Requested Review: “Double Gains” by HB Flynn

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Welcome to There She Grows! Today’s review of “Double Gains” by HB Flynn was requested in mid-January 2023 via an anonymous message. Of interest, guest reviewer Trent Harlow already covered the first entry in this series “Hard Gains.” Double Gains was released on May 20th, 2020, seven months after the publication of Hard Gains. HB Flynn has not published anything else, at least not via Amazon, as of this writing.

Both Hard Gains and Double Gains feature the same two people, a young man named Graham and a young woman named Lena. In Hard Gains, the unmarried couple discovered that Graham has a “magic dick” which makes Lena grow! Of note, the focus is on Lena as a muscle-bound lady, not as a fifty-foot tall giantess. Therefore, during sex she becomes more muscular, but only a few inches taller. Furthermore, she shrinks down quickly. If they fuck in the evening she will be normal-size by the following morning. Clothing destruction was not a primary focus and there was definitely no outgrowing one’s home or any other building for that matter.

Of course, Double Gains is best enjoyed after Hard Gains. Little effort was made to bring people up to speed. That’s not a problem, but mentioned just in case readers decide to skip the first and only read the second. My suggestion is to read both. Oops, I may have given away the final recommendation! Well, the cat is out of the bag now. So, I’ll just go ahead and say that I loved Double Gains!

It had heart and drama, including problems that the main characters must overcome. There was dominating play mixed into the multiple sex scenes which added a nice bit of spice to the mix. The domination consisted of orgasm denial and shifting power dynamics, but nothing overly intense. Furthermore, there was also an element of financial concern in that Lena had difficulty finding a full-time job after losing her previous position at a women’s shelter. She lost that job in Hard Gains due to a vindictive boss. Nice to see realistic concerns included in this bit of fiction.

That said, there is always room for improvement. Every fictional work could be improved; well, except for maybe one 😉

Double Gains would have benefited the most be giving more time to Lena in her buffed up, extra-muscular, state. There were multiple description of the lovely woman acquiring a toned and enhanced musculature. However, there wasn’t enough time given to extra-muscular Lena. Often, Graham and Lena have sex and she grows, but then they go to sleep and by the time she wakes up everything was restored to the status quo.

At one point, Lena picks up a couch, using only one arm, to retrieve an earring. However, that was an exception; most of the time she did not do much beyond using her superior strength to control her boyfriend. Of course, sexy time domination may be more than sufficient for many readers, but I’m afraid some may be disappointed that Lena doesn’t use her muscles outside the bedroom. It would have been better to add more details about Lena’s time with her magic muscles. Understandably, the two tried to keep the multiple transformations a secret so that’s probably the reason why she didn’t lift an automotive over her head or throw a boulder far into the distance. Nonetheless, Lena’s stints as an ultra-muscular beauty felt too brief.

Additionally, and not to be cruel, but it might have been more impactful if the conflict had been turned up a bit. To phrase that differently, the two leads should have suffered a bit more. That would have made the final conclusion that much more satisfying.

However, the positives were much greater than the negatives. Bottom line, Graham and Lena were a likable couple in a fantastic situation. They dealt with and overcame adversity that made them even more endearing and relatable. Lastly, the main conflict was resolved in an unexpected, but pleasing, manner. Therefore, Double Gains is strongly recommend! It can be purchased for $3.99 at the following link:

That’s it for now folks. The next review will cover “Giantlands” by Angel. Until then, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

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1 thought on “Requested Review: “Double Gains” by HB Flynn

  1. Nice, pleasant escapist fare.

    My only complaint is the lack of foreplay & built up to the love scenes.

    That said, I’m glad there was no Roid Rage levels of femme dom or vicious personality changes.

    I’d dive out a window to escape most women in most recent violent muscle/growth stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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