etc. This screen shot was taken from the DVD’s Special Info section.

(SIDE NOTE: Click here to read about another film from Giga Co. Ltd., Evil Gigantic Female Alien Glamouria.)

HyperMommy Σ came to my attention earlier this year while searching online for giantess-themed movies. A used copy was available for a reduced price on Amazon Japan. Alas, I didn’t realize that it was part of a series. However, after viewing HyperMommy Σ, it seems that there may not be much series continuity to follow. There wasn’t much plot and not much happened. No humans, whether main characters or innocent bystanders, were killed. Furthermore, none of the urban destruction had any bearing on the narrative. It wasn’t as if a hospital was destroyed and that hospital was treating someone important to one of the main characters. Nor was it clear that the events would have any bearing on future HyperMommy sequels. But then time will tell. If no more sequels are produced then we could surmise that the bad guys won in the end!

In fact, this could be summarized merely as “Men in rubber monster suits and women in Ultraman-inspired costumes having sex.” Much of that carnal activity takes place inside a model city, which suits the tropes of giantesses and huge monsters. However, a significant portion of runtime, the final 25 minutes, took place in a dark corner when three participants were normal-sized. The scene looked like people in strange uniforms having sex on a mat in a poorly lit warehouse. Personally, it’s less than arousing when everyone is wearing outfits which conceal their entire bodies, from head to toe, and they have blurred genitals. That’s not even taking into consideration the most repulsive aspect, the fact that the women were unwilling participants.

Those points made, let’s discuss the plot. The action begins with a towering creature, a kaiju called ダークラ Darkura, arriving from outer space to attack an urban center.

The landing site was empty of any civilians. Sirens sounded at one point, but there were no screams from unseen bystanders. The area looked deserted and thus it appeared that Darkura couldn’t hurt anyone, no matter how hard it tried.
The sexiest perspective from which to film someone operating a computer 😎

HyperMommy sheds her human persona and grows into a giantess during a quick transition. This wasn’t a proper growth scene per se, but instead consisted of merely a brief flash of light, then she appeared naked with her tits exposed and her bottom blurred in accordance with censorship laws for a few seconds. She subsequently pops up in the model city attired in her snug costume and proceeds to battle Darkura for a few minutes.

Afterward, Hyper Idea arrives on the scene and joins the fray. The pair use brightly colored energy beams to decisively defeat Darkura. (NOTE: Along with their silver and red costumes, their beams also resemble the Ultra Beams seen in Ultraman.)

The computer-generated imagery (CGI) and sound effects were done well and in a professional manner. However, a reoccurring bell noise, indicating that a hero was losing power, quickly became annoying.

Shortly after defeating Darkura, the ladies return to human proportions and their civilian identities.

However, only a handful of minutes pass before more threats arrive. Another kaiju, ユダルス Judalus, assaults the city. He was later joined by several others that initially were human sized and then enlarged themselves. The villains engage in combat and eventually sexually assault the two heroines.

I don’t want to give away the ending, but most note that the DVD case itself and the online movie description both include the English phrase “Bad End.” Make of that what you will when wondering whether or not the good girls defeat the bad guys.

Overall, HyperMommy Σ is not recommended. There wasn’t enough size content to warrant the high cost and the sex scenes were distasteful. However, for people who are still interested, a 30-second trailer is available at this link: https://www.giga-web.jp/product/index.php?product_id=6747

Travel to the site listed above then click the blue button, pointed at in the above screenshot, to watch a short sample.

That half-minute preview can also be viewed on the English-language page here: https://www.akiba-web.com/product/index.php?product_id=6747

That’s it for today folks. The next review will analyze a six-part written series with breast expansion (BE), female muscle growth (FMG), and giantess (GTS) themes.

Until then, keep growing!

For those fans curious about the DVD menu and special features: 本編再生 plays the main movie, “Special Movie” plays a “Making Of” segment focused on the two actresses which runs for 10 minutes, and “Special Info” plays a segment which describes a DVD sale, upcoming releases, and the “Heroine Special Effects Institute,” a store in Chiyoda City where you can purchase related merchandise.

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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  1. “Hypermommy!” One has to wonder whether these words carry the same connotation in Japanese, or if something else is being lost in translation. Are they targeting an audience that’s really into gigantic motherly figure? Does it just represent her ferocity in protecting her weak and defenseless charges (like a mother bear)? And then the rape scene… they have a different idea of entertainment, or fewer filters.

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