Muscle Fan’s “Swamp Fever”


Good morning everyone,

It’s time for something different because it’s been awhile since this blog covered female muscle growth. So grab some heavy weights, pick ’em up, then slam ’em down! (NOTE: I think that’s how exercise works. Quarantine has kept me from the gym for months.) Repeat that process several times until you’re feeling the burn and ready for the beautifully buff lady showcased in this comic.

Solo is old and prone to referencing long-forgotten media. Kudos to any aged fans who recognize this duo ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Muscle Fan’s “Swamp Thing” was a one-shot released on August 24, 2018. It was written by Lysander and illustrated by r2roh (sometimes spelled Arturo). Rolling Thunder served as the editor and Web Head did layout.

Lysander also wrote “An Awkward First Date,” “Beneath the Muscle Dome,” and “Supplemental” for Muscle Fan. R2roh also drew “The Strong Shall Survive” for Muscle Fan, as well as stories for ZZZ such as “Nozama Idol” and “Vitamin Z.”

This single-issue series consists of 10 multiple-panel pages plus covers as well as one-page previews for four other comics.

Solo flexing his arm or a panel from the comic? You decide! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The story is simple. A young couple, a man and woman called Sean and Kara, stay overnight in a swamp and some swamp gas causes Kara to transfer into a muscular mini-giantess. A rudimentary premise to be sure, but any excuse to enjoy r2roh’s artwork is welcome.

That said, I do have some quibbles. The premise for one. Sean taking Kara to the swamp is a bit odd. It’s certainly not impossible for couples to enjoy camping in swamps. However, the mosquito-infested marshy areas do not seem very romantic or fun.

I’ve camped in places with lots of mosquitoes before and the experience was not enjoyable. Furthermore, the measures I took to deter the pests were never very effective. Additionally, as a child I heard stories of prospectors driven mad by swarms of biting insects that never permitted a moment’s rest. The comic’s narrative itself references issues with the bugs.

Also, Kara describes the swamp gas as smelling like “something died” or “raw sewage,” and she wanted to vomit after catching a whiff. Readers may be shocked to learn that SolomonG is not a “player” and thus not an expert at wooing potential lovers. Nonetheless, Solo thinks places that smell like sewers and have lots of bugs are not ideal locations to bring your lover. (Although, given the spectacular results of whiffing the offending gas, perhaps it’s worth it ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Another problem was the dialogue. Why bother using each other’s names when you’re alone in a secluded location?

Lastly, under the negatives column, our protagonists do not have sex. There are just about to when the comic ends. If the comic continued they would be making love in the very next panel, but there are no sex scenes per se.


The narrative is merely serviceable; so, the true appeal of this work is in the art. Very few artists portray muscular women as well as r2roh. R2roh’s heroines are ripped and yet still maintain a realistic quality.

For example, compare the above drawing of Kara to the following taken from Muscle Fan’s “Overpowered.”

What are the muscles above her head attached to? Is a portion of her spine now located above her head? Additionally, how much movement would she have with arm muscles that large?

To be clear, it is certainly not a problem if others prefer the exaggerated and highly stylized versions of muscular women like in the above image. Art is subjective. However, my personal tastes necessitate the inclusion of a bit, no matter how small, of reality.

That said, my own love for giantesses makes me overlook all the constraints, such as the square-cube law among others, that make it exceedingly unrealistic for people to reach heights of hundreds, if not thousands, of feet tall. Therefore, it would be ill-advised to condemn those who in similar fashion overlook all the constraints which would prevent someone from reaching Overpowered-levels of muscularity.

All that noted, long story made short, I recommend folks hop over to Muscle Fan and check out Swamp Fever ๐Ÿ™‚

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