“Giantlands” Volume 1 Chapter 1 by Angel

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Welcome back to There She Grows! This review will examine “Giantlands” Volume 1 Chapter 1 “Prisoner.” Blog readers should recognize this as another one of the Top 10 Size-Themed Creations of 2022! This 43-page (including front and back covers) black and white comic (only the covers were colored) was created by Angel and released on December 1st, 2022. It tells the story of a woman named Kayla who frees a giant called “Groundshaker.” Together, Groundshaker and Kayla violently escape from Bosstown controlled by Big Boss. A rival gang called the Rat Boys control their own Titan which purportedly is twice the size of Groundshaker. Presumably, other gangs also employ Titans as their most lethal weapons. Accordingly, Kayla used the enormous man to win her freedom and hopes he will protect her hometown of Greenhill.

Before exploring Giantlands further, let’s briefly discuss its creator Angel. According to the biography on her DeviantArt page, she has enjoyed the giant/tiny fantasy for as long as she can remember. She has done roleplay, story writing and collaging, and more recently tried macro-themed drawings. Her favorite scenarios involve mega and city destruction, but she also enjoys variety now and then. Angel has two different DeviantArt pages, one devoted to male giants and the other devoted to female giantesses. Her male giant artwork is also shared on the Coiled Fist website here: https://www.coiledfist.org/gallery/angel_drawings

This artwork, “Aaron – All in a Day’s Work,” was created for the story “Extraction Industries Inc.” written by expander. Click here https://www.coiledfist.org/gallery/angel_drawings/GT_08_aaron_35per for the high-resolution version.

Angel also collaborated with Binary Prophet to create “Giga Girls,” an illustrated story focused on the giantess Captain Lem and her adventures in a futuristic, outer space setting. The first entry, “Episode 0,” in that series can be read for free! That preview consists of five black and white pages. Episode 1 consists of 43 pages and sells for $15.

Of note, the Giga Girls series may have been quietly discontinued. Episode 1 was released in December 2018, but nothing more has been produced in the four years since then. One person asked about Episode 2 nearly two years ago on DeviantArt, but they were ignored. To be fair, their question may have been a bit blunt or brusque, but it doesn’t appear outright rude.

These comments were taken from https://www.deviantart.com/angelgts/art/Giga-Girls-Episode-1-777650742 on February 23rd, 2023.

Preferably, their question would have been addressed. It need not have been a very specific response such as “Episode 2 will be released on September 23rd at 11:37AM Eastern Standard Time (EST).” Instead, a simple “We hope to release it later this year.” or even just “It’s in the works, stay tuned!” would have been sufficient.

By not addressing the comment it calls into question whether or not Angel and Binary Prophet still want to continue Giga Girls. So, it would have been better if someone had responded. Of course, this by no means justifies people being rude or disrespectful. If someone insults the creators then there’s no need to give them the time of day or bother responding to their concerns. The point is that it appeared to be a reasonable question and should have been answered.

Now that a brief background on Angel and her previous work Giga Girls has been given, let’s dive back into Angel’s Giantlands. It is a violent tale which includes an explicit M/fff+ sex scene. One of the aspects of Giantlands which was particularly interesting was that despite the giant’s overwhelming power he was nonetheless mortal. He still required food and water and being deprived of sustenance could kill him, just like normal humans.

Furthermore, while the giant kills there were reasons driving his actions. He had been chained to a wall, forced to eat people in order to survive, and robbed of his freedom for over two months. Additionally, Big Boss intended to permanently break Groundshaker’s mind, and thus eliminate his free will, with a drug called Mindbreaker. Therefore, Groundshaker wasn’t just killing people because it was the creator’s favorite fetish. This character had strong motivation!

Furthermore, there were efforts made to address how this 500-hundred-foot tall Titan defied the Square-Cube Law. Big Boss’s lead scientist Noc claimed that the giant had “…wondrous muscular and organic density that sustains tremendous scale!” Furthermore, Noc stated that his body “… wastes absolutely nothing.” which could be interpreted as meaning that he had no need to defecate or urinate which makes containment less difficult, no need for waste removal.

As far as potential room for improvement, the most obvious would be to color the pages. Being in only black and white wasn’t a deal breaker. That fact should be clear because this made the Top Ten! However, color would have made this better. Furthermore, it’s somewhat strange to see barren wastelands which should be bathed in overwhelmingly bright, burning sunlight depicted in achromatic drawings.

Overall, the attention to detail and care put into Giantlands made this easy to recommend. This comic can be purchased for $15 at the following link: https://angelgts.gumroad.com/l/dbjnd The purchase also includes a few preview images for Chapter 2. Hopefully, we’ll get that sequel this year. Most importantly, it is my wish that this series gets a full and complete story with a satisfactory conclusion.

On the topic of satisfactory conclusions, that reminds me of two Netflix series which I was initially enthusiastic about. “Jupiter’s Legacy” and “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” created engaging narratives and posed interesting questions about was going to happen next. However, both were cancelled after only one season without any resolutions to their narratives. In retrospective, if I had known that they weren’t going to be properly concluded then I never would have watched them. It felt like I had wasted my time watching those shows and getting excited only to later learn that they were cancelled.

In the realm of mainstream comics, mainstream meaning not explicit erotica, I was also excited about “Gutsville.” Gutsville is a series about an English ship en route Australia in 1846 which was swallowed by a mysterious ocean creature. A newly isolated society developed in the years and generations after that ship was swallowed. That series was planned to have six issues, but only three have been released as of this writing. No official cancellation announcement, to the best of my knowledge, has been made even though the latest installment, issue #3, was published way back in March 2008! More than fourteen years have passed and yet Wikipedia lists Gutsville as merely being “on hiatus” 😉

So, as a consumer I am inclined not to watch a show or read a comic unless I have a reasonable expectation that a complete story will be given. Conversely, creators like Netflix may make a counter claim to the effect of “We won’t make a second season unless you watch the first.” However, as a Netflix customer, I don’t want to watch that first season if it will only get me excited for a conclusion that may never come. I could say “I had no faith that you would give me a full story so I didn’t bother to watch your content.

So, what do you the reader think? Should creators make a good faith effort to provide a complete story? Obviously, unavoidable circumstances such as family emergencies, illness, unexpected financial instability, etc., may interfere. Still, artists and writers can try their best to make it happen. Alternatively, does the responsibility to keep a series going lie primarily with the customers? Creators may not want to make a complete story unless customer support is guaranteed, but customers may not want to buy a series unless a complete story is guaranteed. Feels like a Catch-22 situation. So, I’m curious to learn other people’s perspectives.

That’s it for now folks. Next week’s review will cover a few mainstream movies made in Europe with size content. So come back on March 1st when There She Grows takes a Euro Trip. Until then, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

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1 thought on ““Giantlands” Volume 1 Chapter 1 by Angel

  1. Giantlands reminds me of attack on Titan.

    Also, I wholeheartedly agree that our time is valuable and I only watch / read a series that I know has a definitive ending. The lost and game of thrones burned many people.

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